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Templar's Humanoid Dream Interpretation

Templar posted this dream January 25, 2009 at 8:36 pm:

There was a species almost identical to humans, with one major difference: If one of the humanoids looked directly into any source of light, then they would die. For that reason, when a few of them came to my home, I escorted them using objects such as an umbrella to block light bulbs from their field of vision. Unfortunately, despite their knowledge of the dangers of looking into light, my guests became doubtful of their weakness, stared at a light bulb, and perished. Apparently, that was the fate of almost all of the humanoids; the entire surviving population could fit into a single city bus.


Transcribed by Adam Kadmon January 25, 2009
1. In this dream that Templar had about a species that was almost identical to humans, there was a difference as they could not look into the light. The symbol of the umbrella is something people can use to protect them from exposure to the elements of weather. We know there is evil in the atmosphere causing weather to wreak havoc and destruction on our planet. And we also know that this same atmosphere will sustain life on this planet for eternity.
2.  So how can we escape from the evil that will hurt the people in this dream? These humanoids have got this friend who tries to help them when they arrive in this world of light, and they know this light is not good for them for they will die if they look at it. This light is a symbol of the evil that is around them.
3. This light is something that is not from their world because they live in darkness. They know originally this light was used to create this world and they also know this light was not a part of their own creation. They realized the danger coming from this light but they were still tempted to look at it.
4. This is a symbol of a natural temptation that will go against reasoning and cause us death. There was no reason for these humanoids to stare at this evil.
5. So why do we symbolize this evil as light? We know this light came from God and we know that light is not normally evil for humanity. However too much light can cause humans harm and different kinds of light are not good for them. Each creation of God depends on it for some reason or another.
6. So if the result of too much light would cause us to lose our life, then we should find protection from it even if it is something our God has created. If light was not part of our creation then it would never sustain us on our world.
7. God created light in the midst of pure evil, for there was no light in the darkness and it was absent of any kind of life form. God made religion in the midst of the darkness as well. And you can't create a life without it causing evil.
8. So how does this work? Everything that was created by God has created some evil through its existence. Do you think God is proud when His creations cause some more evil?  You are in confusion if you thought that all of His creatures were not created for love. And you are in more confusion if you think they were not created from love.
9. In this dream there was a symbol of a bus that the survivors of this world could fit in. This represented the vehicle of God's religion and it does not seem there were many people that did not look at the light.
10. If it was not possible for them to refrain from looking at the light, then everyone in their world would be dead and God is responsible for their deaths. God has created all life and He has a responsibility to ensure that it is protected especially if some of the things He has created have changed to evil. The only alternative for God would be to not have created any light at all.
11. And if He didn't create this light, there would be no life. So what was God's reason for creating different life forms all over the universe?  It was a very long process and He evolved along the way with every one of His creations. During this time God knew when every one of His creations was experiencing spiritual growth. He also knew when they were caught in some evil and He tried to give them direction from the metaphysical.
12. Why should God care about every one of us? God has many things that He wants to share with you when you arrive in heaven that do not exist in evil. When a spiritual creature of God arrives in heaven free of confusion, God knows you experienced many happy lives and He will want you to share them with others in heaven.
13. So how do we share a happy life? We relive all the moments that were in our past loving relationships. We travel back in time to all of the people that we loved. We take them on journeys in heaven and we explore the universe with anyone we choose to. We spend as much time with them as we want to and there is no jealousy in heaven.
14. We have a prophecy with this dream. There will be a story in the newspaper that will talk about time and eternity. And it is a lesson on love. We will never hold on to evil spiritually when we have love in our soul and for a lasting experience you will rely on spiritual evolution.
15. When we rely on spiritual evolution we will have more happiness in our lifetimes. So God has made us to rely on spiritual progression to find happiness. It will eventually show you that evil no longer exists in your soul.
16. When you have some spiritual growth you will begin to realize you have changed and you will no longer have evil reactions. And when you replace evil with love you are reversing the evil in your soul.
17. So if the light causes evil and hurts those that are not humans, then we will need to find something that will allow them to survive in an alien world. And the things that we give them shall help protect them. If the humanoids in this dream refuse to use what we have given them for life, then they will surely perish and we will not be able to do anything about it.
18. Ensuring survival with love is something humanity can be very good at when they have a good reason to do it, but they need to be more consistent. That is why evolution of the soul is important, for every one of us has an eternal soul for evolving spiritually.
Posted: January 27, 2009 07:13 am by Adam Kadmon
Hi Everyone,
There has been a confirmation article that came out in the Toronto Star yesterday, January 26th. Sorry but I did not have a chance to scan it and post it yet. I will try to do that later today after work. The article talks about the lack of light and how it can make us SAD and depressed. It also talks about how certain kinds of lights can make people feel better as well.
However, the prophecy about the story on eternal love in the same transcript did not come true yet. I believe that often these transcriptions will have partial prophecies and stages which will be connected to more then one article or two different time frames. It is very evident though, that this article is connected to the dream and transcription and is a confirmation.
Well done Templar for posting this dream and if you look at the date it was the oldest dream on the list you posted and the next one in the cue to be transcribed. Often most dreams transcriptions will be given to me this way as it makes it a little easier for me to find the dream when they begin talking about them. Instead of going through all of them I just have to look at the last one in the thread in most cases.
Here is the article:


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