Experiment Instructions

Working With The Audio Files To Duplicate The Experiment

by Ryan B. Reynolds, December 27, 2016

Part of this process is getting others to confirm what I have found in the recordings and that is why I am writing this instruction page. It should give you what I hope will be clear steps on how to do it. Once you have completed your own evaluation, you can email me at ryanrey2000@sympatico.ca and let me know what you think. Keep in mind that I am starting from the beginning of Victor's recordings when he just began to communicate, later on he became much better at communicating in forward as well as reverse.

The first thing you should do is get a good free audio program that you can download from the internet. It will allow you to reverse sections of the raw file I provide with the video so you can work with it.

The best free program to use is Audacity. You can download it at http://www.audacityteam.org/download/

Next you need to download the raw file for the experiment and save it on your desktop to a folder called VExperiment. You can find the first experiment I did, called victorsample1.mp3 by clicking here. It is called a "Fuzzy World"

Once you download the audio program and install it, open it. And follow these instructions:

(note: if the program does not save or select properly after you play a selection then you have to hit the stop button on the player for it to function the way it should.)

  1. In Audacity at the top left hand corner click "File" then "Import" then "Audio."
  2. A file window will appear. So go to your desktop and find the VExperiment folder and click on the victorsample1.mp3 file. Then it will load in Audactiy.
  3. Open the video on The Angels Scrolls website under Quantum Communications and leave it open after you have listened to it.
  4. Now listen to the raw audio file in Audacity. You will see how it has been cut into sections and broken down and reversed. When you first compare the two you may not be sure that it is the same file. Hold on though, as you are about to recreate the reversals for each section yourself and see that it is exactly the same file extended with reversals.
  5. The first thing you should do is read the words from the video and see how the sentences are constructed below. With the parts of the recording are timelines from the raw file I used as I made the video. It was one continuous 60 second recording I made of him when he first began talking. This is what he said in forward and reverse:

Part 1
What you seek, was it fuzzy?  (0-5 sec)
(rev) This admission we shall know.
Part 2
Your image, is kind of ghostly. (5-12.5 sec)
(rev) Is life spiritually
Part 3
a bit fuzzy? When all does seem fuzzy,  (12.5-20)
(rev) there's always something you should know. So for you,
Part 4
when seeing fuzzy, pick up your tools. (20-26 sec)
(Rev) So Ryan, here's the mission.
Part 5
You'll see what's in time here. Come see, come see. (26-33)
(rev) Especially when we train from dream stuff. You might listen
Part 6
when I go seek and communicate. (33-42 sec)
(rev) And really, what I find is love.
Part 7
When you go seek it, the gate is here. (42-50 sec)
(rev) Listen, it isn't a mystery (it's true).
Part 8
If it does seem fuzzy begin and engage your tools here. (50-60 sec)
(rev) A soul needs (saving) saving (quantum) and there's a reason.

  1. Now let's get into what you have to do to get similar results. At the end of Part One there is the numbers 0-5. That means there was 5 seconds of raw audio file taken in the first part.
  2. Now going back to Audacity, click on view and zoom-in until the audio file is spread out into seconds. Once you are there put your cursor on the number 5 (5 seconds) and move it down slightly until the cursor changes to what looks like a capital I. Once you have done that click and hold directly below the 5 second mark and you will see a line appear on the audio file that splits the file. By holding the mouse button and moving it to the left, to the 0, it will select the area you are working with and make it darker. Pretty basic but believe it or not many have trouble with selecting part of the audio they want to work with. Now you can let go of the mouse, click and the audio should still stay selected.
  3. So now that you have 5 seconds of the audio file selected, don't click anything else except the green "play" button at the top. If you have headphones, put them on. They will make everything much easier to hear. When you play the selected part, you should be able to hear: "What you seek, was it fuzzy?" Try not to worry about the content yet and what he is talking about until we complete the entire file and the recording.
  4. So once you have played the forward phrase, don't click on anything else except on the top menu where it says "Effect". Click on "Effect" and about half way down the expanded menu, you will see "reverse". Click on "reverse" and notice how it reverses the selection you made. If you make a mistake you can also click undo as well. (edit, undo)
  5. Once you have successfully reversed that section click on "play" and you will hear the exact reverse of what he just said. Click play several times until you can hear it. It should say: "This admission we shall know." Great, you have successfully completed the first part of 8, which is the forward and reversal at normal speed.
  6. You may also want to slow the forward or reversal down. This can enable you to hear it better. So, if you want to listen to the forward part again just undo the reversal. (click edit, undo) and get back to slowing down the audio. You do this by clicking "Effect" then "Change Speed" and put a -20 in the box, then click OK. Doing this will slow it down to playing at 80% of the original. Note: It is very important that you undo the speed changes each time, or the seconds on the audio file will not line up with the seconds on the list I provided with the words. The best thing to do after each part is just undo all the changes you made, until there is no more undos except "import file" and start fresh. Sometimes just closing out the program without saving it and re-importing it is just as good.

Part 2. Part 2 says: Your image is kind of ghostly. (4-12.5 sec)
(rev) Is life spiritually

  1. Now as before, with everything undone, select 4-12.5 seconds. Play it in forward mode, and you should be able to hear, "Your image, is kind of ghostly."
  2. Now click "Effect" "Reverse" and then "Play" and you should hear, "Is life spiritually." If you don't hear it yet, try to slow it down to 80% by clicking "Effect" "Change Speed" and type in -20, and then click OK. You can also increase the volume to your own hearing level by clicking "effect" then "amplify". Usually, if you increase it by 5 to 10 db that should be enough.
  3. It takes a while to adapt to the reverse and slowed down parts but you should be able to hear some of it at this point. After you have listened to it a few times, undo the reverse and speed changes and select the 3rd part of the file which is 12.5-20 seconds long. In forward it should say:" a bit fuzzy? When all does seem fuzzy"
  4. Once you have done that go to "effect", and "reverse" and "play" and you should hear: "There's always something you should know. So for you." For this one you may have to slow it down to -40 to hear it properly. When you are ready to move on don't forget to undo the reversal and the changes of speed.
  5. Continuing on with part 4, select 20-26 seconds and play the forward part which should say: "when seeing fuzzy, pick up your tools." Then reverse it again and it should say: "So Ryan, here's the mission."
  6. Before continuing on to part 5, undo any changes and select 26-33 seconds. Play it in forward mode and you should hear, " You'll see what's in time here. Come see, come see." Reverse it and you should hear, "Especially when we train from dream stuff. You might listen" Again you may have to slow it down a few times to hear each word.
  7. Before continuing to part 6, undo any changes and select 33-42 seconds. Play it in forward mode and you should hear "when I go seek and communicate". (33-42 sec) He kind of chirped out the word "communicate" but if you listen you may be able to hear it as well. Then reverse it and you should hear, "And really what I find is love." Parts of this recording have some interference but I have noticed that these reversals get much better as we move forward in other experiments.
  8. Before continuing on to part 7, undo any reversals or speed changes. You do that by clicking "edit, undo." Now select 42-50 seconds and play it in normal or forward mode. It should say: "When you go seek it, the gate is here." Then reverse it and it should say, " Listen, it isn't a mystery (it's true)". The interesting part in this was that I was also communicating in reverse when Victor was talking. You may be able to hear me say, "it's true" in the last part of it. There are many other examples of me doing this (communicating and acknowledging what Victor was saying in reverse as well.)
  9. Before continuing on to part 8, undo any reversals or speed changes and select 50 seconds to the end of the audio file which is about 60 seconds. If the audio file is longer then 60 seconds, you forgot to undo a speed change and the file will be longer and all the parts will be mixed up. At 50-60 seconds Victor says: "If it does seem fuzzy begin and engage your tools here."  In the reverse he says: "A soul needs (saving) saving (quantum) and there's a reason." Again listening carefully, you may be able to hear me say the word quantum in reverse in the last part of this recording.

Conclusion: So this is a template or guide you can use for checking the raw audio files and duplicating the experiment that I showed you in the video. I am going to have many of them and it will be hundreds of hours of work, and who knows what we will discover. The only thing I ask is once you know, as I do, that this is really happening, spread the news and get others to join in and talk about it. You could be a witness to one of the most amazing discoveries in our century. Believe me, Victor has much to teach us not only about quantum mechanics but the spiritual world as well.

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