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God The Employer and Oranges Of Religion Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Posted: March 17, 2008 at 5:23 am

Hi everyone,

Last night I had a dream that had two sequences. In the first one, I was talking to my boss, about work. He was not the boss I have now, but a much nicer man, with white hair and seemed to be soft spoken. He told me that he was not happy with my work. When I asked him why, he said I was taking too much time off, and taking off early when I should be working. I remember thinking back to the times I had off, in the dream, and they were not that extensive as I was working quite hard. I told him that I did not think that it was as bad as he thought, and if he was so particular, then I would start looking for another job. When I told him this he seemed to agree with me . When this happened I realized I should not have said that and was worried that I was letting Linda down and we would have no place to stay. So I told him that I would try harder and do what was expected of me. He seemed to be agreeable on that.

In the next sequence, there was a time change, and for some reason we did not have to go to work in the morning because there was a 4 hour difference in the change. I ended up going downtown by myself and suddenly I realized I only had a short amount of time to get back to work. I was worried that I would get fired if I was late. I also had to stop by my home and put on my uniform shirt before I went in. I had no car, so I began running home, and it was about five miles away. I remember jumping fences and sliding down snowy areas to get to where I wanted to go and it was quite a jog. Finally, I ended up where I thought my house was, and I only had a few minutes left before I was expected at work. But for some reason I was in the wrong place and realized it would take me about 10 more minutes if I had to jog to home from there. A man and a women stopped and asked me what I was doing. I said that I just jogged 5 miles and I was going to be late for work, and if I did not get there on time I would be fired. The nice man told me to hop in and he would give me a ride. He had a strange vehicle like I had never seen before. On the way he said that there was something I could give him in return for the ride. I had two oranges with me and thought that maybe I could give them to him. Finally, I got to the my house, which was on Church Street. I never lived on Church Street before and it was not the house that I am living in, in reality. On the way, his car alarm clock went off and I remember thinking I had 5 minutes to get to work, and if all went well, I may be able to make it. The dream ended with us pulling up to my house.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon: posted August 31, 2008 at 7:42 a.m.

1. Go with God this morning and good things will happen to you. You can always count on God for protecting you when you are spiritually evolving in life. However, He cannot protect you while you are experiencing emotions of evil. Now this dream that Adam had about his employer.

2. Adam's boss seemed to be a very nice employer as he seemed to be very soft spoken, but he still had some issues about some of the things Adam was doing. However, Adam did not agree with his thinking and he was upset with him. His boss is a symbol of when we disagree with God's thinking. When this happens there is a lot of confusion. When we think that God is not fair it can cause us to be upset and when we think a religion of God is not fair, then we will not want to be one of its workers.

3. When we look back on things while working there, we often think certain things are not as bad as we were lead to believe. If we look back we might also think that God would not want us to be one of His workers. It wasn't that God did not want you to be one of His workers, it was that He really wanted you to try harder.

4. Adam was worried the relationship that he had with Linda would be affected if he lost his job with God. He realized that he needed to try harder to please God. God was agreeable with Adam and he would continue working if he tried harder. So what does all of this here mean?

5. Even when you think you are working really hard for God, there are certain things that you can do better. As long as you are willing to listen to God and want to try harder, He will always let you work for Him. There are many people who would think that God is asking too much from them and would try and find something different to do.

6. If there is something that is causing a problem with the work that we do for our God then He will try to let you know so you can do a better job. If you refuse to listen to Him, then you will have confusion and you will not be able do the things He wants you to. The work Adam does for God is very important and he has much support from the angels in heaven. He has many decisions to make that will affect many things in the future. He has progressed much since he began, but he still has a long way to go before God will have nothing to criticize about him.

7. His reaction to try harder is something that God needs to see for his spiritual evolution. God doesn't just fire you from working for Him unless you will not try to do a better job. When God sees change happening in your life, He still will have some other things He will need you to accomplish before you get to heaven. You have to honour His request.

8. When we try to honour a request that God makes, we have to make sure that the job that God has given us is helping our spiritual growth as well. So why is God looked at as your employer in many of the dreams that you have? Because your employer gives you compensation for the good things you do for them.

9. Does God make you obligated to do these things? God does not obligate anyone to do anything for Him. Because if He did and held the job you do for Him over your head, then you would be like a slave to him. God has a different way of compensating someone for the work they do for him. It is based on how much time you put into a job for Him and how prompt you are when you are working for Him.

10. Does that mean as long as you are to work on time, and you are not leaving early, that He will be happy with what you do? God chooses people who He knows are responsible and hard working for Him. He would never have any doubt with the quality of your work as long as you are doing something good for Him. He has employed you already because He knows that you are trustworthy and honest for what you do for Him. He will find lots of reasons to give you direction when He sees that you will encounter problems. But He is still satisfied with the work you have done for Him in the past.

11. In the second part of this dream God gave Adam some extra time to get to work. This change in time was a symbol of how some evil has been reversing which allowed Adam to have some leisure time. When God sees that evil is reversing in someone's life, He will want them to take some time off so they can enjoy the changes they made. During this time they can have spiritual growth. He knows we all need to experience the good things in life and He knows when we are ready.

12. If God gave you time off when He knew you could not have any experiences that would help your spiritual growth, then He would not be a very good employer. God always lets you make the decision when you might want some time off from working for Him, but He will always automatically give time off when He thinks you need it.

13. So what happens if you are late for work after your vacation is up? He hopes you will try and get back as soon as possible and He will also give you a hand on your way to work because He does not want you to feel that you will get fired when you return.

14. This is a warning for the visionaries who feel that they have taken a long time away from God's work. God is still waiting for you to return and continue working for Him. Some of you have needed this time to nurture your spiritual growth just like Adam did a while back. And the time is coming soon for you to return to God's Mission In Religion. Adam was not in his vehicle of religion when he found out he had to get back to the work of God. But he still decided to make the journey without it.

15. Often we will find that we are not in the vehicle of religion that we need to be in. When this other vehicle was coming, it was sent to pick up Adam, for God knew he wanted to get back to work. God has a special vehicle for everyone in this religion that He sends out when they need a ride. It runs on something special and it is not like any vehicle you have seen before. In this vehicle there is an engine that runs on faith and that faith brings the visionaries back to this religion.

16. This man in the vehicle said that Adam could give him something for the ride. Adam said that all he had was oranges. These oranges were a symbol of something that people like to eat when they need some energy. These oranges are the fruit of this religion. We will always eat them at the gatherings that we have, for oranges have miracle qualities inside of them.

17. They can preserve a life for a long time when we are away from our religion. They can be carried with you and they last for a long time. They can be administered as a food or a drink and they can both quench our thirst and curb our appetite when we are hungry. They have lots of vitamins and ingredients that are very important for our survival. We can share them with people who are outside of this religion.

18. The oranges skin is a symbol of the covering for this fruit. There is a reason for the covering for this fruit as it is something that God made to preserve the life of the fruit. It's skin is thick to protect it from evil and it also possesses qualities for the rejection of evil. Orange trees are always counted on by God to bear good fruit. When orange trees thrive, the angels will be rejoicing in heaven, for many other things will thrive as well.

19. When Adam arrived in the vehicle at his home, he had just enough time to get to work. Now Adam was not doubting that he would arrive to work on time and he found out when he left that this ride was from God. There is a prophecy with this dream and it will make our religion very popular. We base our religion on faith of survival and we have a unique connection to heaven. And when we step out of our vehicle of religion, God will be driving the vehicle to pick us up when we are ready to return.

20. And when we eat the oranges of this religion, we will be extending our life so we will be able to share it.


Note: This confirmation came out less than 2 weeks after the transcription. It is about a shortage of oranges in Florida, which is still effecting us in 2011.


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