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Dream Interpretation About Seeing A Doctor

Seeing A Doctor Dream- Cancer Cure Miracle Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Adam's Comment: This dream and transcription comes with a confirmation and a couple of miracles. If you follow the transcription you will read how around the time mentioned I had a dream about an old friend that I had not seen for many years. In my dream it prompted me to contact him. When I did, I found out that although he lived about 100 miles away from me, he was passing through the area at around the same time I had the dream. I also found out that he had prostate cancer and was going in for an operation. His chances were slim as the test rates were quite high. Subsequently, it prompted me to have the same test and my results also showed a higher than normal rate. So I also feared that I may be getting it as well.

Posted: July 23, 2008 at 12:58 pm

 Hi Everyone,

This is the transcription I posted over in the Budgie Research Project Forum a couple of hours ago. When I originally posted it I said a prayer and asked for help for Brenda as I received an email from her recently and she is in a lot of pain due to her arthritis.

In this transcription the second dream the angels are referring to is a more recent dream that I did not post because I believed it to be for my own personal direction. Once and a while, but not very often, I will not post a dream if I believe it to be personal direction from God.

Meeting with Doctors Dream: Posted April 18, 2008 in this forum

I had a dream about going to see the doctor because I needed an operation on my shoulder cuffs. It was my rotator cuffs and for some reason I thought it was the result of the operation that I had when my appendix ruptured a couple of years ago. It didn't make sense, but they said I got some kind of virus because of it. I was sitting with these doctors at this table and my doctor was a female black doctor and I was talking to them about the operation. My doctor seemed like a nice lady but then I started talking to one of the other doctors at the table. I said I just want to know why it took them so long to find out about the problem I had and it kind of bothers me. He said that maybe my doctor was not a specialist in the area. One of the others things I can remember was there was an older lady there who was supposed to have an operation before me I guess. It was insensitive but I was thinking why was she chosen because she was really old and she did not look like she was going to live much longer.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon: July 23, 2008 at 10:02 a.m.

1. You had a dream about a meeting with a man and woman doctor to cure your shoulder rotator cuffs. This will begin with a miracle and this is a prophecy. This meeting is a symbol of your fears in life, for what you are feeling is natural when you fear for your life. You have been waiting for a long time to get the results of this cancer test you had and you have pain that you have to take care of.

2. We need to work hard to make you physically better and this dream is a symbol of the physical things that are confusing you. There are many things that the doctors will help you with, so don't you worry. There is no reason for living in pain when you don't have too and we need to help Brenda in her pain as well.

3. There are reasons for the intervention for Brenda and Adam and a cure and you two will both have a miracle. When there is serious spiritual growth in your life, then we will try and help you with your problems. Yes, God gives direction to the angels here.

4. In this dream you feared you had this problem since your appendix ruptured. In your dream, your rupture released some evil and this evil was something that affected your health. This evil was something that you needed some help with. You knew your life was being affected which caused you confusion. Now we will reverse in reasoning.

5. Every time you hear the bells of angels, less evil is on earth or someone is arriving at the gate, for miracles make heaven rejoice. This rejoicing is showing heaven's success. When your doctor told you that you had some kind of virus, it was somehow connected to your shoulders. To you, it didn't make sense. So what does all this mean? When our life is affected by something that doesn't make any sense, then we will always try to get a second opinion. We should not rely on one person to help us with all of our problems, for some people have expertise in certain areas.

6. This doctor that Adam was talking to mentioned a specialist. And this is a specialist religion for God. This evil ruptured in you body and caused infection. What is the purpose of an infection of evil? This evil was sent to interrupt your life and affect your happiness. It will often try to affect your success when you are leading a healthy life and it will always get better if you use penicillin.

7. If a virus can evolve, it can be resistant to a cure as well. Then you must use a different kind of cure to make this virus go away. When we have many problems in a religion, we have to reverse evil with many different kinds of miracles. So some of the problems in religion will be resistant to certain kinds of miracles, so that is why we have to use more than one type.

8. When we experience miracles in our life, they should not be kept secret for there will be others who may be affected by it. So we should not be afraid to seek all the miracles God has waiting. Everybody needs God's miracles and there is a reason for every one of them. While receiving a miracle, there will be a reversal of evil with someone you are connected with and it will often result in a testimony of spiritual change. Some miracles will affect relationships you have and your life will be affected by it.

9. God always will give to us who spiritually change. He will try to put the people in your life that you will need to make the miracle happen and this miracle will come from the love that the relationship has. So Adam has requested a miracle for his friend Jack. And Jack really doesn't believe in any miracles, but he still is spiritually deserving for one. We will still help Jack even when he has never seen a miracle happen before in his life. So if Jack has something wrong we will certainly help him.

10. The results for Jack on Monday shall require a second biopsy to be done and the second one will be free of any cancer. You have to tell him that it is very important that he goes to the meeting. This is very good to know this relieved some fear that he would not give up on life. He was happy that you came for a visit and this advise will help.

11. This reaction that you had in your dream about an old lady wasn't a Christian reaction. We should never take it upon ourselves to give up on any life, even when we need a miracle. When there is evil that takes away the hope of a healthy life, we should always hope a miracle will happen to make it better. There never is a reason to reject a miracle when we really need it.

12. For a miracle to begin you must have people who love you, for each miracle begins with loving actions. You must have people who are willing to help you when you need them, for a miracle manifests itself with actions of love and can never manifest itself as evil.

13. Certain types of magic can manifest themselves as evil and we should understand if this magic is used to save a life, then it is not a manifestation of evil. You cannot have a manifestation of evil that comes from God. You must begin to realize things that are a manifestation of religious evil as well.

14. Now there is a connection in the newspaper which is very complicated. We will begin to explain it now. This child was very young when she developed a very rare form of cancer. And this was something that was passed down in her bloodline. God knew the process for her spiritual evolution could be interrupted and this was not something He wanted to happen. He needed a manifestation of love for a miracle.

15. When these people began to make donations to help save a life, it was something that reversed some evil in the future. So how did some donations reverse some evil? It allowed their parents to stay out of a major debt all their life and gave them opportunity to be with their child when she needed their company.

16. If we look at what could of happened if they didn't get this money, then we could see evil affecting the future of this child and her parents. So this process is not just with money, and this money allowed the parents to be with this child when she needed their love. This is how the emotion of love can cure someone who needs a miracle.

17. This does not mean that you will be able to cure every sick person you love as it is still dependent upon a reversal of evil in the future and if the person you love is going to have more spiritual growth in the future. So some of us have this question why God would not just go and cure everyone and we have answered this before. God could not manifest a miracle that will create more evil in the future. This is the law of God's creation.

18. So we must have actions of love to manifest a miracle and we must find a way to reduce evil in the future. We will have lots of examples. If God was able to cause a miracle that manifested evil then He would not be a God we could depend on for good.

19. We must now evolve in His reasoning. When a miracle comes from God it will have to begin with a prophecy which will affect the future for saving life. We know preserving life is the priority of God and His number one law of the universe. Soon we will be seeing for the first time how it will happen in this religion, and there will be no confusion when this is happening, for it will be a miracle that cannot be ignored. God will give you the time when each miracle will happen so we shall always know when there is some intervention from God.

20. His intervention will be able to be backed up with a documented miracle and they will also be connected to the dreams and visions of the visionaries in this forum as well as news events. We have begun this already but it will be more evident as more miracles start unfolding.

21. When Adam does a transcription for each of these dreams and visions, you will learn a lesson. When the budgies begin to speak they will give confirmation to some of the lessons we have learned through the transcripts. They will show how the prophecies have unfolded through the transcriptions of Adam.

22. They will give confirmation for all of them in the future. Other people will begin to understand their own dreams and Adam will select the ones that pertain to his transcriptions. Each time a translation confirms his transcriptions, a miracle will happen in our religion. And each time we have a miracle, he will post it.

23. Now this was very complicated when we first began the process, but now it is easier to follow as we have had practice with it. Each time, the lessons from heaven will be there for a purpose. We will continue to have prophecy evolving from them in the future. This dream that Adam had was for a friend.

So at this point we went down to see my friend after his operation

24. Adam's friend was confused when he had cancer. He had much spiritual growth in his later years and there are many who depend upon and love him. Adam had a dream that he was trying to make contact with him even when they had kept out of touch for many years. When Adam really did contact him he found out his friend had prostate cancer and he was going in for a major operation. His level of cancer was very high, and he felt for sure that he was near the end of his life.

25. Adam told him that he was sure that he would experience a miracle and he would be cancer free after his operation. Adam began this transcription before he went to visit him and he still does not know how much of a success the operation was. He will find out very shortly.

26. Adam also had a bit of a problem. He was also diagnosed with a higher then average PSA level which prompted his doctor to test for prostate cancer. And Adam will be finding out the preliminary results later today. He had this here dream long before any of this happened. However, the dream where he felt his friend was trying to contact him, just happened recently and Adam had been out of touch with him for almost 10 years.

27. Interestingly enough, they live in different cities, but on the day of the dream, his friend was actually passing through the city where Adam lived. So there are many things that are connecting this miracle including the newspaper article. Adam also had a similar growth on his thigh when he was close to the same age as this little girl in the article and he was able to overcome much sickness at a very young age.

28. Adam even had some heart problems resulting from rheumatic fever at the age of four. So Adam has already had many miracles in his life. We have prompted Adam to make sure none of these problems affect him later on in his life and ensured he had a major checkup. The results of this checkup will ensure he has better health for the rest of his life.

29. So this is how the intervention of God can work. Soon we want to explain how the process of change works through the intervention of God in a future lesson .

Below are the links to the articles in the newspaper I found after starting the transcription above. It has taken me several days to get it finished but as we have seen before everything falls into place as God knows when everything is going to happen.


Hi Everyone,
When I went to the doctors to get my test results she was pleased to inform me that I did not have any signs of prostate cancer, and only that my prostate was slightly enlarged. I have a follow up appointment with a urologist in regards to that. She says that he will most likely just have to put me on some medication that will shrink the prostate to its normal size.

Linda prompted me because of the transcript, to mention to the doctor about me having rheumatic fever when I was very young. I had not mentioned that to her before. She immediately asked me if I was having any joint problems and I said I was experiencing periodic pain in my shoulders and knees at times. She then set me up for several more blood tests such as RF, ANA, ESR and CRP. In addition she has set me up for some x-rays on my shoulders and knees. I also called my friend Jack to find out if his biopsy came back ok but he was not available to talk at that time. Hopefully I will find out good news soon from him.

Linda posted: Hi Everyone,

I am amazed at how this is all coming together. To have God giving us the direction to help Jack through this scary time in his life, with just the perfect thing to say and the perfect timing is so wonderful and such a blessing. I can see how Jack is so important in the life of his wife and especially his 4 year old granddaughter who needs him so much right now.

I just learned about Adams childhood illnesses today, and even he didn't realize how serious that time in his life was until reading the article about the little girl and then being reminded of the Rheumatic Fever today in the transcript. God is definitely looking after us and the way we got this new lady doctor we've been seeing is so amazing. I'll explain how this miracle happened. I went to a walk-in clinic with a few issues to deal with, one of them being that I am trying to get pregnant. I had brought my book on the fertility method I am using which has a tear-out section that is specifically for giving to your doctor. I was pleased to see a female doctor walk in the room that day and excited to share the details of how the method worked. To my surprise she said to me "I can't believe that you are here, you have just made my day, God must have sent you to me, I have been trying to get pregnant for years!" (she is the same age as me) I said "really!, well then this must be for you" and I tore the section out of the back of my book and handed it to her. She was happy and excited that I was there. She called me her angel and said that God had blessed her that day. I told her that I was positive that God had everything to do with it! I asked her if she was accepting new patients, she said "no, but I'll accept you!" So that is how Adam and I got our new doctor and it is truly a miracle, just like the line in the above transcript says: He will try to put the people in your life that you will need to make the miracle happen. And you see her miracle has already happened... because she is already pregnant.
Thank you God and all the angels for blessing us with miracles.


This confirmation was given to Linda and I more as a sign because I started the transcription a couple of days before the newspaper article came out. However, I didn't finish it or get a chance to post it until after the article. Interestingly enough, when I saw that the brother of Keira was named Ryan, it helped to confirm in my eyes that God made this miracle and that he wanted to me to connect it. My friend Jack has no further signs of prostate cancer and I have a clean bill of health as well. This little child Keira is also an example of the miracles that God gives to all of us and how they can be connected.


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