Dream Interpretation For The Catfish Dream

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Catfish Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam's Comment: I transcribed this dream on June 1, 2009 and on June 18, 2009 this article came about Filet of Catfish - Food For the Soul. You can read the article at the bottom of the page. There have also been other articles about huge catfish that were captured around this time as well.

giantcatfishLinda's dream: January 22, 2008

I was in a restaurant of some sort, but it didn't seem like a restaurant. I think I was with my ex-boyfriend. He was using a day timer of mine to sell stuff. There was a water place where there was fish, only it was like a place that lead out to the ocean. The fish that were there were catfish, and for some reason everybody was interested in where these catfish would go when they took off from the restaurant area. They are quite unique looking, they were not typical looking catfish, they were extravagant looking. I'm not even sure how I knew they were catfish, maybe it was the sound they made. So they would take off, and everybody would wonder where they went. I remember these dogfish would chase after the catfish and they were trying to figure out where they were going. Near the end of the dream, this gentleman and these two boys, were eating something that had been cooked up. They were off in a corner and I remember saying to the gentleman he didn't need to sit so far away. My ex that had the notebook of mine had a number on it that he was using for phoning. There was something about the notebook, it wasn't being written in but there was a transparency thing that was happening with it. I was trying to figure out what was happening with it.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon June 1, 2009 at 8:34 EST

1. Your mission has evolved Adam. On your vacation you reminisced about your childhood with your old friends. This was expected for they were like your family. The things that you were remembering were so different then the angels in heaven. These things that were worth remembering were good and we experienced them with you.

2. Were you proud of some of the things that you did? If a prophet knows that the time is approaching when friends will reflect on things that he has done in his childhood, then he will know that all these experiences were never done because he was evil. Some of these things that Adam did were spiritually without reason for if there is something spiritually missing, they will be offensive and lack purpose.

3. We have many childhood experiences that really aren't something that we are proud of, but we still need them so we can see how our mistakes were something that we needed for spiritual growth. Now in heaven, all the angels know what is the outcome of a life before it ends and they know every time you have spiritual growth from a mistake. Serious changes cause them to rejoice in heaven because this is the purpose of every soul. They will always rejoice when someone they love is getting closer to heaven.

4. So in this dream of Linda's, the restaurant is a symbol of a place where we will eat the food of life. Sometimes this food will not always be something that is good for us but it was the only thing that was available to us at that point in our life. And at that point in life, the food that is available will often depend on how much we have grown spiritually.

5. This food that we have eaten throughout our childhood has a reason. Whenever a soul begins to walk in evil, it will need spirituality and a mission in life to begin a transformation. It will need to find a way to get rid of the things that it has collected in its childhood which are not good for it.

6. When evil is present we will need to rely on spirituality to get rid of these evil things we have collected in life. We will be given lots of chances in our lifetime to get rid of these things that are evil.

7. Whenever we get rid of something that is evil, it will be replaced with something that has more value allowing us spiritual growth. This is reminiscent of your life in heaven. One of the laws in heaven depends on us having changes for miracles to happen.

8. In this dream there was a water place for fishing. When fishing for the food of life, you do not usually know what kind of fish you will get, but you hope the fish are good for eating. Eventually you would get so hungry that you have to eat. Many times you will be eating something that you will need for survival even when you know it isn't something spiritually good for you.

9. When you are fishing spiritually you will be using bait which will attract something that is better for eating. So the bait that you use will be the changes that you are making in your life that allow you to have spiritual evolution.

10. God made the fish swim for a reason. Every fish swims so it has the opportunity of finding something to eat in life, but it cannot grow spiritually from the experiences it has because it does not have a mission that comes from God. So it isn't capable of changing anything it does spiritually in life. Typically it will never have any logical purpose relating to the preservation of life even when it comes to their offspring. For most fish have no compassion for life.

11. Eventually God has given them no feelings for experiencing pain and many animals having no compassion for their offspring were given freedom from pain and suffering because God did not want their children to suffer needlessly. Now you see the reasoning behind God's laws of evolution.

12. In this dream they were wondering where these fish were going. When a living animal cannot have spiritual growth in their life, they are automatically reborn in a life that can. Even some of the smallest of animals can experience love but they might not be capable of having compassion for other species of life. So they may need to go through many levels of spiritual evolution before their soul can reach the level of humanity.

13. When our soul is capable of evolving to the point of being capable of having a mission from God, then we know we are getting higher up on the ladder of spirituality. When God sees that we are ready for one of his missions, He will give us one and He will provide us with the things we need to accomplish it.

14. Lets go back to the dream. The fish that were symbolized as something that journeys to a better place. Even catfish will find a better place for spiritual evolution. They begin with a mission in life to search for a better place where they can never have a shortage of food. They live to survive in a world that is useful without any emotions or love. This absence of love will never shelter them from evil for they have nothing to connect them to heaven.

15. Only God can cause a change in their physical vessel so they can begin to have spiritual growth. This was symbolized by the extravagant catfish in Linda's dream.

16. This is how you begin as a prophet and they will witness some of your prophecies here. Some will have a reason to look at your dreams that you have been transcribing and they will see your mission is something important.

17. Linda saw these dog fish going after these cat fish. That is a symbol of someone who is filled with religious evil. They will often try to devour life because of their beliefs.

18. When religious evil is after you, you shall relax and review some of the lessons God has given you. Remember these lessons are the food that you will eat and when you begin to share them, something miraculous will be happening. Religious evil will often show objection to a spiritual goal.

19. At the end of the dream there were these boys with this man who were waiting. They were waiting and were eating something they had. This man with them was a prophet and he was giving them a meal. So they were waiting for a lesson from him. There was something spiritual happening in this lesson.

20. We always commence eating for a reason and when we are spiritually hungry, we will begin to want spirituality.

21. When you really have reason to eat more spiritual food you will have things happening in your life that are connected to the miracles of life and God in heaven. When you have a connection to the miracles of life, you will reverse your evil and replace it with love. Once you begin to experience more loving emotions within your soul, you begin to have spiritual evolution, and you get closer to heaven.

22. When you start to have less confusion in life, you are able to experience a life without emotional evil. When emotions are replaced with feelings of love for everything good God has created, you have begun to evolve emotionally. When each emotion you experience is evolved in love, you are connected in time with God.

23. There isn't any emotions of evil when you are in God's presence for he is never attracted to the evil in you. So every animal that is capable of experiencing love, shall get to walk in the presence of God. If you are walking a spiritual path with the one that has created you, you will get to see him demonstrate his passion for your life. When you are walking with the one that has created every life, He will protect every life He has created.

24. And he also has this compassion for the trees and every creation that has survived through the destruction and evil of time. We seek knowledge in our walk with Him so we will survive all the evil that stands in our way in the future. It is a very spiritual journey through life when we take our direction from the God who made us.

25. We talked about these fish on their journey and how they had only one mission and how it was absent of love. Anything absent of love has no meaning, even if it has a mission. So when you have a mission that does not have some kind of physical action in relationship to God, serious damage is done to your soul, and you begin to devolve spiritually.

26. Even Adam has been spiritually devolving at certain points in his life. He has had to reverse it so he could begin to evolve again. Since Adam has found God, he is moving forward much faster then he ever has in his previous lifetimes.

27. Your answer about experiencing all this evil. When atheists come into a religious forum they usually have a vision that's very negative about the world we live in and they have no mission from God. So they have a choice to react with love or evil. A reaction of emotional evil is an action that breeds the infection in their soul, even if they are void of any feelings of it. That's when a crutch such as drugs or alcohol is often used.

28. You will have a miracle soon. God sees you even if you are in evil, but he won't be able to walk with you. When you accept a mission from God you will require protection from evil. So when we are doing something for God, He is promising to walk with you along the way. When he is on the path with you, He will always suggest the best direction.

29. When you take the direction that God has suggested, you will always get further on your mission for Him. There will be much to see along the way as God will try to show you His wonders of creation every time you need to take a detour from evil. He is with Adam and walks with him each time he sees him trying to make changes and correct his own evil.

30. Each time Adam marches into danger God has requested that the angels accompany him and direct him out again and we help him with prophecies that give him reason to change direction. We have always helped him with his mission from God.

31. When God assigns a mission there will be times when there is some evil that tries to break the connection he has to heaven, so he will not be able to complete the entire mission. We have always been able to get him back on the right path with God and that is important for any prophet throughout history.

32. Many prophets have been sidetracked by evil and never returned and God does not want this to happen to Adam. So he has given him a way to ensure that his connection can give him direction whenever he falls into evil.

33. You will see that a prophet is not much different then most people in the world. They are chosen by God because He knows they have helped Him make changes in the future. He will give a prophet miracles even when they are experiencing a lack of faith just like anybody else in the world.

34. God has trained many visionaries with his help and even when these visionaries left him, there was much change in them, for they had spiritual evolution.

35. We are giving each of you a chance to experience prophecy with Adams transcriptions. There was an original prophecy about newspaper articles and we have seen this prophecy happen many times. You will see one happen about some of the things you have read here and it will be soon.


This is the confirmation with an article that was done on June 18, 2009 about eating spiritual food and how eating with the ones we love is good for the soul. 



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