Dream Interpretation About Buying Marbles

This is a second dream that I had last night. For some reason I wanted someone to buy me a bunch of marbles. I do not know why I wanted them except I loved the way they looked. I told this person to buy me mostly clear marbles of different tints and 10 of each colour. I wanted as many colour tints as he could get. I also said that I wanted 10 brown and white marbles as well. When the person went to get the marbles they said that they only had one clear type of marble and it was a light brown clear marble. I remember looking at it and was a little disappointed. So I went to the store and tried to find some more. However, I could only find the one type.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon March 5, 2012 at 4:40 pm EST

1. In this dream you wanted to buy some marbles. These marbles are a symbol of an object that is very spiritual. Each of these marbles consisted of colours that were transparent. Prophecy is better when it is more clear. When prophecy is clouded it is very unclear and it will be easily forgotten.

2. What is the process that forms something that you won't forget? If you have a vision you want to come alive in the physical, you will have to find reason to use your passion that exists in love. Use your heart and you will come out of confusion.

3. When you show actions of love in confusion, there is a reverse of evil. When you ask for direction in a religion of God, you are hoping you will get the right spiritual answer from God. These marbles that you wanted consisted of many different colours. You wanted many beautiful colours. You had a vision of beauty that you needed to see once again in the physical. When you know something spiritual can form from a vision, you have reason to be full of anxiousness to see it happen.

4. We know that emotionally your final result is inspiration from your vision. If your vision is as beautiful as the outcome you obtained, then you will be inspired to create a better vision. When you have many different possibilities for each vision then we should not forget any of them.

5. Each new vision has a possibility when it begins to come clear. Each of the visions that you have chosen will have some intervention from God if you are seeking a spiritual action that accompanies them. When you can see what causes intervention from God, you will see how your original vision is related.

6. Now it is time for an explanation of this dream. Adam had some confusion when he couldn't get all the marbles he wanted. When we are disappointed, we find it hard to forget about it as well. However, in confusion we can easily forget other possibilities. Now, if your confusion is understood you will be ready for possibilities that would have been missed if you forgot about your original vision.

7. So how can we benefit from the lesson in this dream. We must begin with our original vision and improve on it. Really we can't fear each vision will not come clear. Take a vision you have seen that inspired you and begin to improve on it.

8. And if it is not very clear, you can find a way to get inspiration from your original vision. You can't forget what your original vision was and how it evolved during the process. Through this you will actually begin to understand spiritual evolution. You must remember that there are many stages of spiritual evolution and each one of them has a very clear purpose.

9. Once we begin to understand the process of spiritual evolution we will be able to remember all the possibilities that will unfold as a result of it. And once you clearly understand the endless possibilities you will be open to receive the miracles that come with the intervention of God.

10. A prophecy was given to you that was to begin at the beginning of this month (March, 2012) It gave us a beautiful vision of the process that would begin to happen in Iran. If there is confusion with prophecy, then we will forget when it really happens. And if you clearly forget a prophecy that God has given to you, then you won't be looking for it. Once you forget a vision God has given to you, you won't be able to experience it once it comes true. Therefore the prophecy of the vision does not take place in the physical until it is remembered. This is why we need religion.

11. We can all partake in the miracles that God has given through prophecies in religion. So His religion is a catalyst to show how His intervention causes miracles. Through it, we can't forget He is on a mission to reverse the evil that is in the world.

12. Now lets look at the prophecy that was given about Iran and how there will be a process of intervention from God.

This is the prophecy that was given on February 19th, 2012

"What is the prophecy that we will be experiencing here? We will soon experience an event that will come on the first of next month. It shall prevent more death and tragedy. You won't forget this vision. We will give you more of the prophecy. It will clearly happen in Iran. It will involve America. They are on a mission to protect the rest of the region from a major disaster. They will not ignore what is happening in the region and they will find a way to stabilize the area. They will begin a process in the area that will make sure the people will survive a major war of evil."

13. There is much evil happening in the region and much of it relates to the possibility of nuclear war. On the beginning of the month the Israeli Prime Minister came to Canada. There is a possibility that Israel will declare war on Iran and this is something God wants to prevent from happening. Israel is on a mission to gain more support from United States and Canada. If they get permission to make war in the region, it could escalate and cause much more death and suffering.

14. It is unclear what they will do to prevent the effects of a nuclear disaster. How will they protect all the people in the region without causing more evil and destruction? They will need some intervention from God. We cannot forget everything that has happened and the problems that arise when Israel begins an assault in the region, so we must look back to our original vision which happens with peace.

15. Now what can they do to solve the problems there? If other countries support an attack by Israel, then it will cause an expansion of evil. Spiritually they will need to make the correct decision. This will guide them in the right direction.

16. When you have a reason to project some evil onto someone who is not really involved in an action that threatens you, this is something that is even worse than the threat or action in the first place. If you have information that gives you a reason to react with evil, than you have chosen to release your evil first. If you can use this information to prevent a release of evil on you, then you must seek a spiritual way to do it.

17. So, if you seek a spiritual reaction, you will avoid confusion and know that you have gone in the direction that God has wanted you to go. Yes, if you show Him that you are willing to seek a spiritual solution, God will provide you with one.

18. Now, if your mission is evil, you will not be able to take the direction your God wants you to go. If you are on a mission that has no resolution, except causing more confusion, you can be sure you are not going in the direction God wants you to go.

19. There is no excuse for a release of religious evil that results in a loss of life. Civilization evolves when there is a change in our thinking that reverses the confusion of our past actions. So if we seek to evolve from the confusion we have, we will learn to avoid evil that will seriously affect our spiritual evolution.

20. We will have a prophecy with this transcription. The meeting that happened between Obama and Netanyahu will release some information that shall help the region decide which way they proceed in regards to the problems arising in Iran. Obama will speak about the confusion that caused mistakes and serious devastation in the area. It shall include an admission that the reaction was wrong and he has learned that this kind of reaction isn't something that will propagate peace in the Middle East.

21. He will admit that the confusion is something that needs to be changed in the future and he shall not get involved in this war. If Israel wishes to cause more evil and destruction in the area, he will refuse to support them. If Israel can seriously look to the past they will see how they have been an instigator in much that has already happened in the wars which involved United States.

22. If you have a vision and you will only accept one outcome, instead of many different possibilities, then you may not be able to achieve the vision that you have, for it may not be available. A vision which is evil will not be something that is supported spiritually by God. So if God does not support you, there shall be no spiritual evolution for those who are affected.

23. When you are a visionary of God, you will see it clearly.


This was an interesting article from the New York Times which came out on March 6th, 2012.  I believe is a confirmation of the prophecy above which stated it would happen at the beginning of March, 2012.


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