Our Beliefs

A New Religion Religious and Spiritual Beliefs (Our Spiritualist Beliefs)

1. We believe that the soul is eternal and it evolves through spiritual evolution.

2. We believe that God is The First Soul or Spirit and all souls were born through him.

3. We believe in mediums, visionaries, prophetic abilities, mystics, shamans and those alike as long as they produce good deeds, are sane and not evil.

4. We believe that God's first law is the preservation of all life.

5. We believe that God and the angels can give us direction in life through dreams and visions.

6. We believe there is a legion of angels working with God who provides humanity with direction to prevent pain and suffering.

7. We believe that some animals go to heaven if their soul has enough love and compassion for other living things.

8. We believe that God is not responsible for any evil that happens on earth or in the heavens and He is incapable of creating anything evil.

9. We believe we have infinite chances to make it to heaven to join God through spiritual evolution.

10. We do not practice or condone any form of religious evil or persecution and know that God gives us the right to believe in any religion. We choose to believe in religions that do not propagate evil.

11. We believe in a loving God that would not condemn our soul to eternal damnation.

12. We believe that the love of family and friends helps to sustain our souls in heaven for eternity.

13. Our mission is to provide others with proof of the existence of a higher power through dreams, visions, prophecy and miracles.

14. We believe that God wants all of us to experience love, joy and happiness in life.

15. We believe that a reversal of evil in a person, group or civilization allows God's intervention, which causes miracles.

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