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Community Home Dream Interpretation / Transcription

September 9, 2013

I was new at a place I would describe as a community home. There were many other residents living there and I had just been given my orientation to the place with a folder containing information that I needed to look over. I was to stay in a room with many others both male and female. There was a bed that was really wide and could sleep many people. Probably 10 or so.

I had a shower and got cleaned up and dressed and then went out with a small group of people from the home. We walked across the street and into an industrial area where there were large buildings and large parking lots which seemed to be vacant at the time. I was holding onto three things, not sure what they were. I came to this area in the parking lot and was submersed up to my knees in a thick black liquid. I dropped one of the things I was carrying and tried to scoop it back out with my foot. I was unsuccessful at retrieving it and I wasn't about to reach in with my hands so I left it there.

On the way back one of the guys half ran, half fell down a grassy hill. Once we arrived I was shown another large room where people sleep but this one had single beds for everyone. I thought that these people had more personal things in their room. It was time to go eat and I also felt like I was supposed to have looked over the info package I had been given but had not yet done so.

Transcript by Adam Kadmon 3 Jan 2014
1. Linda was at a community home and this dream will begin.
2. Your mission awaits so what are you waiting for? A mission usually arises when you have help and there will be people to help soon.
3. This community home symbolizes help from the people in the community. These people will never want to give up when they know the future can be prophesied. They want to become a part of the principal prophecy. Community Home
4. What is the file folder you have symbolized in this dream? You will now begin to receive it through this dream that we are transcribing right now.
5. It has not been possible for you to anticipate the amount of corruption and the deep confusion that has arisen from the evil you've gone through lately. This corruption has risen from problems we eventually had to go through. When this confusion came we gave you some choices so you could get away from it.
6. We will clarify the prophecy that has been causing confusion. We promise you your mission will evolve with our help if we eliminate the confusion within you. Surely the future will show how the beginning of this religion is welcome so Jesus can return.
7. These are instructions that you will need for your mission of God with prophecy. Quit your work and get ready for the prophecies. Evil shall go right past if you are willing and ready to become what is prophesied in your lives.
8. If there is something that is causing you confusion, you should be ready to run away from it for it really is evil chasing you. And when evil is chasing you, you will need to run away. You will always be chased by evil, so we want to warn you. Linda if you can't promise peace and harmony without confusion, you can try your freedom.
9.  As you know, we need more time to deliver the birth prophecy. Even though both you and Adam have been through some evil and confusion in the past year or so, you are forgiven. You can't forget forgiveness is a reversal of evil, for we can't grow spiritually when we are practicing a bad habit.
10. Yes, for now we still believe in Linda, but we need fewer objections with what she chooses to do. As long as her mission is to give us reason to easily trust in her, then we will begin the process in the physical resurrection of Christ. And she has this prophecy to stop the confusion she is having.
11. In this dream we saw a bed, and there was plenty of room. You are always confused when you have reason to deny something that really happened. We are saying that honesty prevents corruption of the soul. And honesty objects to corruption in your soul.
12. If you are spiritual you will have to keep a promise that you will not let corruption affect your soul. And always when love is true there is a spiritual connection and trust that cannot be broken and it will be beautiful. So this was a warning that will affect your spiritual evolution.
13. There is much room for many people who you are involved with so you can evolve emotionally and spiritually. But you have to draw from people who are involved with God's mission instead of someone who has other intentions. There is a need to evolve with people who have similar intentions as you.
14. That doesn't mean we can't involve these people in a mission of prophecy. We seek every soul that needs God's help but we can't try forever if they refuse. The first time we speak to them we can begin to understand if they are ready for spiritual evolution.
15. And we have to be careful that we are not drawn into their confusion. Once the confusion is what we begin to seek, then we shall begin to devolve spiritually, unless they seek us to help them with their problems. If we have been drawn into confusion and evil, then we will have to have a spiritual cleansing which is represented in the dream as a shower.
16. And changing your clothes is something we do when we have been submersed in evil. And there is much more evil that can affect us when we are void of our clothes. We can correct this by washing them and putting them back on when they are clean.
17. However we should learn to avoid the evil that we were immersed in before. When we are immersed in confusion we will be wearing these clothes that are smelly and dirty which is a magnet for those who have similar clothes. So when you have the need to be involved spiritually and not immersed in confusion, you will need to seek out someone who really needs and is open to spirituality and wants to change to this religion.
18. If they are spiritually ready, it is something they will need to do to change their life and you will see the eventual change. This dream had a symbol of a few people that Linda was walking with. These people were walking to an industrial place where there were many buildings which were very big. This represented the beginning of making something that was big.
19. Industrial areas usually start as a solution to something that is needed in an area that can eventually expand. We try and see all of it in a plan before it is built. Usually construction will begin emotionally and will proceed with action. You will need help in every step until final completion and we will have complete faith in the help we have chosen to build it for us. Your help will need to see a prophetic vision of what it will be.
20. A prophecy is like a plan from God that He wants to see happen. Each prophecy will need some help from people who have a similar vision, just like we need help for this prophecy.
21. In this dream, Linda had three things she was holding onto that were needed for this prophecy and must be completed in this mission in the future. She has been chosen to receive this plan in God's religion and follow the direction that God has chosen for her. She will be expected as a visionary to be strong in each prophecy even if they can cause some confusion.
22. You are needed in God's plan to produce the extension of God's bloodline. You will eventually have success in evolving the mission and we shall show you miracles that will help. If you work with a prophet of God life is not that easy in the beginning.
23. The second thing that Linda was holding onto was what kind of life will she have if she was the mother of this religion. She is not forgetting she has been chosen for the vision of the Christ child even if it is impossible at her age. God will sort out all the problems that have been preventing this from happening because she is open to God's miracles.
24. A prophecy is possible if you are open to it, especially when people are planning and waiting for it. You will take some people with you and this religion will begin and God is a part of this plan.
25. So let us look at this through reverse reasoning. We have seen emotional evil causing a lot of confusion in your life and even though you could find reason to loose faith in God's prophecies, you maintained this vision, even when you saw the confusion Adam went through. God needed you to resolve the confusion in Adam and get him on the right path by seeking help through the transcriptions. When he thinks that you want to be free of the responsibilities of this religion, you both are in confusion and will require a spiritual cleansing right away so your mission can move forward.
26. So the third thing you were hanging on to will require you to begin treating Adam with respect and you can't be refueling his confusion. Often he receives warnings, subconscious warnings which are not like a prophecy, and are often needed for protection in the future. As you know, much confusion arises when Adam does not agree with your actions. Each time there is an action that changes the direction that God wants you to go, it slows down the mission and throws you into confusion. We often give Adam directions that he isn't even conscious of.
27. God's people must respect the path of someone who has been given a mission of God, even if they do not like the direction he is going. As long as he is still receiving messages from God, and he is not immersed in evil, God will know. We will not support him if we feel he doesn't work for God. Adam doesn't agree with projecting evil on others even when he is in confusion. And this appears to be a meaningful part, which is important to God and the angels here.
28. When you walked into this area, the buildings were vacant. This represents occupying this religion with people that need a new beginning in this religion.
29. Linda was knee deep in this thick black liquid. In prophecy, we often are slowed by something that we have to struggle with to get out of before we move freely to the finish line. This line of prophecy is something that people begin to run towards but Linda dropped something that she was holding onto. When she tried to fish it out with her foot, she knew it wasn't important enough to get completely covered in so she left it alone in the mud where it disappeared. When she was able to do this she had less evil impeding her mission.
30. Linda then saw someone falling down a grassy hill. He was on a mission to finally get to the finish line, but he had fallen before he got there and was rolling down the hill of religion. If someone should fall down when they are on the hill of religion, then she has reason to help them get up.
31. There is another prophecy coming for we are using a dream that can help other people as well. So it isn't something that can be confirmed unless others can experience a prophecy that will come soon. Through it we shall give you a spiritual quenching.
32. In Linda's dream she came to this room with single beds where much of the spaces were filled with personal items. This is a warning affecting Barrie. Our prophecies are often sent to be help where danger approaches for people and when there is a possibility of loss of life. When there is a possibility that life can be interrupted or put into suffering, we would like to help if it is possible.
33. These beds that Linda has seen are a representation of a place where there are beds that can affect all of you when you are sick. Right now the hospital is not a safe place to go for a virus awaits. It is better if you avoid it for it makes some people very sick and most of you can. Hopefully if you are sick, you will be able to avoid it until a time when the virus has passed. If you go to a clinic you have a similar warning.
34. In this dream there is a symbol of eating. This represents something that you eat to avoid this virus. You can kill it if you avoid meat and eat some tangerines if you can find them, for they will contain what you need to ward off the virus.
35. We will help with Linda's confusion. She is experiencing confusion with regards to Adam and finances. We give her compassion.
36. Within spirituality your confusion is a process that evil uses to redirect your energy into something you should not be doing. It will give you many reasons to change your direction. We have shown you many processes to reverse confusion and we will give you something to help you believe it. Help with finances are waiting for you and we will give you help. When serious confusion is reversed it creates a miracle.
37. Now let's go to a part in your dream where there was a package you had not looked at. Both of you gave up Christmas with the rest of your family because Adam had to work. And it really was difficult to be without them but you made some progress in your relationship.
38. It is easier when you do not have to worry when you need money to pay the rent. If both of you could concentrate on this religion and be supported by people who believe this is really right for them, it would reverse some confusion in the both of you. If you can begin working with the prophecies that you have been given so far, more people will begin to come to your aid.
39. But you can't forget that you cannot keep carrying the things that have been impeding you in the past. All Gods prophets have faults the same as ordinary people do. And if God found fault in everything that we did, we would not enjoy working with Him. God knows there is a difference in helping someone and criticizing their work. God knows that we even make mistakes, and our actions are a learning process.
40. We have never been deceptive purposely and have tried to always give you the truth, as we believe in it. All the prophecies we have shown to Linda are meant to help assist her in all of her confusion and we know she will find the answers when she opens them. They will always promise a solution to the problems.
41. Also in this dream she was going to go and eat something. What was she going to eat? We will often need some spiritual food when you are in confusion. We shall reverse some of this confusion with the intervention of God and through this process we experience the miracles he has waiting. We will eat his fruits of unconditional love and He will reverse Linda's suffering. We will provide you with the instructions that you will need to get past this confusion.
42. When a phone call came in a few minutes ago, Linda talked with her mother and she spoke with grace and compassion through her confusion. Her mother was concerned for her finances but Linda didn't even convey she was experiencing problems because she didn't want her to worry.
43. We want you to know that even when we know the outcome of something you personally will experience in the future, we may not be able to tell you, for it may be something that we know comes to pass for a reason. When we have a spiritual reason to leave out some problem you may encounter, we may not be able to reveal the truth unless we can change your direction. If we know you will not ever change direction until you have experienced some confusion through it, we are obligated to let you experience it. If we chose to help you in your actions of evil, then we would be encouraging your sins. If we did encourage evil, it is no different then working with the devil.
44. The bible has an influence for this special reason. It is really important a prophet gives up the evil when they are experiencing confusion. When they experience a problem and don't find answers within themselves to deal with it spiritually, they will need to be spiritually cleansed from this evil. It is a part of their life to experience confusion when they partake on a mission of God.
45. We have a warning which is regarding your direction which arises from this transcription and you can really find it within yourself to have more of a conviction to change your life. And if you have a warning you should try to change the things that stick to you and are corrupting you with evil. God wants you to correct the things that are causing you confusion.
46. In Linda's dream, her foot was stuck in something that was evil when she was on a mission in this religion. She had this folder that she was supposed to keep and review. These people were waiting for her to provide them with answers related to this religion.
47. When this folder is opened it is a new beginning for healing and these people were waiting to receive it there. A prophecy was waiting in it that would help them to reverse some confusion that was causing them to be spiritually sick. All of these beds were a symbol of tranquility and in each of these beds you could be saving someone.
48. You needed a spiritual cleansing because you were originally in something that caused evil. It is a problem when we are immersed in this evil so we may need to cleanse ourselves often.
49. Before that, you found a reason to ask for a dream to reverse some confusion you were having about your relationship. And there was another symbol in this dream where you were supposed to stay in this room. You chose to leave even when you had the folder that you needed.
50. When you can't decide if you should rely on evil that will corrupt you eventually, then you should not count on fulfilling your mission. In this dream you spiritually decided to seek out something that was not part of your mission. You spiritually decided that you wanted to forget your mission. When you have a reason to get caught in an act of a sin, you have chosen to change the direction that you are going.
51. Should you choose survival with Satan or a relapse in confusion? Obviously the answer would be something that doesn't rely on evil. If you want corruption from Satan, you have chosen an evil solution. So, you should not take direction from Satan even if it is not immediately breaking the philosophies of your God. For when we break God's philosophies it will certainly send us in more confusion and suffering. If you can't avoid breaking God's philosophies, you will need a cleansing.
52. When Linda decided to be seriously active in religion, she opened this package and these people learned there was tranquility. For Linda there is a prophecy. The next prophecy is about the comments she will receive in the forum of spirituality. When she receives responses they will partake because you have a reason for your testament. Watch several begin to have an interest in a religion that is exempt of the corruption of the evil of man.
53. Each post you make should be a testament of your spiritual growth. And some will join in on her mission of spiritual growth. People see this mission as a spiritual journey and want to become part of it. And each of them will get to see a miracle as the prophecies unfold in front of them. We show you these miracles and provide the people with something that can give them a spiritual quenching.
54. Yes, each of them can take something from this site that will help their spiritual growth. And with prophecy we shall have a vision of a better future with the interaction of God. We know these prophecies will come to pass and change the direction many are going in life, for the better. Each prophecy has a direct relationship to the people that are coming and they will experience it in their own life.
55. While these people experience it in their lives they will share the miracle. Everyone will begin to come for spiritual evolution, prophecy and the lessons we will be providing to them. We want you to know we are very proud of you and we know it is a matter of time before it becomes reality.
56. It is morning within this dream and there is sickness, but Linda decides to go on a trip in this industrial district. What is this a symbol of? If she followed the warning she was given about leaving this room, she could be curing all these people. Instead she wanted to journey in an area where there was many problems with these businesses that did not have people in them. When there are no people building because of a money problem, it provides us with a reason to seek another form of income related to the industry.
57. If there are people in the place you are at, you should begin where they are waiting because each of them needs it right away. We have given Linda the folder that she needed to bring more people to her mission. And she doesn't need to journey out each morning looking for more evil and confusion. You must rely on this folder provided to give you the answers you need to expand your present mission. For we see this mission getting stuck if you have a lot of evil slowing you down.
58. This is the warning that Adam has been trying to give you as well, for we need each of you to be working with each other and not journeying out into more confusion and evil. If you find a reason to go on a journey that isn't part of your mission, it will cause more confusion in your relationship that may end it.
59. There are many symbols in this dream that give you a warning about this path that you want to take. And if you cannot work with the people that are there waiting for you, you will have to journey out on your own to encounter a lot more evil. These people want you to help cure them spiritually but you will never be spiritually ready until you get rid of something that has caused you much confusion in the past. Rising above the confusion shall get you to the place you have waiting for you in the future. This transcript is finished.

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