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Dream Interpretation For Nuclear Prophecy

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The Nuclear Prophecy Dream Interpretation

Adam's Comment: I am not really sure if the prophecy for this dream has unfolded yet, however, shortly after this dream transcription there was more than usual unrest in The Middle East. Here is a link to an article in March of 2011 which was around the same time.


Posted: February 24, 2011 at 7:39 am

Templar's Nuclear Prophecy Dream:
In this dream, I had been hearing about the possibility of a nuclear attack by China on the United States. While I was in a car, I saw mushroom clouds fill the horizon in close succession. Because of how close the explosions were to each other, I wondered if the attackers were planning to bomb every bit of land possible. Therefore, I expected to be caught in an explosion at any moment, but there were no more bombings

Transcription by Adam Kadmon, posted February 24, 2011 at 9:06 am.

1. A prophecy is coming. A nuclear prophecy is a caution for the unrest in the Middle East. Every caution we have is a spiritual lesson from heaven and if you listen it will reverse some evil. If you want to make it to heaven you better keep trying. When God protects His new religion in the future, he will send a prophecy as a warning. There is always some evil around us and we all must find ways to defeat it.

2. A prophet can reverse it without causing more evil and when he can reverse it without causing more evil, he will begin to save lives. Everything has a price when it comes to evil and when a prophet can learn to reverse it by caressing the gift of life, he will not forget the reason God has chosen him.

3. When someone has a gift that gives you purpose each morning, it will convert your love to something that is miraculous. When someone is living with purpose, and it exists in the wonders of love, it gives you a reason to experience the miracles that heaven has. This religion fixes many religions who rely on religious evil.

4. A nuclear attack is not a religious action and therefore something that God would try to prevent. It is an evil decision and you cannot defeat any evil by causing nuclear destruction. The first action always is to shower it with love.

5. We must always caress all life like it is our own child. If you are not use to using love to defeat evil then evil shall survive and evil is surviving because of evil. When you find some evil you should sit down with it and try to mediate with love. If you shower it with love it will try to understand your reason and forget its mission of evil. When someone’s confusion is causing evil you shall try to work your way through their confusion to help them.

6. As long as your mission is love, it will have a better outcome and it will not result in more evil. You must always remember all of this for it is the key to experiencing miracles and there are always reasons for reversing ones evil with love. There must be good reasons which are better then evil and many may not be perfect, but they always must rely on preserving life. When God is with me, it isn't evil, and I will be safe.

7. When you want to reverse confusion you will need to look for direction from God in Heaven. You must remember that God would not desert you and no matter what you have done He will always try to help you. God does not need a reason to reverse the confusion that we have in life as He knows that humanity will punish the many who don't accept their laws.

8. In no way is prophecy meant to dissolve the crimes of humanity for they are meant to change their direction. The horizon is something that God created for humanity. Its beauty is something God intended to last for eternity and it must be protected with His help. He has a mission to protect life as He created it and He will never falter in His responsibility.

9. When He sees the evil that is rampant He mourns for every life that is taken by it. There will be trouble in Lebanon. It causes much trouble in the Middle East and God will have to prevent a nuclear war. We must have faith in Him as He sends this prophecy.

10. He provides this prophecy to save some lives that would have been lost in this region. He cannot save every life, but there will be a small percentage of death with his intervention. Why can't God prevent all death and destruction caused by evil? When someone expects that God will take action in every case of evil and destruction then there would be no reason for a life that depends on love and compassion towards others, and humanity would have no responsibility to prevent evil. It is something that God allows humanity to choose.

11. We will never have a perfect life until we have spiritually evolved enough to get to heaven. If we have respect for life we eventually get spiritual evolution through the continuous survival of humanity.

12. So why did you have China in your dream. China is a part of the prophecy. Many will question if China is involved and many will seek the influence that China has. China will eventually speak about the alliances formed and will provide us with lots of reasons for confusion. And much has been spoke of in the bible that China would have a major influence in Armageddon. However, if you take this warning it is something that can be averted.

13. Can China propagate a forgiving attitude in the Middle East? We have to have faith in them for they know the importance of survival just like the rest of humanity. They know the meaning of life and believe in a religion of spirituality. That is why China has taken a non interfering role in the past. There will be a question causing fear of them and this will be the thing that God will have to intervene with in the region.

14. His promise of life exists in this event and His promise to humanity will always need His intervention. God knows serious evil and destruction can be reversed by reversing the confusion of humanity through spiritual evolution. So why is it important to have a religion such as this that helps us understand the help that God gives us?  When you have faith in a God that relies on humanity to govern its own survival then we will know how he walks with us in our time of need, and we will be open to the direction He gives us.

15. God knows the future and always guides us on the path to where we are going when we rely on Him. There are some of you who are in confusion and who often get lost along the way. When confusion breads such evil, ask for God's help and He will provide you with the answers. He will provide you with lots of time to make the change spiritually so it can be used in this life or the next.

16. The gift of life is eternal. It is something that God knows is very complicated and He will not judge us for the mistakes we have made along the way. And yes we survive through spiritual evolution, and God knows each time we have a change in life. Up in heaven He will rejoice for He knows each time it happens we get closer to joining Him.

17. When we begin to learn the truth about the love of God we will project a better image of ourselves that will be helpful to others. And this is reversing evil with the intervention of God through the actions of humanity. When there is a prophet that gives understanding to the process that God uses for spiritual evolution, then He will provide a means to help them. When there is devotion, He will provide them with prophecy and there will be times when there will be many ways He can intervene.

This article came out on February 18, 2012. In it it talks a little bit about China and what support they are giving to the region.




 Here is another confirmation that happened on the 20th June 2014 that relates to the prophecy:


Diplomats begin drafting final Iran nuclear deal

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