The Indoctrination

Ryan’s Journey

The page details Ryan’s personal journey, including his struggles with an unhappy marriage, his wife’s battle with cancer, and his eventual separation from his family.

Spiritual Connection

It discusses Ryan’s evolving connection with angels and how he sought their guidance during difficult times in his life.

Forums and Teachings

The page explains the establishment of various forums where Ryan shared transcriptions and teachings about spirituality, and how he was indoctrinated as a teacher of spirituality in God’s religion.

Challenges and Growth

It highlights the challenges Ryan faced, including criticism from others and his own moments of confusion, and how these experiences contributed to his spiritual growth and the evolution of his forums.

This summary captures the key points of Ryan’s experiences and the development of his spiritual teachings as presented on the page. If you need more detailed information or have specific questions, feel free to ask!

How Ryan was indoctrinated in this new religion of God

In about March of 2007, The Eve of Revival in Religion forum was opened. It was the new forum after The Procession, which the angels asked Ryan to start. Even though Ryan was evolving with his connection to the angels over the past few years, prior to opening the forum he was going through some very difficult times in his life. He asked the angels often for guidance in many different aspects of his personal life. Prior to 2007, Ryan had been spending in excess of 40 hrs per week doing the transcriptions and translations. He felt his work replaced the emptiness he was experiencing and allowed him spiritual growth at the same time.

His biggest problem was his marriage. For the past 10 years, he had been in an unhappy marriage and had little support from his wife when it came to what he was doing in the forums. His wife and he, talked many times about separating and they decided to wait until his son turned 18 before they did. In 2007, the time was approaching when his son would be 18. The angels knew that Ryan was unhappy and they supported him. They told him if he felt he was not getting spiritual growth through his marriage, he had a right to seek happiness in a relationship where he could. However, they expected him to do that once he ended the relationship he had with his wife and at that point, he was not ready to do that.

So, when the new forum started, Ryan still had much confusion about how and when the separation would take place. On top of doing the work for the forums, he had a full-time job to support his family as a Director in a YMCA facility. His wife worked as well which enabled them to maintain a modest lifestyle. They recently bought a home which they spent time fixing up and he spent the previous summer working on it. Perhaps they believed this would help to improve their relationship and they would not need to get separated. It was around this time that his wife developed cancer and had an operation. After the operation, the angels created a miracle which made her cancer free, which she still is to this day. Their relationship was still having problems, however, and Ryan was under a lot of stress, not only at work but at home as well. The stress caused him health problems and he too needed an operation. Unfortunately, by the time he made arrangements to have the operation, his work was affected and he was let go from his job. After the operation, he was feeling much better physically, however, emotionally and financially he was in ruins. He knew without his income they could not keep the house so they decided to sell it.

Even though Ryan asked for and followed the direction that God gave him most of the time, there were times when he didn't, for he was still in a lot of confusion. This confusion increased with his financial and marital problems. His wife and he separated, she moved with their son to Toronto where she had work. Ryan stayed in the house until it was sold a month later and then moved to an apartment in St. Catherines, Ontario. The market for selling homes was not great at that time and they only ended up breaking even on the home, leaving them both in debt for other things they owed.

Meanwhile, while all this was happening, Ryan was still doing the transcriptions and translations. The good thing was, he had more time to get involved as he was not working a full-time job anymore. The first few months on his own was very difficult for him. By now, The Budgie Research Group, which consisted of over 1000 members, many of which he had built good internet relationships over the years, were no longer supporting him. Many heard that he was involved in a religion related to the budgies, and some thought he had lost his mind. Some of the people that he had been involved with in parrot study groups in the past were talking badly about him. At times he would look back in some of the forums that these people frequented, and became discouraged about what they were saying about him.

However, the angels were still supporting him and he maintained his connection with them through all his confusion. Perhaps there were times when he lost the connection temporarily, but he managed to get it back when he followed God's direction. The angels encouraged Ryan to continue even though he was experiencing problems and confusion. They said that things would get better for him and he would meet someone soon with the name of Marie. They described her to him and said they would eventually get married and have a child together. Even after this, Ryan got off the path again and met another woman and had a relationship with her instead. She was a visionary within the religious group that he started. Her name was not Marie and this again caused some confusion. When it happened the angels accepted the fact that he was having the relationship and encouraged them both in spiritual growth and sent many lessons in following the direction of God. Ryan was later told that God would not interfere when someone believes they love another person and is solely a choice they have to make on their own. After a few months into the relationship, Ryan found that as a couple, they began to experience problems because they could not follow God's direction very well and realized that they should not continue in it.

It was not long after, the angels instructed Ryan to set up a meeting with Linda, she was a fairly new member and a Visionary in the group. When they met, Ryan found out her middle name was Marie, and the prophecy began to unfold. After they met, Ryan and Linda Marie took some time away from the forum and developed their relationship together. Currently, Ryan has been in the same relationship with Linda Marie and they have a nine-year-old daughter together. The angels knew that Ryan needed someone to experience this religion with; someone that was as committed to it as he was, and now they are both very active in it.

Teachings in the Indoctrination

So you may be wondering why the angels called much of the forum The Indoctrination. Even though there was still much confusion in the forum with relationships and it demonstrated that even Ryan could not consistently follow God's direction, there was also an amazing learning process which took place as well. Eventually, the angels directed Ryan to become a Reverend and indoctrinated him as a teacher of spirituality in God's religion. Then he was able to effectively teach others about spirituality through the transcripts of the dreams and visions. This part of the training took almost two years of personal messages and transcriptions to the group. The angels also directed him to use the name Adam Kadmon. It is common for founders of new religions to change their name. Jesus also had the name Emmanuel, which meant "God with us" and Christ was really not his last name, as it meant "Savior. Paul changed his name from Saul to Paul in the new testament as well. This name change is often a symbol of a spiritual change that affects the soul and something that future generations can look back on so they can identify someone more easily.

Later on, there were other problems that were experienced in the forum. One of the head visionaries that Adam (Ryan) had relied on while he was away, who was a very dedicated and important visionary at the beginning of the religion, began posting their own communications from God and announced themselves as a prophet too. Adam felt that although the writings were divinely inspired, they were contrary to his teachings. He could not verify they were coming from the same source that he was connected to because there were conflicting messages. So they had a falling out and went their separate ways. Whether Adam's thoughts were justified or not, they began to cause him some confusion and the angels prompted him to start a new forum. They told him that even though there were many lessons from the angels in the forum that were good, some of it was corrupted with confusion and he needed to begin over again.

Much of the forum was based on understanding spiritualism, connecting with God and taking direction from God. It clearly described what heaven was like, how one gets there and the difference between religion and spiritualism. It taught them how confusion can break a connection with God and what one has to do to get it back again. It also introduced them to and took them through examples of modern day prophecy in action. There were many teachings about spiritual evolution and the everlasting soul. It also showed how God allows one to take the reigns when they feel they are ready to go their own way, however, it also showed what the outcomes were when they did.

So Why Does God Keep Wanting To Start New Forums?
Adam believes that it is a prime example of how spiritual evolution works and how it even fits into reincarnation. Each time Adam starts a new project for God, it becomes better than the last. He takes what good he has learned from the last project and applies it to the new one. The corruption and evil is taken away with each new creation, and the process is started again. Each forum allows those who participate a chance to evolve more spiritually until they begin to use what they have learned in the past to build something spiritually better for the future.

What Does God Expect of Adam and The New Visionaries?
God knows that it is natural for humans to make mistakes and even though He may hold a prophet to higher standards, He never gives up on them when they are off the path. As long as God knows they have goodness in their hearts and they are willing to follow His direction, that is enough for Him. He will always find ways to put you on a new path that will get you closer to achieving His goals. By doing this He helps us to evolve spiritually enough to join Him in heaven.

Do Prophets Make Mistakes?
A prophet is just like any other person, with the exception that they have been chosen by God to teach others what He wants them to learn. God knows that making a mistake is part of the process of spiritual evolution and when we have an honest desire to change for the better, we can do it faster with His help. God also knows that unless one experiences problems and evil in life themselves, then they would not be able to help others when they experience the same kind of problems or make similar mistakes.

Note: The next forum called The Christian Dreams and Visions Forum ( was where it all came together. After Adam's confusion was reversed and he was in a happy relationship, he was able to continue evolving in his understanding of the dreams, visions, and prophecies. Many of the prophecies in this forum were later confirmed through future newspaper articles and events.

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