Handicap Party and Display of Love Dreams

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Linda's Handicap Party and Display of Love Dreams Translation / Transcription

Dec 29, 2007

I had a dream that I went into a small town. I believe it was the town I used to live in and went to a store where I knew the owners of the store. The store had been closed down because he could no longer afford to keep open. So they were there but they were not open. However, I insisted on going in and buying things and spent a lot of money there.
I went outside and put the things that I bought in a box beside the road so a particular person or company could pick it up for needy people. I remember thinking that I should put it where it is visible by the shop owner so he could keep an eye on it until it was picked up.

Another dream I had is I was going with a friend of mine to a place. This place was like a party in a board room in a building. It could have been an administrative building for disabled people or mentally handicapped pople. I did not realize I was going to this party, and when we first got there people were very friendly and I was trying to find a place to sit down. Because I did not know about the party, I was improperly dressed, but this lady said she had something for me to wear. She had this extra sweater, so she let me wear it so I looked more dressy. The party was quite nice and welcoming and there was a man there that was kind of the honered person at the party. He was a very nice man who was well known and respected by everyone there. There was also an animal that came to the door and they let it in. I don't remember the kind of animal it was though. It kind of hung out with everyone and I was interested in being with this animal for some reason. There might have been a small child too at the same time.


Transcription by Adam Kadmon- 4th January, 2008
Linda's Handicap Party Dream

1. Linda had a dream about some people in a building. The symbol of being handicapped was something they were missing.
2. She didn't know these people were having a party. It was a party for people who learned from Adam Kadmon. They knew that he had helped them feel much better, even though they were handicapped, so they made a surprise gathering. They knew that Linda was very close to him, and they wanted to surprise her as well.
3. There were lots of wonderful people there helping. Someone helped Linda by giving her a sweater to wear. A symbol of love was this sweater, and everyone there could see this love of Linda.
4. So now lets reverse in spiritual reasoning for this sweater of love. You will get to experience God's spiritual love for all of your life. Each time you chose to have a spiritual gathering, you will see and feel the love of your God. You don't have to always plan to have a spiritual gathering, for they will often be waiting for you as long as you are near people in religion.
5. When we are around people in a spiritual life, it is religion. It is not the same thing, for we are often alone spiritually, and that is the difference when you travel your life. You are never alone on a spiritual walk as long as you journey with the love of other people. Each time you take a journey in spirituality, you take the love of others with you. And God also walks with you as well.
6. As long as you have people who love you in your life, you will be able to take a spiritual journey. So how do we know people are still with us on this journey? Because without you being there, they are missing something, and they will have confusion when you are not there. So they will spiritually travel with you, and learn from the spiritual life you travel.
7. So Adam, was being honored at this party, and he wasn't even aware of it. And to show Linda we have experiences in relationships we see this religious event.
8. So now we must find a place to have these experiences. The forum is a very good place to start having some of these experiences, but we will need her to attend. Adam cannot be honored without her being there as that would not be the actions of someone who loves him. Linda needs to make an effort in the forum and God will be there spiritually helping her.
9. Linda did not know that they were honoring Adam there, because she had not come to this party with him. Some of the people were a little confused about the relationship that Linda and Adam had, for the effort that Linda makes is very important for she needs to solidify her mission.
10. They need to know that Adam is not alone. When there is an effort that is spiritually the same, then you will be able to experience it together. We know the time has come for Linda to spiritually show herself in this mission of God and the angels want to walk with her and Adam together.
11. We need to start this religion with two strong people together in a spiritual life. We want you to experience these miracles together. And once you begin to take this spiritual journey together, others will be inspired by the love that you have and join you on the mission God has planned for you.
12. And we will also make a promise, that each person who participates with their spiritual intervention, will also be able to experience these miracles even if they are handicapped in their life.
13. So what is the handicap we are talking about? In this dream the people were handicapped at this party. They needed intervention to see through the confusion that they were having in their spiritual life and they all knew that Adam was able to help them.
14. So this is the promise we are making. You are spiritually handicapped if you do not have spiritual freedom. There will be a lesson for everything in your spiritual life here, and yes we will always make promises of something wonderful here for this is the spiritual connection to your life and what you need in your spiritual evolution. It is what life is about spiritually and what God has based everything on.
15. When you begin to see how everything in life revolves around spirituality, you will begin to experience God's miracles. And as you begin to understand the spirituality of life, you will see how everything God does has a reason.
16. And there is also a prophecy of relationships. There is always loving relationships while you are walking in the spirituality of God. So for those who have never experienced the power of loving relationships, you will find them in here. Even those who have experienced the power of love, they will be shown how it revolves around spirituality. You will know how love always has a reason, and your relationships will become very spiritual.
17. When you are replacing evil with love in relationships, you are walking spiritually with God, and this gives you a reason for everything you do in life. So this is the reason for spirituality and the reason God has created all life.
18. This is the reason for all spiritual evolution too. When all of our actions are based on spirituality, we experience all the good things God wants us to. And this is the key to automatic happiness. So when we begin to choose the direction of a spiritual life, we automatically find happiness.
19. But it is not always as easy as we think. Confusion can cause emotional evil in life, and we must learn how to see through it. In our confusion, we choose the direction of evil, and cannot grow spiritually, until we take the direction of God. We do not have to be an evil person to follow the direction of evil as we are just lost in the confusion. The lessons you have here will help you to understand the direction you are going.

20. The essence of each of your reactions live in the spiritual. Even the ones that consist of evil, so you need to reverse this evil in the spiritual. Each reaction that consist of emotions of love, also live in the spiritual and they will affect you in the physical. So when there is a concentration of devine emotion like love, it will affect you positively in life and that is why you need relationships in religion.
21. When you are experiencing the emotion of love, you are experiencing the pleasures of God. And when you are experiencing emotional evil, you are experiencing the emotions of satan. And this is not love.


Linda's Display of Love Dream - Dec 29, 2008

Linda said:

I had a dream that I went into a small town. I believe it was the town I used to live in and went to a store where I knew the owners of the store. The store had been closed down because he could no longer afford to keep open. So they were there but they were not open. However, I insisted on going in and buying things and spent a lot of money there.
I went outside and put the things that I bought in a box beside the road so a particular person or company could pick it up for needy people. I remember thinking that I should put it where it is visible by the shop owner so he could keep an eye on it until it was picked up.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon Jan 06, 2008

1. God will help in this forum. Linda had a dream which is a symbol of her faith. Now this is important. This store was closed by the owners for a reason and she was spending her money for things she needed in life. Then she went outside to display them so others could have them. So what is the meaning of the dream she had here?
2. Linda knew the things in her life were becoming more spiritual. So Linda has chosen the things she needs in life to be more spiritual. And every time she is doing this in her life, she is showing faith in religion. And everyone who walks by can see this display of her love. And this is the way that we show faith.
3. These emotions will cause a miracle. When God chose her to be a visionary, God mentioned to her that she had a mission in religion, and he promised her a miracle for each reversal of evil.
4. As she lives in her spiritual life, life has become easier for her, as she has begun to trust the direction of her God. And each time she has a demonstration of faith here, God will give her some more miracles as He has promised. The grace of God for religious people, has always produced special gifts for them. Especially when they are willing to give them away. And this is the reason that other visionaries are being given this gift. For once you have it, you must display it.
5. Once Linda put it out there, she wanted to keep an eye on it. We mentioned this store was closed for a reason. The store owners here were not practicing in a spiritual life. They were not people who were practicing to be visionaries and they wanted to keep everything they had there. Even when they were bankrupt spiritually in life they found a reason to hoard all the spiritual things that they had.
6. And Linda wanted them to keep an eye on these spiritual things for her so they could see how much good they could do for people who needed them. And this is how we display and show an example of a spiritual life. And when there are actions that consist of love, we are moving in a direction away from evil and this is a spiritual reaction of God.
7. Each of these spiritual reactions in your life, can create a miracle and can save a life. There is no pressure in your life when you are taking direction from God. When you are a visionary, God will give you all the things that you need spiritually for survival. It is often something that you need physically in your life.
8. We all need things for survival in the physical and God wants us to live comfortably as well. He will often bless you with things that you need to be happier in life. But you must understand the things that come from God are different from the things that we get that come from the direction of evil.

9. There is lots of confusion in this area in life. When you receive something from an action of your evil, then it causes at least an evil reaction in someone else. So we must learn how to understand the things that come from actions of evil and the things that come from God.
10. This is what we will be learning in the next sequence of dreams of the visionaries Linda and Adam. We will clear up the confusion of things of evil in life.

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