Bath and Coins Dream

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Adam Posted: December 16, 2007 at 9:17 am

At first I was a little worried to post this dream because I wanted to speak to Linda Marie about it first as it involves another women. She understood that it is only in the dream and not in the physical. We will often dream about relationships with the opposite sex, and that does not mean that we are thinking about having a relationship with someone else or are not happy with the relationship that we are in. The relationship is usually a symbol of something else as you will find out in this dream transcription.

The Bath Dream:

I had a dream that early one morning I met this attractive oriental lady and we went back to her apartment. After we talked for a while we decided that we wanted to have a sexual relationship. However, before we did we felt that we both needed a bath. There were two washrooms, and first she went to hers and finished her bath and dressed in a very attractive night gown. I remember seeing her when she was done, and how pretty she looked. But, I had not had my bath yet. When I did decide to have it, I noticed that there were two bathtubs in the washroom. They were large whirlpool type tubs with an elaborate control system on them. I just got into one and began to have my bath when it started to overflow. I tried to operate the controls but I could not figure them out and there was a strange grinding sound as the tub first overflowed and then emptied prematurely and filled up the other one. It was very confusing to me what was happening and I had to get out of the tub before I was finished with my bath. So I went and asked the oriental lady if she knew how the controls worked. She said she did and preceded to go into the bathroom and show me a mirror by the tub that displayed the directions for using the controls. She said that all I had to do was follow the direction in this mirror and I would be able to operate the tub properly. Then the dream was finished. I thank God that that was as far as it went, otherwise it would have been even more difficult for me to tell Linda Marie this dream.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon December 15, 2007

1. It was in the morning when Adam met a women who was oriental and the both of them decided to be lovers. Both of them felt like being intimate for a reason as they both led a religious life. This oriental lady had a religion that was much different, however, this was not stopping them for they felt it was not a problem.

2. God was aware of this event and He wanted to see them happy. Both of them wanted to clean up because they wanted to get very close to each other. This is a symbol of the way God wants this religion. You need to be clean if you have a relationship in religion. So all the things we have in each relationship need to have a cleansing.

3. In each spiritual relationship, as you cleanse your spiritual soul you change your actions in life. In this dream Adam had a problem with the bathtub that he was washing in and as he cleansed himself he was experiencing confusion. The confusion arose from not knowing how to use the controls on the tub. So if he did not know how to do it right, then it didn't clean him very good.

4. So he asked the oriental lady for help and she had no problem when she cleansed herself because she had used the instructions, even though she was a different religion. She knew she was ready to have a relationship with Adam. But Adam still knew that the both of them needed a cleansing.

5. By requesting someone’s help, we will learn to cleanse our souls much faster. So why do we need to cleanse our soul? We may have a responsibility as a Christian person to lead a religious life, however it is more important for us to spiritually be good in life.

6. So, how do we be good spiritually in everything we do? The religion you have chosen is not really the coin that makes us buy evil things. When things that we buy are evil, then you will have a collection of evil and it is like buying something that you really have no use for.

7. So we can now begin a spiritual cleansing in religion and God doesn't care if you have a collection of objects you don't need. All He wants you to do is buy something spiritual.

8. If our reactions are based in fear, then we do not have choices in life. Adam and this oriental women chose to have a relationship and they chose the direction of their love.

9. We have learned that money is a symbol for spiritual freedom. If you have a relationship that is spiritual, you are on the path to spiritual freedom and you begin to experience all the good things in life. Jesus made this promise to the multitude of people he talked to.

10. Also how we react spiritually affects all of us in love. The reason we often have confusion in love is because we need a cleansing spiritually, for you must not have confusion about someone you love.

December 16, 2007 at 4:11 pm Adam wrote:

I also had this dream the same night as the Bath dream.

The Coins Dream:

I was at a casino playing this slot machine and all of a sudden I won a big jackpot, however, the money did not come out of the machine. I think it jammed or something. I was worried that if I left the machine to tell someone, then someone else would take my winnings. I waited for a while and then I saw one of the casino employees walk by. I left the machine for a few seconds and asked him to help me. When I got back there was a young person at my machine. I told the employee that I had won this money and the young person did not dispute it. I got my winnings which were about one thousand pieces of coin.

In the second segment of this dream, I was in the hotel room. There was someone else there with me and I laid all the coins in piles out on the bed. For some reason, the other person had some of his items on the bed as well. However, he seemed to be interfering with my coins and moving them around. I was a little worried that he was going to take some. That was the end of the dream.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon on December 16, 2007

1. To have a beautiful relationship with someone, you need to have a spiritual cleansing every morning. And so this is the purpose of this forum. It is to help you live this religion of Jesus and we will make all of our relationships better.

2. In each relationship, you should have a mission of love and it does not have to be sexual. You need to release yourself from the confusion that takes away our choices in life. It does not have to be physical and life can be free from evil, once we are released from fear.

3. Adam had a dream that he won some money and it would not come out of the machine when he won it. He wasn't thinking he would need someone’s help, but there was a boy who gave him some anyway.

4. He found reason to fear that he would steel his money and this affected their relationship. Adam knew he needed help spiritually to obtain spiritual freedom, for everything in life is a result of something that comes from a spiritual action. If it comes from an action of your evil, you are awaking this evil that is dormant in your soul.

5. Every experience in your life becomes a part of your spiritual soul and you shall often draw on it. When he put these coins on his bed there was a spiritual connection to tranquility and peace in life. The symbol of tranquility is the bed he put these coins on.

6. Each of you will have a peaceful sleep in this religion when we have experiences that are very spiritual, for when you experience good things in your life you are rewarded spiritually.

7. This collection of things this person had, were not very spiritual and therefore he kept looking for something better. That was because this he was in confusion. When this boy started helping Adam, this good experience caused a spiritual connection. And that is why Adam invited him to view his spiritual freedom on top of his tranquility. So this was an action of religion acting in a relationship.

8. Adam had a reason to help this young man. When we have a connection to spiritual reasoning, then our actions will automatically revert to love and this will free us from confusion. This reaction will produce divine emotion.

9. And each time you shall experience emotions that are good, you shall add them to your collection of the things that God wants you to use. And when you are experiencing confusion, you shall look for the answer here.


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