Dream Interpretation For Messy Marina Dream

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Messy Marina Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription -Prophecy

Adam's comment: This dream was sent to help us understand how a lack of spirituality can affect us in our relationships. These dream transcriptions often come with future events that usually happen around the date of the transcription.  This transcription was done on December 19, 2007. It was a prophecy of survival as the event happened on December 20, 2011 exactly 4 years later, within about 12 hours. The transcription was posted at 9 p.m. on the 19th of December, and the incident happened at 9 a.m. in the morning exactly 4 years later. The event also happened in Canada, about 100 miles away from us. You will also see that there is a mention of old vehicles in the dream as well as in the actual event. Confirmed Prophecy of Survival.

Dream posted by Linda December 15, 2007
In this dream I had last night, Adam and I were hired by one of my ex-boyfriends to become property managers at his marina. We went there after getting the job and he was in his basement building walls for rooms. He first gave me a job to go out and find a five foot board.
His basement looked a lot different then it had in the past because it was mostly cleared of stuff. Whereas before, it was very cluttered. After helping him for a while, Adam was given a job to go upstairs. When Adam and I went upstairs, Adam was boiling water in something that looked like a blender but he was actually boiling the water at the sink. The sink was full of stuff, dishes and everything. And the upstairs looked like it usually did. Very messy with things scattered all over the place. I knew in managing this place for my ex, we would have to clean up the outside which was full of old vehicles, old boats and was just kind of a mess everywhere.

Dream Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted December 19, 2007 at 9:21 pm 
1. In Linda's dream there was a marina and it was messy for a reason, for a collection of evil was symbolized there. Where there is evil, there will be lots of things that have no use . This marina will never be clean, even if Linda and Adam manage it. You can't clear evil when the person wants it that way, no matter how hard you try.

2. We will explain what we mean now. When you are in confusion, you are surrounded by all your things you can't use, especially in relationships. Things you can use and need in your life, such as spirituality, shall provide all the experiences you need in life.

3. Linda’s ex was down in the basement building in this confusion. He was not a religious man, and while he is building this foundation, he has always been working on something else, so he will never be able a build solid foundation in relationships.

4. Relationships need a solid foundation. He asked Linda to find something that he did not have around. Linda was worried about this, that is why she split up with him for she knew she had to make a change in her life.

5. The symbol of this board was a part of the foundation he was building. It was laying around and making a big mess and Linda had to find it for him. She was always looking for something in his confusion. When we help someone, you will be searching through their confusion.

6. Then they went upstairs and everything in this marina was void of religion. Adam went upstairs to boil some water. He was boiling his water in a sink that was full of evil and Adam knew it was a problem for this sink needed a good cleaning.

7. He knew that this boiling water would help, but it was very cluttered up with things. Adam wasn't making coffee until he was all finished. So what does all this mean in this dream?

8. When someone has made a big mess of their life, the only way to get through their confusion, is to make a concession, then you will get your chance for a miracle to open them up to spirituality. You will always have an opportunity to have a relationship with all these miracles. God will always have a reason for bringing people who need you into their life.

9. A relationship will always be free from evil when you feel spirituality from someone else and we will try to explain this here. If we lead life spiritually, you will experience the good things in life. It will be visible in your actions and you shall reap the rewards from God. Each action that is spiritual, causes something that is good in your life.

10. A reaction that is evil, fills your soul with things that hold you up in life. It is confusion when you can't see through all the mess you have made in your life. This confusion prevents you from progressing in life. So when someone asks for help, there is a reason. It is often helping by just listening.

11. When we wake up each morning, we know that help from God is coming and His spirituality is walking with us. When we are walking in God's spirituality, we feel his presence. And then you are waiting for him to release another miracle.

12. This happens through relationships and your relationships are up to you in your life.

It is true that my ex lives this way, and he really doesn't want to change it. And yes I was always trying to find something in that confusion, it was love, and I never did find it. I knew I had to change my life and I was actually experiencing physical pain in my back for no apparent reason during the last year I was there. My back pain completely went away as soon as I left. I can see now that I was experiencing physical evil because I was reacting to his evil with my own. I couldn't make a concession and completely accept the way he lived and we would fight about all sorts of things. My life was void of love and a spiritual relationship and therefore I could not grow spiritually while I was still in that relationship. Now I feel God's presence in my life and I see Him at work through the beautiful, loving relationships and goodness I am experiencing every day.


Adam's Comment: Usually a transcription tells you if there is a prophecy within it, however, some come without a mention of a prophecy in it and have remarkable similarities to actual events. We have been told that all dreams and visions that we have in this religion will contain some sort of prophecy within them though.




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