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Adam's Out Of Control Backhoe Dream Interpretation / Transcription

 Adam posted March 19, 2012

A couple of nights ago I had this dream about being in this large building and there was a dirt floor. There was this backhoe in the building that belonged to a woman and I was going to use it to dig on the floor of the building. So I got into it began to dig. All of a sudden the backhoe started to spin around counter-clockwise uncontrollably with me in the cab. I remember trying to figure out a way to stop it and thought that I should turn off the key first. However, when I looked the key was not there. I spun around several more times and began to have fear and looked back at the ignition and saw the key start to visualize in front of my eyes. I reached over and turned off the key and the backhoe stopped and I got out. The woman who owned the backhoe was a little upset and was worried that I had damaged it. I then remember thinking that it looked okay and there was no damage and everything would be okay with it. I was just trying to explain that to her so she would believe me.

1. You will begin a very special relationship with someone that believes in you. You had a dream with a backhoe that was to help dig in the floor of a building that was constructed for an important mission you would be involved in which will be connected to the work you have been doing.

backhoe2. You were excavating the floor in this building and you began to spin out of control. When you began to spin uncontrollably you realized that you had to restrain the backhoe from causing any damage.

3. When we know the result of every new job that we begin spins out of control, we will need to find the spiritual key to stop it. If we place ourselves in the confusion of something that ends up destroying something that we construct to help us evolve, we will need to release this confusion. So we will give the key to help you do this.

4. The first time you looked for the key, you couldn't find it. You knew you needed this key to stop the damage the backhoe might cause. Then it magically began to appear in front of you. What is the main reason this vehicle began spinning?

5. When there is confusion in something that is connected to spiritual evolution, then a special reaction is needed to see it as unnatural. So we shall begin to evolve in our understanding in all the confusion we see resulting all over the world. We shall resolve things that confuse us spiritually and how it affects us from evolving laterally.

6. This dream involved going in a circular direction. Spiritually, when we continue to revolve in the same direction, we are always confused when something unnatural happens and we will always seek the key that we normally use to stop it. And often the key is not something that is spiritually needed. If you cannot look for a spiritual answer, then you are refusing to evolve spiritually.

7. If you need a spiritual answer for something, then you can begin to open the unused part of your brain and allow it to begin to materialize. When you begin to seek out this spiritual materialization, you can find a way to eliminate the confusion.

8. When you get the spiritual key your vision is actually forming a connection to something that you would not normally use. The product of what you believe is often what you are spiritually getting. So if you can change what you believe, you can experience things you have never experienced before.

9. When you are in confusion, you will experience evil and kayos. Even a civilization won't evolve and experience an evolutionary change that they need to survive, if they can't seek a reason to seek the spiritual solution. So what is the spiritual answer to something that prevents civilization from evolving spiritually?

10. If confusion restricts you to the same reasoning that caused you evil and destruction, each of your new brain patterns will follow the same paths that they used in the past and they will continually be moving in a circular manner. When we have a reason to continually go around in circles, we can't begin to take a simple step in the right direction.

11. The true reason civilization begins to provide materialization of something will be explained in the next dream of Linda's. First you have to understand why we have chosen the symbol of digging in the ground. When you were in this big building, all this work was beginning. We picked a backhoe because it needs someone who has experience operating it.

12. What is the reason you were digging in the earth? If you have to dig in the perfect place to get the construction moving forward in some kind of active plan, you will actually see the soil that is taken out. You will have to accept that there will be a reason for a hole and you will have to expect that nobody will get confused that the hole won't have a purpose.

13. When the dirt is relocated it means that it isn't needed there and very often it can be used in another place. If you would have some confusion about where you need to put it, then it could be a problem. So when you begin constructing from a visionaries point of view, you will approach every problem with a procedure that you have continually used in the past.

14. You won't forget the processes where you got off track. You will never evolve past a certain point when you have become an expert at something unless you will see there is a reverse reaction that you need to get as a visionary.

15. If you need to get permission each time you pick up earth in this bucket, you will get more confused if someone refuses to let you do something that you are an expert at. When you know you have a reason to do something that you have a vision of, others will experience the outcome of your vision. The promise is you are going to produce something that is better than the vision of someone who doesn't have any experience in what you are building.

16. Each new dig you have made needs to be raised up in the air with confidence so you clear any obstacles that are in the way. So what are we trying to teach in this lesson? When you need to operate something that won't confuse you, you have try to find someone who really knows and follows a plan that they have used themselves and knows works. That way we know the future building will be better.

17. Now we will have a prophecy. You are going to have a new claim for the building. The uncertainty of constructing this new building isn't a problem. You will have a lot of financial backing soon and soon you will begin to dig. You have a vision which is good and you know that the plans you have, have worked in the past. Will this prophecy build something?

18. As always, timing is important. Balance is an important part of this project that is coming. You've had a lesson in something that you know has purpose in the things that you are doing right now. We will now expect you to have a plan for constructing a building that you have started from the ground up. When this prophecy begins to happen, there will be less confusion if you approach it in a systematic and balanced way.

19. Everything we have been teaching you relating to simple reasoning will help you evolve in everything you do. Once you know this prophecy is really rich and beautiful it will evolve very swiftly in your life. Once you release your apprehension, we promise you some important intervention. Someone knows you really are receiving all these lessons in a miraculous way when something is confusing you.

20. You are conducting research in an area that is surely unknown. Each time you need some help, you will seek the help that the angels are capable of giving you. So when you are circling in confusion, you will feel that you need to look for the key which can magically appear with the help of the angels in heaven. If you try to rely on something that has caused you problems in the past, then you are not using the angels and the prophecies.

Updated July 31, 2014

I found a related incident for this dream more than 2 years later when I did an internet search. This is not a confirmation of the prophecy within the transcript, but more of a prophecy of survival relating to the dream. There is also a lesson in the actual event as well. So I am going to mark this as a confirmed prophecy with a possibility of more to come. The incident happened one day after the dream transcription as well.  Here is a link to the article. I hope it does not delete after a certain amount of time. But I will post a screen shot of the article as well.

Here is the article:


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