Dream Interpretation For Baby Sitting Dream

Baby Sitting Dream Interpretation

Adam's comment: Although this prophecy does not have a confirmation article, it has been confirmed many times through the way we use spirituality and direction from God in our life. Especially with my son. So this is an ongoing prophecy that reoccurs on an almost monthly basis for us.

Posted September 17, 2008 at 2:02 pm

Linda said: I had a dream last night that involved a little boy. This could have been two separate dreams. The first part there was a lady who was trying to get me to take care of a baby boy, and she was just asking me at the time if I would take care of him like a foster parent would. So I guess I agreed to, however, when she brought the child to me he was not a baby but an older child. I was disappointed that the child was an older boy. But of course I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable by making a scene or complaining or anything. So I accepted anyway. I may have had a conversation with the boy, but I don't remember what it was about.

This next part of the dream may be connected to the first part or might not be. I remember a group of friends coming over, I believe we were going to go out. There were two couples and myself and another girlfriend that were single. It's possible that we might have asked my girlfriends parents to watch the young boy while we went out. So we went over to her parents house, either to drop the boy off or to pick up something that she needed before we went out. When we got to her family's place, her mom and dad were having problems with the electricity in their house. We went into the basement and I believe there was a part there where there was water on the floor and instead of going through it we could go out one door and in another and get around it. One of my friends that was with us walked through the water to get back after we were done looking on the other side. They decided to shut all electricity off in the house until they could get it fixed. We were hanging out with her parents for a while. They were showing us some things in their basement, possibly craft type things that they'd made.

So we finally were ready to leave and everyone was going up to her parents and giving them a hug goodbye. I think I was the first one to approach her mom and she was a little surprised when I hugged her. Then once we all said goodbye it was strange because everybody ended up sitting back on the couch and relaxing again and I wasn't sure why we weren't leaving. I went to use the washroom. That's the end of the dream.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon September 17, 2008 at  3:40 p.m.

1. Linda was asked to look after a baby who was from a friend of hers, but when the child came it was much older then she thought. This is a symbol of something that isn't what we are lead to believe. It represents that sometimes things are not what we expect it to be when we are given lies. How much evil is involved in an untruth? First, it is never right to lie unless it will prevent something evil from happening, and it always must exist in love when we have to.

2. How can we be trusted if we have to lie? You can reverse a lie, by telling the truth. We need an introduction on the results of lying. It is something that humans get wrapped up in quite often when they are filled with confusion and they will often need a spiritual cleansing because of it.

3. If you lie to someone that you love, you will feel that your love is void of the truth, even if you want to believe it. There are very few people who have never lied to someone they love and we need to forgive those who tell lies which affect us. And if you forgive someone who lies it will cause a miracle. Every time God gives us a miracle there is a reversal of evil, so you are promised a miracle with every reversal of evil.

4. When God shows forgiveness towards us, He tries to reverse the evil that causes the problem in the first place. So he will try to reverse some evil in us if we have lied. If it is a process of our survival and it affects our soul we will need a spiritual cleansing,  but that doesn't give us the right to lie. God must try and reverse this evil so it doesn't happen again. Otherwise our relationships are affected.

5. Each time we have a problem in life, we are often absorbed in confusion and we can find an opportunity to avoid the truth. When confusion causes us to lie, it can cause other evil emotions to happen as well. So when we lie, we have evil controlling us. This causes a lot of guilt in a relationship and we will not be the same person.

6. When we hold back the truth from someone, we are allowing the evil in our soul to be in control and we won't even know what the real cause is. We will not see the progression of lying until our relationship is badly affected. We can reverse this evil often when we tell the truth. If we are confronted with it, we have no choice. So change will often come when we are confronted with a lie in a relationship of love.

7. We have trouble with spiritual growth in a relationship if we hold back the truth. If we tell the truth in a relationship and are forgiven by the one we love, we can have spiritual growth when we change and learn from it. Now we will move on to the second part of Linda's dream.

8. Linda was single and she went out with her friends and left this boy behind. This was a symbol of leaving responsibility behind and trying to forget about it. She wanted to leave her responsibilities to her friends mother and they were having problems with their electricity. When we put our responsibilities on someone who is having their own problems, it can cause more evil.

9. The symbol of electricity is something that we cannot see, but can still cause harm to us. We have a responsibility to not try and shirk off our responsibilities on someone who isn't spiritually ready to accept them. If we have responsibilities that we cannot handle, we can seek guidance from God and He will provide some help. In this dream there were people who had a problem with something they had control over. When they tried to find a spiritual way to solve the problem, God gave them the answer.

10. The symbol of looking at all the spiritual things that they made, represented the good things we can make when we have a spiritual connection to each other. This person who walked through the water was tempting the others to follow him without any guidance from heaven. When everyone ended up sitting down and relaxing, it was a symbol of using religion to help us solve our problems. Each spiritual decision that we make is welcomed by God and supported and we will grow from it in our relationships.

11. We heard in this dream how the people were hugging each other. So we know they had spiritual growth. If you ask His help, you have to be willing to take the spiritual path and not take guidance from your emotional evil. When our direction takes the spiritual path, we can meet God along the way and count on him for help.

12. So what is in this prophecy? Adam already knows that confusion is affecting his son and he will try to help him. He will have a chance to put this lesson into practice and Linda will experience it with him. This is something very important for reversing some of his confusion and it is coming from heaven. Adam will be ready with the answers and Anthony will begin to listen. Everything will work out fine for him.

13. When we begin to work on reversing confusion, we are really giving spiritual growth to others. When we are helpful in God's plan or mission, we are reversing confusion and cause miracles to happen. Of course the miracles are still something from God, and we are part of the process to make them happen. Often these miracles will not be evident until later, and they will often involve the survival of someone we love.

14. Now we have something to show you for reading all the lessons in this process. You will experience something happen in your own life that you can use this lesson on. You will reverse a problem before it gets any bigger. So this will spiritually help yourself and others that you have relationships with. There will be a miracle that will happen and you will be able to experience it as well.

15. When you are having some confusion look for the hidden source and you will need to find a spiritual way to solve it. You should ask God for some help and He will meet you half way. He will give you guidance in the best way to go and He will lead you away from danger. He has broad shoulders to help you with some of your responsibilities.

16. He will help you until you are ready to carry the load yourself. He will provide for you a solution for every problem that you encounter in life even when you are stuck in confusion caused by your own evil, as long as you are willing to make some changes. So you should seek spiritual guidance whenever you have confusion so you can begin to reverse it.


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