Dream Interpretation For Stolen Money

Stolen Money Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam's Comments: March 1, 2012:

This prophecy predicted an event in Iran and the Middle East on March 1st, 2012. It also talked about a event that would help to preserve life in the region. In Syria, on March 1, 2012, the fighting stopped when Syrian rebels left Homs and The Red Cross was given permission to go in and take care of the sick and dying. There may be more to this prophecy that is behind the scenes and it could have originated from Iran in some way. However, the connection to the events that just happened are clear and I believe a positive step towards preventing more pain and suffering in the area.

Last night, the 12th of February, 2012, I had this dream.

I am not sure if I was with my ex-wife or current wife in the dream. It started off with one of my clients giving me payment on a website that I had done for him. The payment was for $365 and when he made the payment he asked me to sign a contract which stated when he would make the remaining payments. In the next part of the dream I remember being with my ex-wife late in the evening in some kind of a restaurant. The people there were not of the greatest character, but I decided to take the money I had received and count it for some reason on the counter where some other people were standing around. As I took the money out it was in forms of chips and I remember saying that I wish that he would not have paid me in so many different types of chips. Some were for $2 and some for $5 and some for $20 etc. They all looked much different and were hard to organize. I knew they represented money and they had value. Then someone on the left distracted me for a moment and asked me a question. I turned my head for a moment and realized that I better pay attention to what I was doing. When I looked back I noticed someone was standing over the money and I approached him quickly and gathered up the chips. At this point I was not sure if he had taken any, but I did not want to accuse him of stealing. I felt like following him out of the restaurant and confronting him, but I changed my mind. A few minutes later we left the restaurant and I started to wonder if all the money was there. I had given some of it to my ex-wife and asked her to count how much she had, and I began to count what I had. As we counted, we knew that some of the money had been substituted with fake money and we realized it must have been done when I was distracted.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon February 19, 2012

1. This dream of money is something that has much prophecy. This transcript will be very special. This beautiful and wonderful process will connect you with us.

2. Everybody has dreams that have money in them. We all need a way to financially support the missions that God gives us without suffering and pain. When you are suffering with the pain of everything that comes with financial hardships, it can cause you much confusion. It will often follow you in everything that you do. We know a prophet is really much more accurate when there is money to support what he does. In this dream Adam received payment for a job he was doing for one of his clients.

3. When money is given to you for something good that you have done for someone, this money it is a reward for helping your God. He knows that you need it to survive and evolve in a mission that he has given you. When you receive payment from God it will benefit many people and it cannot be used for anything that is evil.

4. Now there is a symbol in this dream of a payment of $365. This represents the year that you have taken to work on providing an income for you and your family Adam. The business in February has begun to show promise. It is a result of the actions of taking the direction that God wants you to go. We know you have had some confusion but you have had much faith in the prophecies that we have given you and it will get better.

5. In this dream you were with your ex-wife. In this dream you found a reason to trust her alone with your money. When you trust someone with a promise of not taking something that you have worked hard for, then you show them that you have faith in them. The angels also have to have faith in the promises that you have given to God with regards to completing his mission. There have been occasions when a prophet has used prophecy as an opportunity for financial gain which resulted in future evil.

6. In this dream you arrived at a place where there were many people who were not honest. You put your money there on the counter and began counting it. Someone distracted you. Generally when the mission you have has been diverted by evil, it will often make you start all over again. If you begin to start all over again each time you are distracted, you will not be able to count all the money on the counter. So if you are working for God, He does not want you to be distracted by evil. You must never forget where you have left off.

7. In this dream there was a symbol of all kinds of chips you were organizing for their value. God will always give you something that has unique value. You will surely know their value each time you are counting them. You cannot have an issue if you feel that their value was less than you thought originally.

8. You will receive many things that have much more value at the time that you have received them, then they will in the future. You will have to decide which things you receive have more value in the future. So if your first reaction causes you confusion about something that doesn't have much value, then you will get distracted.

9. You will also find some of the gifts that God gives you are much more valuable in the future. Some gifts increase in worth as we spiritually evolve and they may not seem like they are worth much in the beginning. We have to see that our actions in the future are reliant upon the gifts that God gives us in our life and each one of them revolve around a life free from evil and confusion.

10. So why is God representing this money as something that you will have difficulty counting. We must visualize that each part of the money that God entrusts to you can hide its true value until the time is right. This is a warning to the visionaries that will come. If you have a vision of this being a way to make money, then it will make you forget what your real mission is in this religion. In the past we have spoken about money being a symbol for spiritual freedom. Nothing has changed. We can't forget a religion only has value when you are doing something good for the spiritual growth of others. Adam will never require someone to give something that will jeopardize their happiness or spiritual growth. The only reason he is asking for donations is so he will be able to provide a means of supporting the work he is doing.

11. Adam has been distracted many times in the past simply because there have been financial issues preventing him from moving forward. His compassion for this religion has had much evil chasing it. You have seen him go through many financial hardships over the past few years, but he has continually been true to his mission.

12. So what is the true lesson that God's angels are trying to teach here? You get the help of angels when your heart is truly dedicated to preserving the future. When we put the gifts we get from God on the counter for others to see, we should never worry that others will take them. For if we continually worry about the things we have and how others might take them, we will get distracted very easily.

13. If you are given a gift, you should make it available for others if they need it. What is the reason we get spiritual evolution? It is something that God gives to each and every soul he has created. He expects nothing in return for it. If we want these gifts, all we have to do is ask and we will receive them when we have a genuine mission to reverse evil. When you do not have a mission to follow God's direction, then you cannot receive the gifts that He has waiting for you along the way.

14. So what are the results of the gifts we receive from God? Promises of a future that will be free from pain and suffering. The survival of humanity. Happiness for us and the people that we love. Protection from the evil that surrounds us. Eternal experiences and exploration of all the wonders God has created throughout eternity. When you have a mission that exists in the love and compassion of others, you will be able to take part in everything good that God wants your everlasting soul to experience.

15. What is the prophecy that we will be experiencing here? We will soon experience an event that will come on the first of next month. It shall prevent more death and tragedy. You won't forget this vision. We will give you more of the prophecy. It will clearly happen in Iran. It will involve America. They are on a mission to protect the rest of the region from a major disaster. They will not ignore what is happening in the region and they will find a way to stabilize the area. They will begin a process in the area that will make sure the people will survive a major war of evil.

16. They will partake in a process which is just beginning to unfold in the region there. They can prevent more confusion in the region by providing more support to the people in Iraq. How does helping to protect the people in Iraq, help the process in Iran? Evil relies all the time on people that do not help other people. It relies on people that do not show compassion to others.

17. So how do they defeat the evil that is there. They show how they want all the people to have the right to survive and live without fear. They will show they have mercy for the evil that threatens the region. They will show this by helping the leaders in the affected regions so they will not be backed in a corner. They must show these leaders that they will provide them with sanctuary once they turn over their country. The Russians can get involved in this process as well.

18. Why should they provide forgiveness for all the things that these people have done throughout their terms? Showing compassion to them shall reverse some evil that will prevent further fighting in the area. And if they can provide safety to those that have been enemies in the past, everyone will benefit including America. They will find an ally in those that they help to protect for even those who are in the center of it all, have confusion as to who is right.

19. God stands with all of you and sees the evil that is always causing confusion there.


This is the article that came out in TheStar.com on March 1st, 2012. Because it has so many similarities to the prophecy, including the date of the ceasefire and them allowing the Red Cross to go in, I will classify it as another confirmation. There is also some information in Linda's New Job Dream which is also connected to this article which was transcribed on the 26th of February. It partially confirms the prophecies in that dream and transcription as well.



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