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Picture of Heather Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Michael said: October 2, 2008 at 12:58 pm

Some months ago, I came to realize that I had some romantic interest in a young woman named Heather whom I know solely from another Internet Christian message board. I was greatly troubled by this, given the great geographic distance between her and me, and the fact that neither of us is willing to do long-distance relationships. I confessed this to Heather in order to get some sort of resolution. She reiterated her opposition to long-distance relationships, but added that she had started dating someone since I had talked to her last. Her internet activity had already been in decline for sometime, and needless to say that was the last I saw of her.

Michael's Dream: Picture of Heather

About six weeks after my confession, I had a strange dream about her. I dreamed that I was browsing for merchandise at a local thrift store. I see Heather shopping there as well. She tells me that she has found out that her boyfriend was convicted of an unspecified felony, and she had ended the relationship. I offer my sympathy, but find myself secretly hoping for chance with her, conveniently ignoring the fact that the distance between us precludes a relationship anyway.

A few minutes later, I find myself seated on a chair at the entrance to the store. I am contemplating what she has just told me. Out of nowhere, a web page appears before me. It is from CNN's web site, and it is about the breakup. I notice that a picture of herself that Heather showed me once over MSN Messenger is in the top left-hand corner. I also see the first words in the article are her name. This gets me excited. I do not know her last name, as her Facebook profile contains only her last initial. However, instead of reading a last name beginning with "P", I see that her name seems now begin with "W", although I was unable to remember it upon waking. I knew that was not correct. I read no further. I was absolutely dumbfounded that a reputable news organization such as CNN could possibly get her last name wrong. And, as I try to figure out how that could have happened, I wake up.

I would attribute this to wishful thinking, but the idea of me being so surprised in my dream at what CNN was claiming to be Heather's last name I think makes that impossible. I also do not think this is a divine warning about Heather's relationship. Therefore, I am at a loss to explain the discrepancy about her surname, and would appreciate any insight.

Thanks, Michael

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted October 8, 2008

1. There was a reason you never had a newspaper article about how names can affect people and we have sent another dream to explain it. Evil has been trying to alter our mission for often the forum has not been working properly. That is why we made a new forum. Every time you see change, there is a reason for it and we never can be too careful.

2. The dream that is in the forum about a name is something important. Even Ryan Reynolds has got a name that causes confusion when they mix him up with this movie star. So if a name connects to experiences of the future then we will have to make sure that it is remembered. When it is as important as preventing Armageddon, God will change it so it is special, and associate it with a name that cannot be duplicated.

3. There are many written articles in the bible that have been incorrectly entered and thought to be written by the same person and this caused a lot of confusion in the new testament. So you must associate Ryan with Adam Kadmon and he will use both names together from now on. He will be referred to as The Ryan Reynolds Adam Kadmon.

4. All his transcripts will have reference to Ryan and Linda or Adam and Linda. So not everything you read that is written by Adam Kadmon is from Ryan Reynolds, for there will be evil ones who will try to pretend they are him.

5. Even Mookie has got to associate with names in here. So what does this dream mean? This man had a relationship over the internet with someone he didn't know very well. She reverted to dating someone else she met on the internet and he lost contact with her.

6. The internet can cause confusion in relationships. Often we cannot rely on the honesty of someone we met on the internet and until we can find a reason to meet them, we may not fully trust them.

7. So he had this dream about meeting Heather in a thrift store. She told him she had a relationship with someone who was a felon and it was already ended. She was in a relationship with a criminal and this person falsely represented himself to her. He never told the truth to her and this certainly caused a lot of evil. So when someone is trying to cover up their evil, they will often have a reason to pretend they are someone else.

8. They would not try to associate their real name with the name they are using to cover their own evil. So this dream is a symbol of the difference between using a name that you can associate your life with to be remembered, and one that you would use to hide your evil. Ryan has always associated himself with the work that he is doing even when he was trying to make a change from the parrot intelligence research to religion. He told many what he was doing before he used Adam Kadmon and there was never a doubt who he really was. When he tried to differentiate the work he was doing he told everyone why he was doing it. So there was a good reason that Ryan made the change to associate his name with Adam Kadmon.

9. Getting back to the dream, he still wanted a chance with her even though she had associated herself with a man of evil. We can never know for sure if a person is evil until they demonstrate it to us first, even with all the systems we have to protect us in life.

10. Do you think a religion can help you to protect yourself from evil? A religion that comes from God has exactly that purpose and we will see how it happens. So if religion can protect us, then we can be sure it comes from heaven. Very often when evil is surrounding us, we will still find protection under the umbrella of religion. If you are spiritually under the umbrella of God you are protected from the rein of humanity.

11. Everyone has a responsibility to open up their spiritual umbrella when they start to feel the rain coming and if you are in confusion and forget, you will get wet. If you walk around your entire life unprotected from the rain, you will get a major sickness, especially when it is cold outside.

12. He was then sitting in a chair in front of the store. In previous dreams we have learned that sitting in furniture is sitting in religion. When you are sitting in religion, you have found a place that is safe and comfortable even when you are somewhere where there may be danger. Then there was a web page that appeared in front of him and it showed him this name that he thought was this Heather girl. But she didn't have the same last name. He knew that CNN had made a mistake so he wouldn't listen.

13. What does this really have to do with this religion? When the news media starts to tell us a lie, it causes confusion, and we may not believe anything they say in the future. So they have to try and get everything as accurate as possible to keep all the people coming back to watch them. They have got to research everything that they are reporting on. Especially the main facts of the article and the last name of this girl was important.

14. Now we will need to find out if there is a prophecy in this here dream. God gave you this dream to give you a warning about people you meet on the internet. Many can visualize relationships that are loving on the internet and many of them are searching for love. We can all find a reason to look on the internet for someone to love but we should not hold on to them spiritually until we really get to know them for there is much more growth needed in a relationship to maintain a spiritual connection.

15. So God gives a warning to you so you will be more careful in the future. There may be someone who will be telling you a bunch of lies before you really get to know them. God has sent you this dream for a reason. Do not put your trust in someone before you get to know them physically for there are many people waiting to take advantage of you.

16. You should not commit to doing anything financially. Many who are involved in Christian internet groups are there for deception and some will try to make a connection for wrong reasons. You should always try to ensure the person gives you their last name and if they don't there is a reason. There are those who prey on the love of many Christians and God does not want this to happen in your life.

17. There is no reason that your name cannot be divulged to the people that you are connected to. And there is no reason to be spiritually connected to someone who will not divulge their whole name to you. If someone has a reason to look for love on the internet, they must be prepared to research who they are connected with for you cannot just put your trust in anyone just because they say they are a Christian.

18. There are many people who say they are Christians and they have no beliefs in God or any religion. There are also those who hate Christians and will falsely represent themselves so they can cause harm to them in some way. So you must be careful about who you put your trust in on the internet.

19. However, there are some people who do find true love on the internet like Linda and Adam. In this dream you were searching in a thrift store. This was a symbol of looking for something physical. You met Heather and she told you she had ended her relationship. She said she thought that her relationship was going to be with a religious man but instead he was the opposite of what she thought.

20. There is a symbol of sitting where people are trying to get past you. Most people would not sit in the way of someone unless they wanted to be noticed in a life of religion symbolized by the chair. Therefore, while you are sitting in religion, you feel like you are safe there. Some people think religion is impermeable to evil and that can also cause us problems in life, for the people who walk by will not always be nice when someone is in their way.

21. What if there was an emergency and people were trying to escape? There would be confusion and there would be people trying to escape for their life. People who are in survival mode will release their evil on those who are in their way.

22. CNN has another reason for being in the dream. They release many reports all over the world. So this picture was important for the other regions of the world. Usually when they show a picture of someone, they are looking for that person. Someone would recognize the picture and hopefully they would be able to find her. So this breakup was important to others in life.

23. There was nothing about the reason why they featured her on their website except about the breakup. This story was about a person in love who was affected by an evil man from the internet. If that is important enough to be on CNN, then it is just a small bit of a bigger picture and it is featured as a warning for others to be careful of.

24. All of us need loving relationships so we can grow spiritually. We shall finish this with a newspaper article that will happen very soon. Adam will post it when it comes out. It will combine another transcription that we had a couple of days ago about names as well. This is a transcription that contains a lesson and a prophecy.

25. You all have been waiting for some more confirmations and it is beginning to happen. So if you missed the lesson, you will not be able to experience the prophecy. There have been many prophecies that have happened with newspaper articles and we will see another one happening through this dream. We will show the connection that Adam has causes prophecy. Remember the connection he has with the angels is originally coming from the consciousness of God. God knows everything that will happen in the future.

26. If there is a chance to reverse some evil in someone's life, then He will send a dream with a lesson that only Adam will be able to transcribe and only he will get the true meaning of.

Adam Posted: October 30, 2008 at 6:18 am

Hi Everyone,

I forgot to post the translation for Mookie's recording where she said there would be an article coming in the newspaper the day before it happened. This was witnessed by quite a few people in the BRG group.


Here is your answer to the second part of the question about the Illuminati.

Linda F. asked:

If the Illuminati are changing reality, why couldn't you Ryan, only for the good? Please experiment and let us know how it goes. Either way, they're (Illuminati) going to lose to an enlightened age of light kind.

Adam's Transcription:

1. We sense a fear of Illuminati for many and fear has a mission to deceive. It isn't the bloodline that Adam is a part of. They have tried to run this world, however, they are failing. We will eliminate your fear with the office of God. Pay attention and you will witness it. He gave us a prophecy of names and deceptions on the internet. This is coming soon. You're going to witness it.

Adam's Comment: The prophecy that the angels are referring to in this translation was done on October 8th in our forum. It was a dream transcription I did with a lesson about meeting people on the internet. The article below came out on October 21, 2008 in the Toronto Sun.

Another Confirmation about Online Fraud In 2008

March 30, 2009, this article came out at http://www.pcworld.com/article/162234/article.html

FBI: Internet Fraud Complaints up 33 Percent in 2008

By Robert McMillan, IDG News ServiceMar 30, 2009 1:30 PM

2008 was the busiest year yet for online fraudsters according to an annual Internet Crime Report released Monday by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) logged more than 275,000 complaints last year -- a jump of 33 percent from the year before -- accounting for about US$265 million dollars worth of losses, according to the center's 2008 Internet Crime Report.

Complaints to the IC3 had been dropping since 2005, but last year broke the previous record of 231,000. The median dollar loss per complaint was $931. In 2007 it was $680.

The jump in complaints isn't surprising. Computer security experts say that 2008 was a watershed year for cybercriminals as they perfected their techniques, building automated "SQL Injection" programs that could quickly place malicious attack code on thousands of Web sites, and running massive networks of botnet computers that could be used to steal sensitive information and infect other computers.

As in previous years, online auction fraud and nondelivery of merchandise accounted for more than half of the complaints, although auction-fraud complaints dropped more than 10 percentage points from 2007 levels.

Credit and debit card complaints were up in a year when two major payment card processors -- Heartland Payment Systems and RBS WorldPay were hacked. In 2007, credit and payment card fraud made up 6.3 percent of complaints. Last year, with even more complaints on the books, this kind of crime accounted for 9 percent of the total.

Most fraudsters use e-mail to reach their marks, and spam designed to steal sensitive financial information was "one of the more significant scams" the IC3 saw last year. In one new scam, the criminals sent messages doctored to look as though it had come from the FBI, asking for bank account information in order to help with a financial investigation. "Many of these e-mails also contain an element of extortion," the IC3 report states. "Recipients are told that if they do not comply with the FBI's request for information they will be prosecuted."

In another widespread scam, the criminals would hack into a victim's e-mail account and then send out messages to friends, claiming that they were stranded in Nigeria or some other foreign country and needed some quick cash to get out of a jam.

The IC3 data comes from the cybercrime victims themselves. It is then shared with law enforcement and regulatory agencies that use it to get a track on crime trends and to prosecute criminals.


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