Dream Interpretation For The Submarine

Submarine Dream Interpretation

Adam's comment: This dream and transcription are connected with several events. It began with a prophecy of survival for a boy named Brenden who was fighting for his life due to a heart condition. It ended with a prophecy of survival and event of another Brendan who survived after his mother saved him from an evil attacker.

Posted by Linda, April 19, 2008 at 7:43 am

Linda said: This dream came on March 16, 2008, I recorded it to my voice recorder then but I am just posting it now.

This dream started on a river, there was a long dock on the river and I was on the dock greeting a submarine or a really long metal boat. I'm not sure if I spoke to anyone. The submarine started leaving the dock, it backed up really quickly and came barrelling at me really fast, I jumped on top of this machine and rode on top of it as it crashed onto the land. I jumped off of it into the wooded area and ran down to the water and jumped in because I felt they were chasing me. To lose them I swam under the water and came up under docks to catch my breath. I got to this building and entered what was like an apartment hallway, like one of the maisonettes we have on the property here. At the end of the hall was a large office that was the bosses office. I let myself in there which I normally wouldn't do but under the circumstances I decided I should go in. I got onto the computer and I was trying to warn my boss and people that these bad people were after me. The next thing I know all these people that were living in the building came in and started building something, it became like a party, they were bringing food and eating. The computer keyboard was different for some reason. I deleted something I had written then wanted to undelete it but it didn't work the way I was used to so I lost what I had worked on and became frustrated because I couldn't work the computer. Meanwhile, this party was going on and everyone was eating and having a good time around me.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon on November 27, 2008 at 8:39 a.m.

1. There is a prophecy about Brenden surviving. There will be other Brendens that will come in the future. That is why we gave you other examples of miracles for other Brendens. Adam should not be upset that he made a prophecy of life for Brenden that died of a heart condition, for we know there is a process for everything that God does in this religion. Now we will begin the dream that Linda had about the submarine.

2. Linda was on a dock waiting for a submarine. It is a symbol of a vehicle of religion that isn't open to accepting the beliefs of others. It was ridged as steel and it didn't allow anyone to be affected by the outside world. The people on this vessel were cut off from choices in life and they were frightened of all the evil that was in the outside world so they found reason to think that Linda was waiting to do them harm when she was only there to greet them.

3. The submarine then began to attack her. They were trying to hurt her with their vehicle of religion and Linda jumped on this machine and it took her away to safety. Why did Linda have to ride on top of this machine? It was constructed so she could see where she was going and if she ran into some trouble, she would be able to get off easy. So what does this mean in religion?

4. If you are riding in the vehicle of religion, and you run into a problem, you may need to find a simpler way to get to your destination, for God gives you many options on your journey and God would never hold you captive in your vehicle of religion. They threatened Linda's life and she needed to find a safe place. These woods Linda found were the safest place she could find and she did not use any vehicle of religion while she was on this part of her journey.

5. When she was swimming in the river, she knew that she would drown if she did not come up for air. When we are swimming in the river of evil, we should be looking for a vehicle of religion that would help us when there is a problem in life, even when we are going in a direction that is not the will of God. So when we find it, we can get on the right path again.

6. Linda then walked to this apartment building and she arrived at the bosses office. This boss is a symbol of her employer and Linda was safe there because she was back in the place she came from. There is always a reason to feel safe in your life.

7. She automatically went to the computer because she thought that this was the best way to warn people of some evil approaching them. She had this emotion that she wanted to protect others as well as herself. This is what God wants us to experience when evil approaches and Linda did not try to hurt anyone. What she did was try to let everyone see that evil was approaching.

8. Because of Linda, soon the people began to come and they did not have any fear of this evil. They began constructing something and they were having a very good time doing it. This food was a symbol of the lessons from the food of life. When we are out of our vehicle of religion we all have a chance to experience the food of life and lots of the things that we eat can be bad for us.

9. We cannot always eat all these bad things or we can get very sick. So we need to eat some things that are good for us as well. So spiritually we need something that is good for our soul. In the dream Linda tried to work on her computer but it was different. Linda was looking for something she had written as she thought it was very important but it was deleted for some reason. When we are after something that had been erased in our life, then we will have confusion.

10. So when we forget our lessons in life, we are actually deleting them like they did not exist. There will be many lessons that we need to remember especially when they come from your God. Even though the computer was different, it was still something she was familiar with. So why was this lesson something she had written?

11. Our experiences write the lessons we have in life. Each lesson is recorded in heaven and automatically sent to you in a prophetic dream. This is the way that God reminds us of the lessons that we have had throughout our existence. So spiritually, God helps us to remember what has happened to us in previous life times.

12. Some of these lessons will have different characters and all of them spiritually exist for every human. To be fully understood they can be transcribed by a prophet God has chosen. Each lesson will have some information you need from God to lead a life that will allow you to get closer to heaven. These lessons are sent from heaven for you and will convince you that there is a reason you need some spiritual guidance from God. We know the lessons here will usually contain some prophecy with confirmation through a newspaper article.

13. Some budgies also have a mission for helping in this religion and when we have one that speaks very clear, we can hear their testimonies. There is a reason to have some confusion when you first arrive here. For example, what has happened to Brenden? There was a prophecy that he would survive and go into remission from his leukemia. Any prophecy of survival comes with a prophecy of life which will be fulfilled in one way or another in the future. So how do we fulfill a prophecy when something that we know happens to contradict the original prophecy? Now prophecy will be explained in more detail.

14. A prophecy that comes from heaven is sent to cause a miracle many times in the future. Prophecy is a way to encourage participation for a group of people that need God's intervention and it will always be reoccurring to reverse evil in the future. These lessons found in this prophecy is something that will reverse some evil in the future. There will always be a reason to connect certain prophecies to the transcripts that Adam has been doing.

15. There will often be a confirmation in the newspaper shortly after the transcription of a dream when completed by Adam. The press plays a very important part in our lives with our belief systems, so this is why God has made this connection. These articles have great importance in changing history because of the lessons they contain. And when they are connected to the dreams and transcriptions, they shall reverse confusion.

16. Adam is making prophecy through the connection he has with the angels in heaven. This religion always will rely on prophecies of survival and never be associated with the doomsday religions of the past. We will rely on love and compassion for humanity, for there is never a reason to take a life. Adam has a bloodline connection which is the reason he has been chosen by God. This connection is in the Kadmon name which was carried by his grandfather and Jesus' family as well. You shall find out more about this in the near future. So if you want to be part of it, come and join Linda's party with us.

Adam Posted  November 28, 2008 at 4:47 pm

Hi Everyone,

Some of the dreams are difficult to connect to an event in the newspaper, but this dream Linda had wasn't. I started transcribing it on Wednesday morning before the event even started. Then I had to go to Brampton in the afternoon, so I did not have a chance to finish transcribing it until Thursday morning when it was posted. After I posted it I went up and turned on the TV and heard about the attack in Mumbai. At first it did not register but then they mentioned later that the attackers came by boat and then it all fell into place. There are many similarities to this dream and what really happened. Many details were unknown until later Thursday evening. Also, this was the next dream of Linda's in the que to be transcribed. You'll find that her dreams work this way so it is a good idea to check her last un-transcribed dream of page two, and it may give you and idea of what is going to happen next.

Getting back to the terrorist attack, even though there were over 100 people killed there still is a prophecy of survival within it. There were approximately 20 people who were together in the restaurant eating and made it to safety after being held up for several hours. Like the dream, they were in a room together and there were some that were also praying, building up or putting furniture against the doors so the terrorists could not enter. One man actually used his computer to check out what was happening because the TV cable was cut off. In the dream, Linda ended up in an apartment hallway. We all know that apartment hallways are very similar to hotel hallways with doors on each side.

Here is a link to the news article on CNN. I am sure that there are hundreds of newspaper articles out there that would confirm much of this dream and I would like to thank God for those who escaped without death or injury as well.


Adam posted December 1, 2008 at 6:13 pm

Hi everyone,

If you have been following the Brenden prophecy and transcripts, there have been some remarkable revelations. Several days ago we were told through the transcripts that this Brenden prophecy would cause miracles of survivals in the future, even though it did not seem to happen with the original Brenden. At the time I did not realize the first Brenden miracle would come in the Toronto Sun so quickly. On Saturday, an incredible mother gave her life for her children. One of the children who would have surely died without her and his fathers act of love is named Brandon. He is talked about quite a bit in the articles that came out on Monday in the Toronto Sun. On Saturday, a few hours before this event happened, I posted a short transcript which said:

"When there is a religious prophecy, each act of love will give birth to a miracle."

"And miracles with confirmation shows there is support of the transcription and lessons from heaven."

That combined with all of the rest of the Brenden related transcripts, surely shows that God is confirming them with more newspaper articles. Here are the newspaper articles that were in Mondays paper of the event which happened on Saturday, only several days after the transcription. Apparently, Brandon had a birthday on Wednesday, but it was celebrated on Saturday instead, when this tragedy took place. Sorry if it is such a long article, but there is much that all of us can learn from it as it is an incredible story of love and survival as well.


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