Dream Interpretation For Upset Mother

Upset Mother Dream Interpretation / Transcription

This transcription was also linked to another prophecy and confirmation that was predicted around the same time. However, the date of the prophecy was more specific and the event happened as it was clearly stated in the prophecy and featured in the Hamilton Spectator on November 3, 2008.

Posted by Adam Kadmon: October 29, 2008 at 9:27 pm

Hi everyone,

I am posting this here because it is a dream that was told to me.

Someone close to me split up with his long time girlfriend and he was confused about a dream he had.

In the dream he was sitting between the mother and the sister of his ex-girlfriend and he was trying to convince them of his love for her. However, both the mother and the sister were very upset with him. One mentioned something about not forgiving him for something that he said.

1. This is the dream where he was in the car with the family of his girlfriend and this car was a symbol of the vehicle of religion. When you are in the vehicle of religion and with a family in their religion, you must abide by their religious belief system if you want to be a part of their family as it often governs everything in their family. If a problem comes they will secretly base their decisions on their religious beliefs and if their vehicle of religion has no spiritual connection, then they will put pressures on others in the family to act in ways that are not very spiritual. Especially in their relationships.

2. When this man was in the vehicle he was in between someone who found a reason to not forgive him for some of the things he said instead of helping him. This man felt a betrayal which can cause a lot of confusion in life. When we have a relationship with the family of someone that we love, then we are in their vehicle of religion, even when it is not evident.

3. Secretly many people do not accept the religious beliefs of others and they will have some fear if someone in their family is in a relationship with someone who has a different belief system. It is a form of religious evil when someone changes the love they have for another based on their religious beliefs. We should never forget that we can love anyone no matter what their religious belief system is and it is their actions that reflect who they really are.

4. When we have problems in our relationships, we usually make an effort to seek people out in the family that can give us advice and we try to listen to them. We form a bond of religious fusion with them spiritually. When we are spiritually bonded with another person you put trust in them. This trust often helps us to react and take a different direction in the relationships that we have.

5. Our actions will almost always reflect the relationships that we have. If we have spiritual relationships then our actions will often be more spiritual. When we have confusion in our life, we will need relationships that are spiritual. We often take the most spiritual direction from those that we care about.

6. If you let confusion take you in the wrong direction, then you will often have a different reality. When this man has a problem he will try to seek someone that he is spiritually connected with. So in essence he is seeking some spiritual direction from someone. And if this person has confusion that he seeks advice from, he will take the wrong direction, especially if he receives the same advice from someone else who is equally in confusion.

7. So how can we ever know what is the proper direction spiritually when we are experiencing problems in life? We have to pray and seek guidance from God for you can depend on Him to always give you the right advice. When you put yourself in someone else's confusion, you are taking a non-spiritual direction and begin to accept their vision of reality.

8. We cannot have spiritual progress when we are fused to someone else's vision of something that is not the truth. And if we have to fuse our self to someone else's reality then we are in confusion. When we are in spiritual confusion we have trouble believing in the miracles of God.

9. Once we have a spiritual mission from God, we place ourselves in the vehicle of God, and we live by His reality of truth and love. Those that ride in our vehicle will have the same reality and once they are in God's vehicle they are fused to him spiritually.

10. The opposite of being in spiritual confusion is being under the protection of God. So now, what is the reality that you live under? In other words what are your beliefs when it comes to God and what His religion is for? Do you believe that God will punish everyone who has a different belief system and that He is not capable of accepting that we all have different realities depending on the relationships we have? That means everyone who did not have a chance to learn Christianity because of the relationships they had with their family, where they lived in the world, and the belief systems they were under, would not be living in our reality.

11. Can you see that the reality they live under is just as real as our own? And how do you know that the reality that they have isn't the right one? That is why God is needed. God knows that every one of us have our own belief systems.

12. When you are spiritually confused about something, He will guide you in a spiritual way so you can learn from it. God, He is not responsible for putting you into problems in life, however, He tries to help you out of them if you request His help. Every problem has a solution with the help of God as long as you learn from it. And each time we learn from something that God teaches us, we have spiritual growth and we get a step closer to heaven.

13. Each time we are bonded to someone else's confusion, they are trying to pull us down the stairs of spiritual evolution. In other words we don't have a choice to evolve spiritually into what we believe and this is when Satan steals our choices in life. Everyone in this group has the right to choose their own reality by believing in what they want to believe in. However, if you choose to believe that Adam is not translating what the budgies are really saying, then don't expect to hear what is captioned.

14. That is why you have to approach the translations by paying attention to what you do understand from the beginning. Every time you have some confusion about what they are saying, just think to yourself "is that something God would try to communicate to everyone?" This is the basis of spirituality, for we have to be open to the truth from God and not from someone who has no religious reality.

15. There is a problem when your belief system does not live within the reality of God because that will cause you confusion and you will not be able to seek the help of God when you need it. So why does God need to communicate to us through dreams and visions? There is no other way to communicate with us spiritually unless we are not in spiritual confusion. When most of the religions of the world are causing us spiritual confusion, He needs to find a way to get through to us. This is why the transcripts that Adam is doing are important.

16. When he teaches lessons through these prophecies, he is opening us up spiritually to the reality of God. Now why are the translations of the budgies important? You are witnessing testimony from a source that does not come from the reality of science. So you cannot confuse it with something that originates from an evil reality of humanity. And when we witness something that cannot be explained by science, then we know it is something that originates from the metaphysical and all of the budgies will tell you that too.

17. Now we will have a prophecy from this transcript and it will result in another newspaper article. And there will be a religious event where a miracle will be performed. It will be one that cannot be ignored by anyone as the media will be there to document it is happening. It will be witnessed by a lot of people and it will happen within the time frame of this weekend.

18. It is a result of this transcription Adam has done, and it will be close to the region that Adam lives in. It is meant to show you that Adam really is connected to God and He will raise this miracle to show that He is supporting this transcript.

19. So what is your reason to doubt that God will not perform this miracle? Adam has done many things that have been wrong in his life, but he has always maintained his love and compassion for all humanity.


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