Spiritual Evolution

The Basics Of Spiritual Evolution (What is spiritual evolution?)

There are a number of religions new and old that rely on spiritual evolution and reincarnation as part of their belief systems. Some religions have more truths than others. However, the only way you can get the real truth is straight from the source itself, and that is God. In short, God has told us that every soul that has been created, has been here and will be here for eternity. He teaches us that throughout our lifetimes we evolve through many stages of spiritual evolution in many different living forms. Being human is one of the last stages of spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, we may have to go back a few times as a human before we achieve the highest level which allows us to join God in heaven. Through this process God does not prevent us from reaching heaven, but teaches us in each lifetime how to evolve enough spiritually so we will be able to eventually sustain lasting love and relationships for eternity in heaven.

Spiritual Evolution Analogy

This is only an analogy because there are many differences between artificial intelligence and living intelligence. However, the easiest way to explain spiritual evolution in modern times might be by comparing our soul to a master computer memory and how each lifetime of reincarnation is like a computer program. Our physical bodies are the vessels that collect and carry the information to our brain, which is like a mini program for the master computer of the soul. For the most part, the program that the master computer deploys during the lifetime that we are currently experiencing is unaware of the master computer memory and what it contains. It is also unaware that it needs the operating system of the master computer to function properly. When we end a lifetime, its program is then uploaded to the master memory, so it can be used in the future. This master computer has endless memory space and countless programs with many of our living experiences within it. Each time we die we are allowed to revisit the good and the uncorrupted parts of a previous life. So we get to re-experience the good parts of our past life all over again. When we are done re-experiencing the good in a previous life, and all the viruses are removed, a duplicate program is reincarnated and sent back out to gather more information and bring it back to the master computer. Once the program has obtained enough spiritual evolution and knowledge, it becomes one with the master computer. This happens when it has evolved enough to function without error and remain at the highest level. Once the soul is at the highest level it can not only revisit its recent past lifetime or program, but any of the previous lifetimes and programs that it was involved with. In other words we can go back to any point in time to re-experience all the wonders of past lives.

It does not just end there though. This metaphysical memory is capable of traveling through time and space, similar to God. It is capable of visiting the future and the past and reuniting with all of the uncorrupted programs that it has had contact with in the past or that it will experience in the future.

Understanding Eternity

God does not kidnap our souls for eternity. He only prepares us to join Him and invites us to come to heaven when and if we really want to be there. Once we are in Heaven, He gives us endless opportunities to experience happiness. He enables us to be with the people that we love. In other words He gives us eternity to explore eternity with loving relationships so we will never get bored. So through the Grace of God we have eternity to experience all the wonders that He has created throughout time with the people that we choose to experience them with. That is why we need love and people who love us in heaven, as it supports our soul in heaven for eternity.

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