Dream Interpretation The Mini Bike Dream

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Dream Interpretation Riding A Mini Bike Dream



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Linda's Mini Bike Dream- Dec 16, 2007

The dream began in an office and I was discussing with a lady about making a payment for something I bought.
I could not make the payment all at once so I asked if I could get a number from them to make the payments on line. When I left there I noticed Adam was there speaking to another agent. I went outside and got on this tiny mini bike to leave. I was going down this country road on this mini bike and came up to a gate on the road where I thought the road should continue. I was kind of familiar with the road. I ended up going to this house that I thought was the family of the lady I was just talking to. Maybe I was going there to get this banking number. I went into the house and they were in preparation for having their turkey dinner. The lady's of the house were in the kitchen and I thought the girl might have been there, but she was not, so I left.

The stairs going out of this place were made of big blocks painted yellow, and near where I parked my bike there was this beautiful garden of flowers. I stood there for a few minutes and admired the flowers and then left on my mini bike and stopped down the road again at this other building that I think was still on their property. There were some people in this building having a few drinks and I went in there and talked to someone else. It was a gentleman that I knew and he had a young man with him. I was saying that I did not know how to get home from there. I knew the place that I wanted to go was my friend Sues' house. I had always just driven there and knew where to go but I did not know the name of the street it was on. This young boy was told me there was a bike path right next to where we were and that I could take the path down and turn this way and that way and get to this street and that street, however, I still did not know where I was going. I knew I could see people going down this bike path, either running or jogging, but I was a little nervous about taking a bike down there. At this point I was thinking it was a bicycle bike instead of a motor bike. Somebody on the bike path went by and waved at me that I had known in the past and he seemed a lot younger then he would have been if it was real. Right now it seemed like he was still a young kid. So then I left to go down the bike path and I was woken up out of the dream by the phone ringing.

Dream Transcription by Adam Kadmon Transcribed Dec 29, 2007

  1. You are paying your debt to God and your discussion is a promise in the spiritual process of becoming a visionary. Money is a symbol of the spiritual freedom you have bought here and you know that you will be paying it in the new forum. So what is the process that you will be paying your debt to God?
  2. You are driving this mini-bike, on a country road to this house. You get held up by a gate there, but you pass it very easily. The numbers that you are looking for is a symbol of the people you will see in God's house. Some of the people there will act as your agent and are related to the family of this lady.
  3. You arrive for this dinner, and the ladies were preparing the food of life. So you ask them for direction to find your agent. So there is confusion about finding your agent.Reversing this evil of confusion, Linda has to be clear of the direction here.
  4. Linda wasn't familiar with the address to the place she wanted to end up. Even though she had been there before, she started to ask questions, so it would remind her of something that would help her to remember where she wanted to end up.
  5. Often we will reverse the evil of confusion by asking questions. We all need reminders to recount things in our life. And we can always find reason to recount the things in life so we can learn from them. When we have to repeat evil it will prevent us from future progression. When we want changes for life, we will try to make these changes forever in our life. If we revert back to this evil then we have not put enough of an effort into the spiritual process.
  6. And there are still things that we must be learning. Linda has to watch out for the fears she has of falling behind in the confusion. When Linda left the first house there was steps that were yellow, starting this journey with caution. She slowed down for this reason.
  7. She wanted this trip to end the confusion she had about her spiritual freedom. She wasn't sure of the direction. She looked at a garden there and knew that it was spiritual. When we see the beauty, we see spirituality and we treasure each experience. When we live in spirituality, we experience each treasure.
  8. So what is the difference if you spiritually experience these things in your life. You will always feel good in a spiritual life and when you are moving forward, you will feel good. A spiritual life, has everything you need to feel good.
  9. Linda came up to another building. There were people there who were drinking. Linda still needed some direction to where she was going. At the party there was a really young boy who gave directions to her. All the others could not help her. This boy who was helping her didn't have any alcohol.
  10. Linda felt that he would have good directions and she felt that she could trust him. So she felt that she could trust him for a reason. Even though there was a friend who was also there, she chose her direction from this boy.
  11. So what does this mean? We all have the right to chose who can help us out of confusion. This boy told her there was a path near by that would help her get to where she needed to go. This path, it had many people and they were running away from confusion. Linda knew that she had to join in with them, for she knew what they were running from.
  12. Linda saw there was a younger man that was in her past. This is just a warning, for he could not have been younger. And Linda needs to listen to this warning. This wasn't in reality. If it is not in reality, then God is warning you that this should not be happening.
  13. In this warning from God, when we are running from evil, we need to find a place that is free from evil. If we are very wise, we do not repeat the same mistakes all over again. We have to forget these actions of emotional evil, and find a place of divine emotion.
  14. So Linda, she really does have a reason for having each action in spirituality. She is running from confusion for she knows she has had enough. She is seeking her spiritual freedom. She is riding a bicycle. She has seen how it has changed from a motor bike, to a bicycle.
  15. And now this bike is a different symbol. As a mini bike, it symbolized something that did not really fit you in your life. It took her where she needed to get to, but the people were not respecting her for a reason. They saw you spend your life travelling in something that really had no reasoning.
  16. We need to travel in the spiritual for always a reason or we won't know where we are going. We know we must always have feelings of peace and love. We know things of evil cause us pain and suffering. So that is the definition of having a spiritual life.
  17. When you begin to lead a spiritual life, you seek out the evil causing the pain, and try to find a way to get this evil out of your life. Evil will run from you, when you are on the path to spiritual freedom. When you join in on the path of loving relationships, you will not ride alone on something that you really don't need.
  18. So the path that leads you to the spiritual life, will end up being the place you wanted to go in the first place. And if you are void of evil, you will always be on this path to spiritual freedom.
  19. Now we have a prophecy for this dream of you. God will see you on this path of spiritual freedom, and He will be happy. He will protect you from emotional evil. Your God releases a miracle each time there is a reverse of evil.
  20. He knows you will experience some evil in your life, and He will reach out with God's loving, and help you back on the path. And you will be feeling His love each time this happens as you will be experiencing the miracles and they will be part of your life. This isn't just for Linda, but for everyone who asks for His help

  Updated July 31, 2014- I would like to add this to the confirmed prophecies today, as I believe Linda and I have reversed much emotional evil during the past year.  Especially Linda she is working diligently with our daughter who is now almost 5 and she can be trying at times. Linda focuses her teachings with great emotional control even in the most trying situations.




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