The Transporter

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The Transporter Dream Translation/Transcription

I had this dream on Oct 16 and thought I better post it as it was quite vivid. My wife and I and Kayla were in fear because of some event that was happening all around us. We needed a place to be safe so we found and entered this large cylindrical object that was covered on all sides with a thick wire mesh that you could see through. Within the cylinder there were fans at both ends. Shortly after entering the cylinder the fans began to start up and as they did we were transported to another place. Once we emerged we felt safe again but as we looked around from a country view, we could see a city that was devastated. Some buildings were untouched whereas, other buildings, especially high rise apartment buildings where partially toppled with large areas of bricks missing from their sides.


 Transcription by Adam Kadmon on Oct 27, 2014

  1. You have a lot of beautiful things happen in your future. We want to make your mission come true for it is from God.
  2. You can open the window to receive prophecies from God, so don't you forget it. When you cross the window into prophecy, you can be a prophet.
  3. You have many crosses to bare, but we trust in the better vision you are having. God will make your vision happen in this future. Don't fear at all. Keep trying. It will happen. And people will start believing in the future of each prophecy.
  4. Let us do this dream you had about the falling buildings. This one you won't forget, for it is where you changed your life. You have changed George, he feels good, and you can change others if you give your testimony.
  5. In this dream you had a mission with your family to run from something that was chasing you. You had fear that there was some evil threatening your life. You had to go inside a machine.
  6. It is a prophecy of the cylinder of survival that you will be taking to accomplish the condition we have given you. It was a device from God that you and your family can use to change an image of the future. If you trust in God, you shall survive even when you are being chased by evil.
  7. There must be some reason you and your family chose to ride in this cylinder even though it didn't seem to be very safe. When you need some time to resolve the future of a religion, it will materialize even when most of the reasons you are in this cylinder are not truly evident. So what do we really mean by this?
  8. When we have a mission, there are often things in our lives that exist in evil, and we must be resistent to them. If you have become evil you feel you have reason to act on evil feelings that keep you from evolving and you become addicted to them so you swim in the river of evil and confusion.
  9. If this river divides, you have an opportunity to decide if you want to stay on the same river, or change to a different one. And as you traverse each river we will be searching with you. But you should disrupt this evil if you are swimming in confusion and we shall steer you in the right direction.
  10. As you evolve in this new river, we will give you a script that you can use to follow as you move along. Please try to transcribe everything that reverses confusion in your life. If you remain inside this cylinder you must use the river of religion. You have a procedure that will not keep you swimming in the river of evil so start to use it when you have confusion in religion. We have a future with this great religion and you will achieve your mission.
  11. When you are back in this cylinder, it was equipped with these fans. These fans are a symbol that draws on the confusion which you have from evil emotions. They begin to revolve with the emotional feelings you have. When you experience emotional evil they will begin spinning counter clockwise away from you.
  12. In religion we want you to receive the right emotion. And when you are free from evil they will begin revolving in the opposite direction, giving you the illusion of a peaceful feeling. And why is that stated as an illusion? Because you will not be restricted to actions or feelings of survival and you shall have control of your life.
  13. Emotions in your life can seem to be real, even when they function as good feelings. Ensure it isn't a result of confusion and it will give you a reason to live religiously. We want you to work on this and you will live in peace.
  14. Now if you know something really is happening then you can truly feel it covert to true reasoning in the future. You will never control your confusion unless you try to connect your feelings responsibly. Concentrate with Linda and you will have positive change.
  15. Even when you feel that confusion you can make some progress. Each reversal shall result in something spiritual in you that will take you out of confusion. We seek a reversal of every corruption in each river you are riding on with the exception of the rivers you ride with Victor.
  16. Now what is the reason you possess confusion with some of the recordings of Victor? You have experienced the changes as you have learned to understand him and these are meant for everyone to understand.
  17. Your Victor will need to be recaptioned more accurately for they are very important and need to be captioned perfectly. And the captions will be a professional transcript for Visionaries.
  18. Now when you seek a visionary you can believe they will come, for the problems you have in the past will begin to be corrected. So if you can be strong you will be victorious and lead this religion to a glorious level.
  19. You also have to believe that you are a prophet that we have chosen and we have many reasons that it is so. If a prophet isn't someone who wants to spiritually evolve and make changes in his life then he would not want to learn from all of us here.
  20. If he refuses to have spiritual evolution then we have no reason to teach him what we know and he shall not be able help anyone else who is experiencing similar problems. If everyone was spiritual then you would not need us and we would not need religion to help anyone.  
  21. If you haven't, then you must locate the tapes of Victor and get them ready, for they will be important for the next stage in this project. You will make some progress and have reason for correcting them.    
  22. And we know each tape of Victor is in its original form and these are the original prophecies while you were riding on the rivers of life. You should devote the winter season to improving them in their accuracy and restricting these captions to those you have requested help from.
  23. We know you will have people that come later into this religion who rely on these recordings to seek a reason for their understanding. If you need to begin a new transcription then share the time equally. People begin to seek a religion which is based on prophecy in modern times.
  24. You can't forget what you are eventually seeking. A mission that can give you prophecy and release you from evil. Once you are well known as a prophet you will give up everything else that prevents you from spiritual growth. Your confusion will return if you have rejected your mission from God. Prevent more confusion by ensuring this property is well kept.
  25. In this here dream you know you can't make a really bad mistake or the fans will turn in your confusion. If your confusion is too great it will turn fast and take you to a place where you cannot predict anything in your life.
  26. All of these buildings that were about to fall were not part of a future that you expected. Even though you were not in fear, it isn't what you expected.
  27. If prophecy is not what is expected, you must find out if the prophecy came from God. If God gives a prophet a prophecy, He shall find a way to launch it in action so that it shapes in a proper way. He has reason to launch it in the right way with passion.
  28. We have announced that part of our goal is to have a great passion for God. Passion is simple if on each journey you seek His help. There is a philosophy that when we reverse the confusion we have reason for changing. We gain real faith when we experience these changes that make a difference in our lives.
  29. There is no option that exists if this faith doesn't replace the evil that is constantly preventing our spiritual growth. So we must allow some prophets the options when they have faith in what we are teaching. And we know that Adam does because of his works, but until you want to have some change in your spiritual growth, you will never evolve more.
  30. There is a prophecy coming and many more if you seek some direction from your God. So you have to seek it when you need it and you can protect the spiritual emersion of your soul by letting others know your God.
  31. In this dream of Adam he was in a caged cylinder. This cage was his protection from a very violent world around him. He had some protection from many of the things that you will see in every part of life. So it helped him see the leaning things that were far away.
  32. In the past he had no emotions and he wasn't in any fear. But he did sense that something wasn't as it should be.
  33. There is prophecy in this dream he had. You are provided with everything you need to begin this new religion. And it will be a part of this religion how people come to you. And their mission will be something that we see as a perfect fit for you. You have always had a vision of people coming to help you and now we shall complete the prophecy.
  34. Now it won't be completed if it is based on a lie, so you must be strong.  So get your tapes of your Victor and begin captioning them again. We know you promise that you will have more faith when you experience these events for many of them depend on others. We know they will begin to come so be ready.
  35. We did not ignore your prophecy for we always knew it would happen to you for this is the future you have chosen for God. And it will be so wonderful for many who become part of it.
  36. If you have a mission from God you are given God's intervention for it to happen. Always trust in him to give you help when you need it. There will be many ways that you will reverse the confusion and there will be many people who will come to you for help. You have a big responsibility to lead the future visionaries and you will promise these people that they will see this new vision that will change the world.
  37. And many of you will like the responsibilities in this religion. We have a mission for you where others can really experience a miracle. You have a spiritual experience waiting for you if you take our direction. Each time a spiritual religion is born to reverse some religious evil, it will create miracles and we have many of them.
  38. To witness a miracle you will have to complete the mission we give you. Resolve your reasons for seeking a religion that comes from God and we will help you do it. For what religious reasons are you here? We will list some:
  39. You all want to evolve your mission of spiritual growth.
  40. You have seen confusion that causes death, destruction and suffering in this world.
  41. You are looking for the truth about the existence of God to help you evolve.
  42. You look for a reason to believe in life after death.
  43. You need something that will help you experience love and happiness.
  44. If you really listen to these transcriptions you shall experience your miracle. So this is your mission and what we are asking isn't really difficult. You shall feel a real connection to your God that you have never experienced before. All this will resolve your reasons for coming here.
  45. If you leave us some questions, we will send you a dream so you can send it to Adam to transcribe. You shall receive the answer in the transcription and you shall understand this process. We want you to expect a miracle once the process is completed.
  46. So in this dream that Adam posted, he was with his family in a caged cylinder with fans. The fans were a symbol of confusion that is spinning out of control. This cylinder is transporting them to a place in time where these slanted buildings were. God sent him to this place to observe a future that is in confusion.
  47. This is not a vision of the future but a warning that can be changed. When a community of evil people refuse to act spiritually towards others in this world, they will be propagating this evil that we are trying to avoid.
  48. This is the reason we choose to educate visionaries in a mission that you will see evolve with the help of God. There is no reason that you would not want to involve yourself in a spiritual mission straight from God.
  49. Are you here to resolve evil in religions that propagate more evil for the reasons of murderous passions? The reason for a great religion should be to eliminate the pure evil that causes these thoughts in the people. These thoughts of confusion are something they often have no choice to feel so they must be changed.
  50. Please do not forget this as this entire religion is based on trying to reverse the confusion.
  51. So what is this confusion that we are always talking about? Is is often something that you do not know you have. It lives in very ordinary people and those that have much confusion do not realize it can cause corruption to their everlasting soul. When what we believe in a lifetime is the opposite of what the everlasting soul knows, then we are in spiritual confusion.
  52. When we don't believe in God, we are spiritually devolving. And even when you seek spiritual evolution you will not find it without the help of God. Confusion comes in many different circumstances and prevents us spiritual evolution.
  53. And during the process of purification we can help those who request our help. We connect the process that visionaries can have to reverse this confusion and begin spiritual evolution.
  54. How many religious people do you know who feel completely void of any knowledge of heaven? You can be connected to it through this spiritual religion here.
  55. We connect prophecy with this religion. How many people believe prophecy can still help the world today and how many can witness it almost every day? You cannot forget a religion that makes prophecy when you know it is coming from a source that is spiritual.
  56. You must believe that real evil is present in the world and you want to stop it from spreading. When Adam was transported in the cylinder, he knew that evil was all around him, and he needed to get away from it. And even when he was transported, he saw a vision of the things this evil was causing. And even when he saw this evil, he knew he was protected by God, and he had no fear.
  57. When you have confusion from fear, you cannot be transported to the future that God wanted for all of us unless you get direction from God. When you feel protected from spiritual confusion your soul will respond to it and you shall experience spiritual growth.
  58. If your emotions are those that try to decieve you then you must lead a religious life which allows you to experience feelings of peace, joy and happiness. Through your actions in life, you put your eternal soul in a place where it can experience different emotions. If these emotions rely on evil and confusion, you will not have a reason to believe that God is something you are spiritually seeking.
  59. If your soul is corrupted you will have reason to believe in something evil until it is cleansed. So this cylinder was drawing the corruption from the soul of Adam so it could transport him to a place that would give him a reason to walk in a future that would need some changes. And in the process he had protection from the lies and reasoning of a civilization that was heading for destruction.
  60. So if you don't want to experience this event in your personal life, God will help you through your own confusion. He will transport you spiritually to a place where you will see a religion that can take this vision of an evil future and convert it to something that is beautiful and peaceful.

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