The Angel Scrolls: How Biology Has A Relationship To Quantum Mechanics

The purpose of this section is to explain how budgies, and in particular the recordings of their speech are related. It is an integral part of understanding what is happening in this study and how it relates to quantum mechanics.

The following theories of quantum mechanics will be discussed briefly at a simplistic level so even those who are not familiar with it can get a basic idea of the relationship involved:

1. Both living matter and lifeless matter function under the same laws of quantum mechanics.

The laws of quantum mechanics conclude that when we look further down into the smaller realm of atoms and sub-atomic particles, the laws are much different than they are in our physical reality. In relationship, a small budgie weighing 40 grams weighs about 2000 times less than a 150-pound human. So that basically means they are much closer to functioning according to the laws of quantum mechanics than a human would be. I propose that they also understand these laws accordingly. It is a widely accepted fact that birds have a sixth sense and have basic survival skills that come to them naturally from their understanding of mother nature. We believe quantum mechanics is the force that drives mother nature.

2. Properties of a living cell

Humans are actually powered by quantum mechanics as well, however, our understanding of it is obscured by the reality we live in. We are made up of cells which are the smallest units of life and the building blocks of all organisms. A cell is made up of many parts and often referred to as operating like a mini city which has many functions. The cell only allows certain molecules to go in and out of it. The nucleus of the cell functions as a control center for the cell and holds the genetic information. It instructs the cell what to do. Mitochondria functions as the power center for the cell to perform what it has to do, almost like a power plant providing energy. Ribosomes are like factories which basically transmit or translate the genetic energy into usable protein molecules. Proteins are the workers of the cell. There is even a part of it that packages information and transports proteins on a highway type of structure and a trash or dump in the cell that accumulates all the waste.

3. Properties of DNA

qu14It is widely known that DNA carries an incredible amount of information, and if you had one drop of blood the information that it contains would be similar to having a stack of books which reached from the earth to the moon. At the quantum level, it has 23 pairs of chromosomes packed into a nucleus within a cell. DNA controls the form of every living thing. It is self-replicating and self-repairing. DNA intertwines and forms a double helix and often looks similar to a wave if laid out flat.

4. The Quantum Leap

An atom resembles a solar system with the nucleus or sun in the middle and the tiny planets, electrons rotating around them in a fixed orbit. Strangely, scientists found that if you heated an atom, the orbits of the electrons became agitated and they would leap instantly from one orbit to another like there was no space in between. That would be like the earth jumping from its orbit to Jupiter's orbit instantly. Often they would find that they could actually be in both orbits at the same time until the actual leap took place. Almost like they were self-replicating and then moved. So this is one of the properties of quantum mechanics that does not live in the same reality as we experience. 

5. Spooky Action At A Distance and Entanglement

One of the weirdest qualities of quantum mechanics is entanglement. If two particles, electron, etc. are close together, their properties can become linked and they are entangled. As a result, they will begin to act the same. The difference being, one would move in a clockwise direction and the other in a counterclockwise direction. Even when you separate them, no matter what distance they are apart, they will still act the same and move in the opposite direction, as if one knows what the other is doing.  If you interact with the one particle and change its direction, the other will change at exactly the same time with no known connective properties in-between. Einstein called this "spooky action at a distance" and even he had trouble wrapping his head around it.

6. Wave-Particle Duality

This law in quantum mechanics is one that is highly interesting and explains much of what happens to the recorded wave patterns that I use here. Scientists have found that often particles which are solid matter will act like wave patterns and wave patterns will often act like particles. Some even act like both wave and particles at the same time. Sound is produced by vibrations and are invisible forms of energy that can penetrate through substances and transfer from particles to particles. Even emotions can cause vibrations and cause wave patterns within the human body, and emotions can directly affect the structure of DNA. Similar to sound, light waves are the electromagnetic waves with slightly different frequencies that produce different colours. Both possess similar properties and have many different properties as well. Similarly, sound and light have many different frequencies that we cannot see or hear, but light is often obstructed by solid objects and sound can mostly move through or around them.

7. The Double Slit Experiment

The most famous experiment to do with the movement of electrons was called the double slit experiment. In it, scientists created a wall with 2 small slits in it and shot electrons at it. They suspected that the electrons would land and go through the slits directly behind them in the slit areas. However, they found that there were electron hits in places behind the wall where there should not have been and time after time the result remained the same. Showing that the electrons were moving in a wave type pattern and could combine or even cancel each other out like a wave of water. The peaks and valleys of the wave pattern created a series of strips which is known as the interference pattern.

8. Probability Wave

Something else that is peculiar is a probability wave. It was discovered that the size of the wave at any location predicted the likely hood of the electron being found there. However, where the wave was big did not mean that most of the electrons were there, but where the electron was most likely to be. The location of the electron itself seemed to be in a jumble of locations. If you do not actually know where the electron is, you can calculate what the likely hood it will be there in a particular space and time. So using the probability wave equation, they can predict with great certainty that 33.1 % of the time it will end up in one spot and 7.9 it would end up in another, etc. For me, this becomes quite interesting as I have been looking at wave patterns for many years and analyzing the information that is passed on through them. Often it seemed to me that what I heard in one location, was not necessarily what I heard in the same location next time I analyzed it. Sometimes it would change, and I could not figure out why. Try to remember that even though I was listening to recorded messages, the waves were still projected into my ears and that brings in the next law of quantum mechanics that is the strangest of all.

9. The Act of Observation

The act of observation says that before you measure a particle at the quantum level, its characteristics are uncertain. For example, in the double slit experiment, it showed that before these particles were observed they could almost have been anywhere until the moment you observed it. At that point, the uncertainty disappeared. So the actual measurement of a particle forces it to select how it will act. In other words, the nature of reality is a little bit fuzzy until it is observed and it stabilizes. It is speculated that perhaps our thoughts have the ability to change how particles react and form patterns.

Lastly, all the uncertainty and fuzziness in the quantum world seem to vanish as things increases in size. At this point, I am not going to get into alternate planes of existence and parallel worlds. I need more convincing evidence of that and perhaps I will find out more as my research progresses. Keep in mind that all this research was done prior to my knowledge of quantum mechanics. I have not fashioned the research to support it, but have looked for supporting scientific information to support the research I have been doing. Therefore there will be many instances in the recordings that will not even be mentioned or extrapolated on in relation to quantum mechanics. However, both Victor and Maylor (a second budgie I had who also spoke in conversational language) spoke of many of these theories I have only recently discovered myself. You will need to discover them and make your own observations from there.

In the next section, I will begin to discuss how some of the theories of quantum mechanics are supported by the research here and how they support spiritualism. One of the most important aspects of this is dreams and visions.

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