Dream Interpretation For Checkpoints of God

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The Checkpoints of God Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam's Comment: This dream was transcribed in the forum on August 9th, 2009. On August 21, 2009, there was an article about the first cyber bullying case from Facebook. Prior to 2009, there was not much talk about cyber bullying, however, it has become a real no-no lately which is the way that God wants it. However, it still exists in many different forms and I have been through it many times over the past 10 years. When it happened to me, I found it to be a very traumatic experience and it often set me back in my mission of God and put me into confusion.

Posted by Adam Kadmon on August 9, 2009 at 8:26 a.m.   Hi everyone, This transcript and dream is in response to some events that have been happening in a MySpace thread and there are even parts of it that are important for my own forum as well. Some interesting things have been happening.

10:24 a.m. Adam posted: The transcription begins with the angels referring to the Myspace comments in the thread. I guess I got a little frustrated with some of the comments there because I got ganged up on and bullied by a bunch of members when I posted some recordings of Victor. 

1. God knows you cannot stop these people from their display of evil. When we live a lie, we can only reverse it with actions of love and you will not prove anything if you begin to get angry. Quit when you start to have confusion and praise them. We will transcribe this dream that you had about driving a tiny car.    

Adam’s Little Car Dream:   The dream started with me being with Linda at a location that was far from the general population. It was almost like a military base. Linda and I were setting up our site with a bunch of other people. There was a building that we were using as a combination restaurant/gathering place/bar that resembled a section of a train or a long bus. First we had to set up the communications system or it could have been the antenna for the television system. The antenna was not like a satellite dish, but similar to a dipole antenna that I used to set up when I was in the military. It was a long piece of wire that we had to string in a straight line to get the signal. Once we set it up we turned on the system and it didn't work. We could see a bolt of light or electricity going through it when it was activated, however the electricity did not travel in a straight line until we straightened it out more and then it worked. When we were done, I went into the restaurant to mingle with the people that were there. I was looking forward to it, however, as soon as I got there someone called me and said that there was an appliance delivery for us. I went outside and the appliance people dropped a washer and dryer off near the trailer. I said that this is not the location that they were suppose to be at and since I was on duty, I had to bring them to show them how to get to the place. They put the appliances back in the truck but when they did they dropped the dryer and it smashed. I said, well I guess we won't be taking that one, however, lets drop the other one off where it needs to go. They were going to follow me in my vehicle. The vehicle I had was not any bigger then a hot wheels car. I remember I had to put the wheels on it first before we left. Once it was assembled I got in and it took off quickly. I remember squealing the tires several times and it was fun. It seemed like we had to go through about five check points before we arrived. At least once my vehicle came apart and I had to put it back together. The last thing I remember is that I was worried that we were taking so long and how I wanted to be back mingling with the people in the trailer.

the transcription continues....

2. You are in this religious place with Linda and it is a place that is isolated from the rest of the world. You are in charge of communications there. This trailer is a symbol of a forum thread. People gather there and eat for survival and there is much evil present while you are away.

3. You are also responsible for ensuring that all the people get something to support them in life. We will see how you will erect an antenna that will bring in the TV programs that you need. Programs that offer a promise will be sent to this antenna.

4. If you listen to these programs you will find the principles of life broadcasting from heaven. The original antenna that you erected wasn't set up straight and you were not able to get all the channels that you needed for supporting you when you had problems in a forum such as this. So you have to be logical and erect a new one.

5. The new one is built straight so it can receive the signals from heaven. There will be some interference when this antenna is not perfectly straight and the signals will break up. This is what this light or electricity is a symbol of.

6. And when you are building a platform for a magical signal, you will have to find some way to suspend it off the ground closer to heaven. Every signal we record begins in heaven and it is transmitted as a program directed by God. So Adam knew the process to build this antenna.

7. Every prophet has an antenna for spiritual intervention and we will give him many programs to help in his mission to find an audience for God. We have seen how many have interfered with this signal. An evil reception is an action that will change the signal that you receive. When you corrupt the signal that God sends, you are actually trying to corrupt the future and you are interrupting a series that God has sent for the benefit of humanity.

8. The angels are in charge of a program which God is directing and Victor was a part of the first program for a very good reason. God is showing that Adam has some help of a miraculous nature, and Victor was the first spiritual connection Adam had to heaven. His captions for his videos will help filter out the corruption some experience.

9. Those who listen carefully and wish to learn shall experience many miracles of intervention from God. Now lets continue with this dream. So Adam is the manager in charge of ensuring the people get their washers and dryers. This is a symbol of a spiritual cleansing which will often happen after a spiritual quenching. For even the clothes that we wear will have the residue of evil on them when we are emerged in evil.

10. Each time we wash them we are given a new beginning. When there is a prophet that is always being immersed in evil, he will often need a spiritual quenching before a spiritual cleansing. Adam you shall have an interruption in the project that you are managing.

11. This is symbolized when the appliance people come and delayed you from socializing with the people there. When there is good reason for God to give Adam a task where he can experience some more spiritual growth, He will give him a vehicle of religion to ride.

12. When you begin to drive a vehicle that you have been given by God, it will have qualities that are very magical. You will ride your vehicle and you will always have someone following you. This little toy car will last forever. It really will provide the transportation and it will get you further and closer to where you are going. It has lots of power when you encounter evil.

manlitlecar13. Now there is a miracle coming that will help you keep the wheels on for your mission. Someone is behind you in this vehicle you are driving. They need your help to find their way through all the checkpoints and they would not be able to get through all these checkpoints unless you were there with them.

14. They also know when your vehicle needs an adjustment and you will have to stop and they will have to wait for you. They know they will have to be patient when they are waiting and that you are going as fast as you can. You will speed up when you really need to, for you want to return so you can reverse the evil that happens while you are away.

15. So when you manage something, you are resolving some issues of others that are relying on help from you. There are also people who are counting on the appliances you have to deliver. However, your relationships and family will come first in life before anything in this forum. There are lessons you have given to these people to learn while you are away.

16. More of these lessons are located in their entirety in other forums and every time you return you will have more. Adam will need to work on the relationships he has to reverse the confusion and keep the connection and signal strong.

17. Every prophet will experience some confusion and God will send miracles to quench them spiritually. He will help them with the intervention of His everlasting love.

18. You cannot avoid the future that is waiting for you from God, for it is written in the manuscripts of heaven and they have been there for eternity. These manuscripts are used for the programs that are sent to the people on earth. They are sent for the future to people who are willing to listen and if your antenna is straight it will get the right signal.

19. Any interruption that is based in evil, can corrupt you from receiving the program properly, however, it is recorded in the waves of time, and it will be rebroadcast often. Once all the corruption is all filtered out, the programs will be very clear.

20. When the signal is very strong, others will be able to experience prophecy and it will affect the future of humanity. When there is evil that threatens the survival of the world and humanity, we will need the intervention of God. A prophecy is sent from heaven to show that God will intervene when evil is present.

21. The programs will also help get an audience for the lessons that God is sending and Adam has to have this audience for a reason. When you have a program from heaven it will have evil trying to prevent it from broadcasting to those who are seeking the truth and when evil has a reason to interfere with the programs from heaven, it is causing pain and suffering.

22. Once evil is evolving in religion, we will be able to measure it by its result. We have seen it evolving in many religions and it has resulted in much death and destruction throughout history. If we can learn to use a resource from heaven properly, our future is evolving the way God planned and not resulting in more evil.

23. We need some programs designed specifically for reversing the confusion in humanity. If we want humanity to evolve into having a future without suffering, then we should listen to the programs that God is sending and we must understand the reason for them. We spiritually have a reason for everything God has made for us.

24. When we spiritually rely on a program that is corrupted by evil, then we will need to find a way to filter out that evil, so we can see the program the way God has sent it. We had this prophecy that really was a result of the confusion that Adam was experiencing in this forum. He was bombarded with some emotional evil which resulted in a connection that was intermittent.

25. When we are staring in the face of evil, we will often see a distorted view of the future and this can affect a prophecies accuracy. When evil affects the accuracy of a prophecy, we can't rely on it.

26. When a prophet has a reason to doubt that his signal is not as accurate as it should be, they have to have intervention from God. God's intervention will change their direction if evil is affecting their mission and it often will be a simple change for the prophet.

27. In this dream Adam had a reason to see the antenna was not receiving the signal the way it was suppose to be, so they had to string it again. It was better the next time they did it. If evil is affecting a signal from heaven, you may have to make a simple adjustment to filter out the confusion.

28. Each time you make an adjustment, the signal will get better and stronger until you eventually get it 100%.  And when you are bombarded with interference, you should try and move your antenna closer to heaven. If your antenna is in a place where it is corrupted by interference, you can always find a better spot.

29. Each time it is moved to a better spiritual place, you will be able to measure the quality of the signal that you are receiving. There are many places where people need spiritual guidance. It is no big secret that there is a major objection to spirituality in this forum and that many are on a mission to cause confusion in what you are doing.

30. Evil always has a reason to be unreasonably objective to something good that God is trying to do. Soon you can finish what you started in this thread and move on. This is represented in this dream when you delivered a spiritual cleansing. This washer is a symbol of a spiritual cleansing you gave to people who were emerged in religious evil.

31. When there are many that need a spiritual cleansing, they will need something which easily cleanses what they are wearing. When you have blindness, you will have confusion about how you are perceived by others. Someone will have to tell you if you are wearing something which is not stained from evil.

32. If you tell someone who is blind that the clothes they are wearing are stained, they should thank you for it, but many will take offense to it. There are many who don't even really care.

33. Even God cares what you wear and how you are perceived by others. Everyone has heard the phrase that cleanliness is close to Godliness. This is especially true when it comes to your soul for filth and germs breed much sickness of the soul.

34. If you choose to drink water that is polluted, it can effect your health drastically. If you wear clothes that are filthy, those who see you will not want to get close to you unless what they are wearing is just as filthy. There are those who see that you are wearing something filthy, and will have no problem getting closer to you once you are cleansed.

35. So the angels are sorry that they have to tell you that you need a spiritual cleansing in life. And they have begun the process by providing you with something you need to do it. If you can find a reason to use the washer that Adam has delivered, you may find that the perception of the religion that you believe in here, can be very different. We hope you have a better understanding of a spiritual cleansing.

36. There was a dryer in Adam’s dream that was broken. It was something that you would need when you want to wear your clothes more quickly, because if we wear clothes when they are wet, you may have to suffer until they are dry.

37. When the clothes that you wear are wet, they will eventually dry if you are protected from the elements and this is one thing that God will always try and do for you .

38. If you are going to suffer because of not using something that God has tried to deliver to you, then He makes a promise that he will try and deliver it again. Even if you get angry the first time He tries, He still knows that it is something that you will need. But until then, when you have a spiritual cleansing, He will have to find a less effective way to dry you off when you are wet.

39. God knows people who bully have a lot of resistance causing pain and suffering. He can only return when you open your doors and are ready to receive the delivery. When they are ready Adam will return in his little vehicle to lead the delivery truck through these checkpoints, for all of them are protecting his final destination for a reason.

40. The first checkpoint you will encounter is checking what is in this vehicle that is following him. If this vehicle is carrying something that will try and do harm for any reason, it will not be let through. When God gives a prophet a mission He will set up some checkpoints, for those who follow will have to honour them, just to help in His religion. So there is a reason they have to go through these checkpoints.

41. If they have a different mission than God has planned, these issues must be resolved before they move on any further. When they bring evil in a religion that God has made, it must be reversed first with the lessons that God has given them. So they must turn around and go back to the lessons to see what they can bring in.

42. By the second checkpoint, they have had some time to see that they are actually following what they have learned. If they don't follow the direction that God and His prophet has led them, then they have not changed their mission.

43. Once you get to the third checkpoint, they should have no confusion about where they are going. If there is confusion about where you are going on a mission of God, you will get lost and experience a change of mission.

44. Each time they reach a checkpoint, there will be many new prophecies waiting and they will experience them before the next checkpoint. If they reach the checkpoints in time, they will be able to continue until they reach the final one.

45. Before we go any further on a mission that God has given, we must know how our mission is evolving, and make sure there is nothing we have forgotten. If we have forgotten something, God may have to close the checkpoint, but He will reopen it when we are ready.

46. And those that make it through all the checkpoints will be able help a prophet of God with His religion. It hasn't been easy for Adam to lead this vehicle for there are many people who have changed God's mission along the way. Those who have offered to help so far, haven't spiritually accepted that the mission is from God. And even though they have had some spiritual evolution through the lessons, miracles and prophecies God has given them, they have chosen their own direction.

47. So they cannot really give Adam the help he needs to deliver the spiritual cleansing that God has offered humanity in the future. There are many who have been following this religion but few have been ready to make it through the checkpoints of God. And this is why a religion from God may take a long time to find people who are really committed to helping.

48. That is why God has produced all of these programs that Adam has put this antenna up for in his dream. God will not force you to watch these programs if you do not want to, but He is hoping that you will so you will find a reason to help in a religion that is based in the survival of humanity.

49. God wants you to go along on his mission and move on through these checkpoints until you can be successful in providing His tools for spiritual evolution of the soul. All these programs that He has made are originally there to help you when you need them to get further.

50. These resources are very important for giving you a better understanding of a religion that comes from God. One of them is related to witnessing the reasoning of God and how he reverses evil. The second one is for understanding the confusion that evil causes not only in our own lives but civilization in general. The third one was produced to show you the difference between prophecies of good and evil and how prophecies that come from God are sent to save life in the future. The fourth program was made to demonstrate how religious evil is a product of man and not something that is supported in heaven. The fifth gives you an idea of what heaven is like and how our soul spiritually evolves through eternity. The sixth program shows how each one of us can be given direction through dreams and visions by someone who is given their meaning from heaven. And the seventh one is to show how there is a reason for everything you are given from heaven and how it is for spiritual growth.

51. Each one of these programs have been produced through a series of events that have happened in a forum which has had the intervention of God. Yes, there are many lessons with all of them. And if you can get through the evil and confusion by following the direction that the angels give you in life, you will see the results.   52. Confusion is a natural experience. We all have many reasons to reverse this evil and once you feel it, you can change it. We know when we refuse to reverse our confusion, we are not spiritually evolving. First we have to learn how to see it and how it can affect us on a daily basis and only then can we begin to make change.

53. When we are controlled by confusion in religion, we will promote religious evil. This is the worse kind of evil when it comes, causing suffering in life.

54. So Adam has captioned a group of videos with the intervention of God. These videos show that they are not a product of natural occurrences and seem like they are not possible. They cannot be explained by scientific observation.

55. Often throughout history we will find the miracles that are sent by God will change the future. Don't think God is responsible for the evil and confusion, as the problems of humanity in general come from not being capable of believing that miracles exist. Even the smallest ones like this little car that Adam is driving in his dream, or a little budgie named Victor who is speaking to you, can change the future.

56. Now it is time for a prophecy here. There is a project from God that is beginning and this project will change the future. It will begin to reverse this evil that exists in all the major religions.

57. We know you still have faith in God, but when you refuse to listen to His lessons in life, He can no longer be responsible for teaching you spiritually. When you refuse to learn from God He will not be able to protect you. This is just a review of the programs that Ryan has received from God and we hope you will see them. 

58. If you choose to follow this vehicle in religion, you won't get lost in evil as long as you stick close to him. And even you can help him if you let him lead the way through these checkpoints of God.



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