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Upset Animals Dream Interpretation

This is the dream, prophecy and transcription of the last major war that happened between Israel and Palestine in 2009. There are two other articles, other than the ones listed on this page that are related to it. You can view them at this link. Israel/Palestine Fighting In Gaza The transcription contained a prophecy which said there would be a cease fire within a week that would have lasting effects. The cease fire did happen as prophesied and it is still relatively calm there over two years later.

Adam's Dream Posted December 30, 2008 at 7:06 am

Last night I had a strange dream where I was in the woods looking for Angel, our cat. It was late at night and the woods were a little bit dark and frightening. I could hear Angel meowing in the distance and it seemed like she was in trouble so I went in to look for her. For some reason I was on my hands and knees and could not stand up. Suddenly in the same distance Angel was meowing from, a bunch of animals came out of the woods and began approaching me. I had fear that they were going to attack me and being on all fours I knew I could not even run away. I tried to yell at them but fear had grasped me and all I could get out was a faint "get back" I tried several times to yell loudly "get back" to scare them away. At that point I woke up. In my sleep I was actually saying get back and woke up Linda. She said that I had said it several times and she was going to wake me up because she knew I was having a bad dream.

Adam posted January 2, 2009 at 4:04 pm

Normally the confirmation and miracles work by having the dream, then doing the transcription. Usually the newspaper article comes out miraculously a couple of days after the transcription. However, there have been a few cases when one of us have had the dream, and the transcription was not done yet. In a case such as this, the newspaper article will be quite evident with the dream. God and the angels new I would be quite busy during the holidays and I did not have time to get the transcription done, so they sent me a dream that corresponds to the article, so I will make it a priority to do the transcription this weekend.

This article came out in the Toronto Sun on page 16 in the Toronto's Other Voice section of the newspaper on January 2, 2009. I had the dream on December 30, 2008. I also believe that there will be another miracle that results from the transcription, so I hope you check in to see it when it is done. You may have to wait a minute or two for the image to load depending on your internet speed. Also if you have a newer browser you can click on it a few times to enlarge it so you will able to read it better.

To the left is the newspaper article in the Toronto Sun.

Adam Posted: January 4, 2009 at 11:32 am

Hi Everyone,

About 2 years ago in the procession we saw a prophecy of a war in Israel within a month of the transcript. The war began as prophesied, however, there was also a prophecy later that predicted that God would intervene and end the war shortly. The war ended within a week as predicted. This is another prophecy and similar intervention of God.

Early in the morning on December 30th, 2008, I believe I posted this dream prior to Israel's offensive attack in Gaza. It also has a prophecy within it that the war will end within one week.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted January 4, 2009 at 11:49 a.m. This transcription talks about the relationship to the dream as well as the newspaper article and the events that are happening in Gaza as well.

1. Adam had a dream where animals came out of the woods. This is a symbol of every soul that has spiritual evolution because of God. And this beautiful event is happening as each of them experience a lifetime.

2. When there is a reason to forget you have a spiritual soul, you are lost in your confusion and digressing spiritually. That is why many animals are able to spiritually evolve in their lifetimes. Many birds have spiritual evolution because they react with love in most of their actions. Many birds would never harm a thing even if they are threatened. Many have compassion for all life even when they have fear of it. We shall have a meaning for the reaction Adam had in his dream.

3. Humans react to evil with confusion and confusion is often accompanied with an evil reaction. In this dream Adam had a very big problem because he was on all fours and he couldn't run from the danger he felt was coming. He heard Angel meowing and he thought something was threatening her life.

4. What is threatening animals? Can religion put a halt to it? What is religion doing spiritually for the preservation of earth and its animals? Does religion provide some kind of protection for all living creatures of God? Does religion provide compassion for all the species on earth?

5. This newspaper article shows how it doesn't and that is why this article has been chosen as an important article with a dream. This is why religion throughout much of the history of humanity has left many of us spiritually denying the existence of God. Every reaction that exists in the physical that does not exist in love, is a result of the confusion we have when it comes to the interaction of God. Now let us explain what we mean here.

6. When you do not have a belief in a God that can intervene every time we need some kind of protection from evil, then we will react to this evil with a kind of reaction that puts us on the offensive. Usually being offensive means you need some kind of weapon. Surely any weapon that you are using causes a reaction of evil even when you are protected by God and we have got a problem when try to get God to condone an evil reaction.

7. God is not capable of condoning evil but He can be forgiving for He believes we will want to change. So this is the reason we are getting these lessons from God. In this dream while Adam was on all fours, he was a symbol of humanity, who was stuck in confusion and spiritually regressing. He could not even speak properly because of his fear. This problem prevented him from fleeing from this evil that he thought was coming in the distance.

8. So the protection that he was naturally given by God was not available to him. It always is logical for us to use the gifts that are given to us from God to get away from evil when it is coming. It is very natural even for a bird to flee when they fear something. It is also human nature for Adam to flee when he has a problem if he uses the gifts that God has given him.

9. So Angel is trying to call for help and there is much confusion for the both of them when they have all of this fear. In this dream Adam's fear increases when these animals come out of the woods. When our original fear increases because of something that is very evident it shall cause us to have more fear and seek something that can defend us from what we feel is evil. So when he was in confusion he found a reason to defend himself from the animals that were approaching.

10. However, Adam could not find any way to defend himself, and he couldn't even flee from the animals. So what is the lesson that we are trying to give you here? If these animals have compassion, they would not hurt Adam if he does not react with evil. Now let's look at what Adam was saying. He was yelling at these animals to get back and was able to raise enough spiritual strength from his soul to let all these animals know that they shouldn't come any closer.

11. If these animals had some compassion, they would know that he meant no harm and would either leave him alone or try and help him. This is what humanity should be doing in every region where evil is causing all this destruction and loss of life. Our voice can be used for protecting our lives when it is not accompanied by a reaction of evil.

12. Many people think that God controls our reactions to anything that is against our belief systems. In other words they think that it is a responsibility to lash out at anything that disagrees with God. This argument is evil and causes much more confusion in the world then it's worth. We have a responsibility to try and help those that are in confusion, out of it, and we should never lash out at anything that doesn't agree with our own religious beliefs.

13. If we have compassion for life, then we are accepting of others belief systems and have faith that their religion will have compassion just the same as ours. Individual belief systems vary even within religions that are the same.

14. In Israel there is very serious confusion that is affecting the region. Gaza is experiencing a lack of compassion from Israel because of the actions of Hamas. This is the worst kind of evil and it will breed more evil in the future unless it can be reversed through compassion and the intervention of God. So, we have a reason in God's religion to stop it as soon as possible.

15. We will have the intervention of God in the region and this war will cease within this week. So this is a prophecy for the war that is happening. With this prophecy, Israel will withdraw very shortly and give some help to those that are suffering in Gaza. They shall see intervention from God and begin to react with love. There will be a reversal of evil and a change in attitude throughout the rest of the world. And Israel will listen to the rest of the world when they tell them to stop advancing further very shortly.

16. We shall all witness this event and rejoice when it happens. When we are experiencing the intervention of God we shall know that it is natural for Israel to protect itself from the evil that has happened, but they do not have the right to exterminate humans because of their belief systems. God forgives them for this evil and he wants them to show compassion for everyone that was involved in the event instead of punishing the political participants. He wants them to understand that there is much evil and confusion causing these actions.

17. When a region has much political confusion, it will have a big affect on the people and they will be suffering. When people are suffering they will automatically lash out at anything they feel is a threat unless they are spiritually healthy in life and there are many in the region that are spiritually devolving. God is on a mission to change religion in the region so they can spiritually evolve.

18. Our mission in this religion is to work with God and help to reverse religious evil. So why are these animals symbolized as Israel in this dream? God wanted you to see that even his animals can be compassionate when it comes to life, so why shouldn't humans be as well. Adam is a prophet who is experiencing compassion from animals who are trying to help humanity while they are spiritually devolving and they are on a mission with God to prevent Armageddon.

19. Why is Angel symbolized in this dream? Angel symbolizes the animals that have spiritually evolved enough to seek the help of one of God's people who promises to give assistance when they need it. Are animals affected by the religious confusion in the region? How are they being affected by the destruction in the area?

20. They have no way of protecting themselves from it and they cannot spiritually evolve when they are being driven from their natural environment. Even those who are domesticated are severely affected for they are being abandoned and used unnaturally in times of starvation. And we should always show compassion for all of Gods creatures on earth for they have an evolving soul as well.

21. Humanity as a whole has found a reason to give the animals who are on the brink of extinction protection from evil and they have begun to find a reason to ensure it doesn't happen to humanity. There have been many changes for the better in the world when we have compassion for life and God knows humanity is trying. There is a lot to do to make things better in this world He has created but He needs the help of humanity to make the change.

22. We have a prophecy that depends on humanity to make this reversal of evil. Even Adam has participated in reversal of evil in the region when he was in the region as a United Nations soldier. He understands the problems they are experiencing because of religion. There are many people in the region who have never experienced the pleasure of making love because their religion seeks physical punishment for sexual experiences outside of marriage. Many are stuck in relationships that do not exist in love and they will never have spiritual evolution because of it.

23. We have to look at why religion has caused so much confusion in certain regions and find ways to help them out of it. Every life form has the right given by God to experience love and relationships of a caring family. So when there is a reason for evil that effects civilization in a region within our world, we should seek the help of God to make changes.

Adam posted: January 5, 2009 at 7:07 am

Hi Everyone,

I just heard this morning that although the fighting is continuing in Gaza, the Israeli government has begun sending in humanitarian aid into Gaza helping those who are injured and starving. So this prophecy is beginning to come true already.

I also wanted to mention that while I was in the Canadian Military, I spent 1 1/2 years in the middle east as a United Nations soldier in Egypt, Syria and Israel and that is what the angels are referring to in the later part of this transcription. I have a bunch of photos that I may share with you of some of my travels in Israel showing how beautiful the country is and why it is such a shame with all the destruction and loss of life that is happening over there right now.

Adam posted: January 5, 2009 at 3:46 pm

Hi Everyone,

In a previous post I mentioned that there would probably be another article confirmation that would come from the transcript and there certainly was in the Toronto Sun today. On January 5, 2009, page 18 there was a full page on the fighting in Gaza. Here are the articles that were on that page.

You may be wondering why there are two confirmation articles. I believe the first one was to confirm the dream was sent from God and the 2nd article today confirms that the transcription was sent from God as well. Remember the transcription was done after the first article came out, so God wanted to confirm it and I thank him and the angels for that. I have highlighted everything in yellow that pertains to the transcription. Interestingly enough, the Israeli army was called rats at one point in the article and they came into Gaza with dogs. Those are only a few of the similarities between the dream, the transcripts and the articles.

Adam posted: January 7, 2009 at 5:58 pm

Hi everyone,

I am posting this dream I had last night and the transcription I received for it this morning in this thread because it has a relationship to what is happening in Israel and the projected ceasefire.

Adam's dream:

I had a dream that I was in a house and there was a bear following me around. It seemed that I was taunting it at times and even though I didn't think that it was out to get me in the beginning, after I closed a few doors on it, I thought it might get angry at me. In another part of the dream I remember seeing the bear dressed in some kind of old ragged overcoat and thinking that it was not very clean.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted January 7, 2009 at 6:16 p.m.

1. Israel is now in a conference about stopping this war and Adam had this dream for a reason. Israel is calling on this beautiful day, a ceasefire in the region. When Adam completes this transcription, he will experience something that he has not experienced before here. A miracle from his work will happen for it will show he has a connection to heaven and God, like many other prophets of the past.

2. We will pray that the world will understand he will never forget his mission and he will help prevent the coming of Armageddon as God is supporting his mission.

3. Now lets look at the dream that Adam had. The bear was a symbol of the importance of time for we will see how timing is important for preventing a major disaster. We will not forget that God gave His intervention so He could prevent it. This bear that was in this house was something that was evil. It was provoking a reaction from Adam by following him everywhere in his house. When we have fear of something that is evil, we will have fear that every reaction we have will provoke more evil.

4. If we have fear of an action that is consisting of something that exists in love, then we will have confusion on which reaction is the right one to do. Then we must look at what is the will of God and it will free us from confusion. So we must base all of our major decisions on compassion instead of a reaction to confusion and then we will know that our decision is supported in heaven.

5. Israel will be supported by heaven when this war is over and we will experience a miracle for this region and we will be able to shut the door on this evil. Why was this bear wearing a coat? Because he was trying to cause some confusion about it's identity of evil. When we try to disguise our evil by causing confusion, then we hope to get further by causing more confusion.

6. What is causing all the confusion when Israel enters Gaza? There is someone in Gaza projecting these missiles without the support of most of the people in Gaza and they keep doing it to cause this confusion in Israel. If Israel could find these people that are responsible for it, they would have a good reason to see that the problem is stemming from religious evil, and they should concentrate on reversing this religious evil.

7. We will begin to profess Adam. His prophecies will begin progressive reactions from people who read his works. This budgie project will begin to get attention and the people that are silent will start to participate and help him. You have a prophet in religion who can assist with miracles and intervention of God. You have seen how he has been progressing and all this progress is a result of several years of training that the angels have been putting him through.

8. We will now finish this dream. Whenever we have a problem, we need to look at the prophecies and the process that they are given to him. It was not a guess that Adam projected the end of the fighting within the timing that was specified in his transcription. He was given it for a reason to confirm that God is helping him. His reaction to close the door is symbolized by shutting the door on evil without having an action of evil and this door is closing on those who are causing evil in the region of Israel.

9. The disguise that this evil is wearing will be dirty and something that is very evident. There will be something happening that will eliminate the confusion of why this evil is happening in Israel and we will know it will be the truth when it is revealed. When this takes place we will respect that this is a miracle that will resolve some problems in the region.

10. Israel will not have fear of making a decision to react with compassion for Palestine and they shall see that their reaction is supported by the rest of the world. This demonstration of compassion will give them rewards that they would have never imagined and some evil will be reversed in the region.

11. We have been told that every action that causes a reversal of evil shall result in a miracle that we shall witness. This is an example of what we have learned and taught Adam, Linda and other visionaries. Why has a bear been symbolized in Adam's dream? Even when we feel something is dangerous we would not choose to let it follow us around. There are several reasons that we would not let a bear follow us around our house of religion. A bear has every reason to inflict us with its evil even when we are approaching it. They are equipped with evil claws that can rip us apart if we get too close and they will always find a reason to lash out at a human unless they have been tamed and raised by one.

12. Every emotion that it experiences in survival mode comes from evil. Those emotions that exist in evil will cause a bear to react to evil with evil emotions and it would never have compassion for anything it kills. Bears will never have spiritual evolution unless they have a relationship with another creature that shows compassion for life.

13. So this is a very important lesson that we are giving to you. We must show love and compassion to all Gods creatures in life. We should always find a way to prevent them from causing evil, without provoking them in the process. And we must always resort to the original laws of our civilization which is the preservation of life.

Adam posted: January 18, 2009 at 5:35 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to say that Israel and Hamas finally agreed to a ceasefire yesterday and even though the transcript said that the ceasefire would be within a week, it took about 2 weeks, so I am a little confused. However, there is a similarity, as the ceasefire that has been agreed upon is for one week, so this may be the key. Also, the United Nations resolution happened to call for a ceasefire within a week as well.

On January 9th, another newspaper article came out in the Toronto Sun, a few days after the last transcription that talked about and had similarities to the transcript. I have highlighted some areas in the article that show a relationship to the article.

israelceasefire17janIn my opinion I believe that after the week ceasefire, there will be a lasting truce between Israel and Hamas and that is what the transcription is referring to. I copied as it was from the news site.


Israel Completes Gaza Withdrawal

Gil Cohen Magen/Reuters

Israeli soldiers listened to a briefing outside Gaza on Wednesday after Israel completed a troop pullout from the war-battered enclave.


Published: January 21, 2009

GAZA — After more than three weeks of fighting, Israeli troops completed their withdrawal from Gaza early on Wednesday, the military said, but residents reported the continued sound of what they said was naval gunfire in the waters off the Mediterranean coastline here.

NEWS ANALYSIS: At Arab Gathering on Development, the Talk Is All About Gaza (January 22, 2009)

Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

A Palestinian man huddled by a fire on Wednesday in a building damaged during the Israeli incursion into Gaza.

The troops did not go far: they were redeployed on the perimeter of the war-battered enclave, where more than 1,300 Palestinians died in the Israeli campaign against Hamas, the Islamist group that runs Gaza. Thirteen Israelis, including three civilians, also died during the 22-day offensive, according to military officials. Separately, the Israeli Army said it had begun an investigation into reports by some non-governmental organizations that it used white phosphorous weapons illegally during the Gaza war.

A military spokesman in Tel Aviv said such weapons were not prohibited under international law if they were used to create smoke-screens or for marking battlefield areas. The spokesman said Israel only used legal weapons. Human rights groups are concerned about the Israeli use of white phosphorous, illegal if used against civilians, because it can burn flesh like a kind of napalm. The Israeli spokesman said: "in response to the claims of non-governmental organizations and claims in the foreign press relating to the use of phosphorous weapons, and in order to remove any ambiguity, an investigative team has been established in the Southern Command to look into the issue." The spokesman said the investigation was first announced on Jan. 16 and was repeated on Wednesday after the newspaper Haaretz reported that the military was "investigating whether a reserve paratroops brigade made improper use of phosphorus shells during the fighting in Gaza." "The brigade fired about 20 such shells in a built-up area of northern Gaza," the Haaretz report said. "Aside from this one case, the shells were used very sparingly and, in the army's view, in compliance with international law." The United Nations has said its headquarters building in Gaza was hit by three such shells, sparking a huge blaze last week. As the Israeli troops withdrawal wound down on Wednesday, a military spokesman in Tel Aviv, speaking in return for customary anonymity, said: "The last troops left Gaza this morning and they redeployed around the Gaza Strip." In their new positions, he said, the troops were "prepared for any occurrences." The spokesman also said reservists called up during the offensive, which ended with separate cease-fires declared last weekend by Israel and Hamas, were being discharged "little by little."But the spokesman had no immediate comment on what Gaza residents said seemed to be naval gunfire that persisted Wednesday. On Tuesday, Israeli gunboats offshore occasionally fired warning shots at boats that ventured too close. During the offensive, Israel moved against Hamas by land, sea and air in a campaign aimed in part at preventing Hamas from firing rockets and other weapons out of Gaza into southern Israel. On Tuesday, however, Israeli troops twice came under fire, and eight mortar shells were shot at Israel, all falling short. Israel responded with air strikes on launching sites. On Tuesday, thousands of Palestinians supported Hamas at four rallies here while the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, visited to express support for those who had suffered in the war. An Arab meeting in Kuwait aimed at helping Gaza ended in disarray.

Mr. Ban, the highest-ranking international figure to come to Gaza since the war, visited the United Nations compound, damaged by an Israeli strike. He called the attack "outrageous" and demanded an investigation. He said Israel had used excessive force in Gaza. After touring the area, Mr. Ban called the destruction "shocking and alarming." Later, he visited Sderot, the southern Israeli town that has long borne the brunt of Hamas rocket fire, and said using rockets against civilians violated international law. Still, he said, Israel should lift its border closing on Gaza, strangling its economy. The pro-Hamas rallies in Gaza, in four cities, produced a blaze of green Hamas flags as marchers walked past the devastation from Israeli air raids. In Gaza City, the march passed the United Nations headquarters as Mr. Ban spoke, and Gaza's main security headquarters, now rubble, ending in front of the Parliament building, also in ruins. A Hamas spokesman, Ismail Radwan, told the crowd that Israel had not achieved its goals. To several questions, the crowd roared a response. "Have they killed Hamas?" he asked. "No!" "Have they killed the government?" "No!" "Have they dismantled the resistance?" "No!" Tzipi Livni, Israel's foreign minister, said Israel had achieved its objectives in the war and had sent Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group, and Iran a message that it would respond if attacked. She opposed any dialogue with Hamas, adding, "It is a terrorist organization." The Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, told the visiting Italian foreign minister, Franco Frattini, that Israel would take part in reconstructing Gaza only if Hamas did not lead the process. Ethan Bronner reported from Gaza and Alan Cowell from Paris. Michael Slackman contributed reporting from Kuwait City, Taghreed El-Khodary from Gaza and Steven Erlanger and Isabel Kershner from Jerusalem.

Posted January 18 at 9:20 pm. Adam Kadmon

1. There is finally a ceasefire in the region and Adam found a relationship to the transcript prophecy that we gave. He has found a reason to have faith in God and what has been passed to him. God will promise you there is progress in this region. God wanted this ceasefire much earlier but it still depended upon humanity. When there is a prophecy we will see a reason for it.

2. God gave Adam this transcription to shift the fear of confirmation and show you the relationship we have even when we think it isn't fulfilled within the time limit specified, for every prophecy that Adam receives will be fulfilled in one way or another. Some of you must realize there are things that are related to this newspaper article and we have given Adam a prophecy that specified the timing of one week in the beginning.

3. Why does this time have a good relationship? This prophecy said this week would be used to sort out some problems in the region and only during a ceasefire can you facilitate this process. Israel had reason to continue their assault on Gaza for even when this ceasefire was made there was still militants firing their weapons into Israel. When there is a miracle, there is a reversal of some evil and Israel decided to reverse their assault and withdraw, even when the militants were still sending their rockets in.

4. So what was the reason for having a change of heart? Instead they concentrated their attack on those that were responsible, attaining the same results.

5. Even an evil response can have a response of lesser evil by showing they have some compassion. And now Hamas will understand that Israel will give them some time to evaluate their aggression and prevent it from happening. When there is a condition that cannot be met, they will never agree to it. If Israel would work with Hamas they could solve their political problems and prevent this from happening in the future. When there is resolve in confusion, they can learn to avoid further confusion and they can avoid another war in the future.

6. If you think Adam did not prophecy this event then you can find a reason to not believe it is the will of God in heaven to see that there is some kind of resolution made between Israel and Hamas that would prevent this from happening again. God is very proud that this religion can show His intervention and that He is not blamed for what is happening. He wants to show Israel that if you listen to these prophecies, you can change the wars of the future and allow the people in the region to be free of suffering and further turmoil.

7. So what is the reasoning behind the process of a reversal of evil? You will see a benefit from a reversal of evil that will show you how miracles can happen from it. Every time we are preventing the destruction of life, we are changing the future of humanity. When we prevent the growth of evil, we are reversing it for you cannot allow evil to be dormant as it will eventually rear its ugly head.

8. When you are fearing a serious threat you need to verify the source of it and not take action upon those who are innocent of any wrong doing. When you blame someone who is innocent, they naturally will go on the offensive. There is never a reason to take a life in the eyes of God, however, there are systems that should be put in place to ensure the safety of humans. So this is what Israel should be working on in their peace treaty. Surely there is a reason for occupying the region peacefully and without any bloodshed.

9. God's first law is the preservation of life and this is what they should base their treaty on. Now we shall see a miracle. A newspaper article shall have a connection to this transcription. It will consist of an important story that you learn a lesson from about the preservation of life. It will show you how the interaction from God will reverse some evil with an action of love. We will all see how a delay of time can result in a reverse of evil. And we will see how we can stop something very evil from happening when we react with love and compassion. You will have the newspaper confirming this soon. A reaction of evil with evil can be prevented through God's love.




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