Dream Interpretation For Substitute Teachers Dream

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Substitute Teachers Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam's comment: This dream was confirmed by doing a search in Google about the prophecy content. There was a confirmation that came out in an article on January 20th, 2012, exactly 2 years later, which directly relates to the dream, transcription and prophecy. You can see the article at the bottom of the page.

Linda had this dream on June 12, 2008.
I was at a school and we had a substitute teacher. They were trying out different substitute teachers, and they were using the students to judge which teacher they would choose to teach the class on a regular basis. The class I was in, we were being taught this particular dance. The lady we had teaching us was a dance instructor, and she was famous for her dance instruction. I remember I wasn't very good at dancing, and I was messing up big time on this dance that she was teaching us. I remember at the end we had a vote on which teacher was a good teacher for us. I think that out of all the teachers we had teaching us the dance lady was the one I chose because she did the best job. I don't remember for sure.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted January 20, 2010 2:24 EST

1. Linda was in heaven and she had a mission there to get instruction from the angels. There were angels who were learning how to get experience to give warnings to people who needed them. They had a class of other angels who also needed to learn the same thing.

2. Each of them had a person that they wanted to help out of confusion and they needed to have a good lesson that all of them could use. So they needed a good teacher to teach them the best way to do it.

3. And they had many substitute teachers that needed training as well. Adam is one of those teachers that is learning and even he needed someone to share his dance with. The symbol of this dance class is actually something we need where someone leads the other. There are many dances that we will have to learn.

4. One of those training was a famous dance instructor and Linda needed some help because she had little experience and often messed up. She wanted to make some progress.

5. So let’s see how we can make progress. Linda knew she had to find a good teacher where she could learn everything she needed so she could help others to learn from her. This dance is a symbol of a future problem that she will have while trying to help those that she loves.

6. Linda has to find the right dance so her and her partner can move in harmony without stepping on each others toes. She will also have to find the right music that is right for the dance for both her and her partner want to enjoy it.

7. The music is a symbol of something spiritual that we enjoy together and this is a big part of this lesson, for if we had no music, then we could not dance very good. Linda has lots of music that is always part of her soul and she wants to share it with others.

8. Adam knows the dances, but he has forgotten about the music. Adam’s music has previously helped him to imagine the timing to take the steps that he needed so he would be able to experience the smooth flow of life. It was very simple when he listened and he is now beginning to listen again.

9. When we begin to listen it will be very easy to hear the spirits warning us when we are approaching a problem in life. They will always teach us all the steps that we need for the dance of life.

10. Once we are spiritually in touch with them, they'll help us through the problems of life even when we are messing up the dance and step on someone's feet.

11. There have been lots of times where Adam has messed up the timing and ran into problems in confusion when he didn't listen to the music. Some of the music was confusing him because he spiritually was aware that many lost their way in this religion. If a prophet has doubt that his prophecies cannot be 100% accurate, then it can be confusing to him.

12. This will help to reverse this problem. There are lots of prophets who never knew that any of their predictions came true while they were alive. Those that did get exposure were accused of evil and punished by humanity. Many had to find a way to isolate themselves from humanity in order to finish their mission. Some had to hide that they were a visionary and do secret work for God on the side. There were lots of angels that helped them and warned them of the confusion of humanity. God had compassion for them and found ways that they could experience happiness.

13. There is an event that is causing much pain. Haiti had a major earthquake recently and it has caused much death and suffering. Things that cause death and suffering are not caused by God and you can believe God is working on finding ways of preventing events like this from happening. God is proud of those who are helping this country in it's time of need.

14. But he still needs a way to prevent this from happening in regions that will be affected by destruction in the future. We will get the warnings in this religion that will help many people in different regions of the world survive. Right now the prophecies that God has given Adam have been called prophecies of survival. There have been many lessons on the difference between prophecies of evil and those that are originating from God.

15. We know that a warning from God can change people’s direction and prevent something evil from happening. If we can change direction it will eventually change our life. So this is an in depth explanation of the difference between a prophecy of evil and one that originates from God.

16. We must ensure Adam knows the difference for he will be experiencing all of them. Every one of God's prophets experiences several different kinds of prophecy, but many did not understand where they originated from and soon we will begin to show how the ones from evil have affected the world.

17. Prophecies that come from evil blame God's judgment for the death and destruction they cause. Evil prophecies rely on the death of someone who does not abide by the laws of God. They are looking for a judgment from God.

18. A prophecy in our religion is the opposite. The warnings do not rely on the destruction of human life but a way to save it. The prophecies that originate from God contain ways to live happily and do not rely on suffering or sacrifice. When a prophecy doesn't rely on the destruction of evil, it is based in love and encourages change. When prophecies have a lesson they give us a direction and alternate ways to reverse evil. The angels of prophecy are learning ways to save lives of many with the participation of the living, for this is the only way it will have a lasting effect.

19. Now we have a prophecy that will help save some life. In this forum there is a visionary who's made a decision to end his life. We will show him that his life is very important to God. He still has many reasons to stay alive.

20. God says that he's been forgiven as he has begun to reverse some evil. He should try and list the changes he has made since this has begun. You will find much evil has been reversed. There are many people who love you and if you forgive you can begin to show progress. It is a promise that things will become better for you and you will begin a journey into happiness. You will begin this journey immediately upon the forgiveness of yourself and others. You'll get knowledge on this journey that will help reverse some confusion.

21. When we reverse confusion we're reversing evil and miracles happen. Now pay attention. We all have a right to believe what we want in life even when those we love do not believe the same things. Sometimes we will be innocent when others accuse us of evil. When people are convinced that we are guilty of something that we haven't done then they will need the intervention of God to reverse this evil in them. As long as we forgive them the miracle will happen. We have to give them a reason to want to.

22. In confusion, there are many who will not know the truth. If God forgives us every time that we are oblivious to the truth about Him and we are in confusion about Him, we must try to do the same for those we love. He does this over and over again without even expecting we will ever learn the whole truth for God is the ultimate forgiver.

23. So what is humanity really still learning about God? Still he has a reason for loving humanity and He will for eternity. We forget God is on a mission to protect humanity and we often blame him for everything that's bad.

24. This is what reversing evil is all about and the whole survival of humanity is the ultimate responsibility of our God. When we mess up in evil, we will need God to protect us, forgive us and show us love. He sees the beauty in every one of us and helps us evolve spiritually. He feels our emotions and He accepts us for who we are. He will know when we are unhappy and want change in life. He will always have a dance that you will be able to learn.

25. The symbol of this teacher in Linda's dream who was famous represented God. And even though God was the most experienced instructor, He still gave Linda a choice in who she wanted to learn from. When Linda really paid attention to how she was dancing, she knew that God was the right choice.

26. So why was God working with the other instructors? He wanted them to show her what they learned so she could teach others. Linda found the proper dance for the timing Adam was using and she was able begin her spiritual evolution. Once she was able to learn who was leading, she learned the simple lessons God had taught her. These steps that she learned changed her life every time she made a mistake and soon they became natural to her.

27. Now there is something else we would like to prophesy in this dream. We will see an event that will help people who are stricken by corruption. You shall see an article in the newspaper soon which shall be based on the corruption and enslavement of people. It is a true representation of how evil has no compassion for life.

28. Once we are part of something that does not show compassion, we feel incapable of any kind of hope for the future and we begin to get stuck in the rut of survival. And when we are in this rut, we will get intervention from God to help get us out. If we lose faith in the future we can't experience the joy of change through the intervention of God. If we have no reason to feel that God is helping, then we will not understand how this event will make a lasting change in the future.

29. What is it about a prophecy that provides us with a miracle? It is God's intervention in a future event which is often in a warning from the past. And through this warning we can begin to change our direction so we will not go beyond the point of no return.

30. Many religions prophesy that we will reach a point where there is no return for humanity. What is the purpose of a prophecy if we are going to end up there anyway? The reason for a prophecy from God is a way of avoiding the evil we encounter. This prophecy will rely on a decision with intervention from humans who have been directed by God.

31. With the help of humans, our God can make many miracles happen through people. If you are using one of His religions to help people, you will always see miracles. One of the reasons for this event is it assists to prevent more suffering in life and it shall have a positive result in the future.

32. The corruption that causes confusion is useful to some. If you are part of an organization that relies on the suffering of others to survive, then you are stuck in a spiritual rut and you will need an action of love to help you out of it.

33. So this prophecy is very specific. We will see a new beginning for an organization who will decide to change its structure. They shall change and find a reason to help those that are suffering get out of confusion. They will speak of how God has intervened and given them a mission to collaborate with people who are helping. This is evil reversed.

34. Prophecy that comes from God will foretell the changes in humanity that impact evil and corruption. Once the evil and corruption is reversed from heaven there will be lasting effects. So the angels in heaven are teaching you a dance that you will use in the future.


Confirmation Substitute Teacher

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