The Ghost Prophet

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The Ghost Prophet Dream Interpretation/Transcription

On 2 May 2014, Adam had this dream

I was with this group of people who were being terrorized by this women. She was chasing us all around and firing a gun at us, trying to kill us. I don't know the reason why but I felt that it was someone we knew or even someone that was within our group of friends. We were all terrified and jumped into a large transport truck and took off to get away from her. Shortly after that she got in her white cube van and began chasing us again down the highway. We soon noticed that the van was approaching us at the right hand side of the cab of our truck and feared that she was going to fire at us through the vehicle window. The driver of our vehicle decided to make a sharp right causing our truck to jackknife and the cab of our truck turned sideways. I remember seeing her vehicle heading straight for us and she hit us full force on the side of the cab. Both vehicles then came to a stop. I quickly got out of our vehicle and got into hers. At that point I saw her crouched on the floor by the gas pedal and clutch, ready to fall out of her door over a cliff which was several hundred feet over an embankment. When she saw me she reached out her hand and asked for help. Without hesitation I took her hand and pulled her to safety where she laid still in a daze. Then I immediately noticed she was still angry with us and saw her go for her gun which was in her pocket. Before she had a chance I quickly grabbed her and threw her over the side where she fell to her death. The other members of the group questioned why I threw her over and I told them what happened. We all felt sad that she had died and I felt guilty for doing it, but we came to the conclusion I did not have any other choice.

Part 2

In the second part of the dream sequence our group was in the vehicle again. It could have been the transport truck or a bus. We were all in a happy mood and decided to get off the highway. When we did, we were going down a hill with a wide curve. There was an embankment on the side of the road like you would see in a mountainous area. The view was beautiful but as we went along we noticed animals running across the road and purposely falling off the cliff. We thought it was very odd but continued a little further until we noticed that every vehicle we approached or passed us was also falling off the cliff. I remember seeing a news flash in my mind that was reporting the incident. Finally we came to the bottom of the hill where there was this unpaved semi-circular parking area. When we stopped we all got out and thought how beautiful the view looked, however, we felt threatened by what was happening around us and decided to get back in the vehicle and head back up the mountain to get to safety which was away from the place we found. As we were leaving, I noticed the women who had fallen earlier was standing behind us and calling for us to wait for her. I could see her but somehow knew she was only a ghost or spirit and not real. As we drove away the spirit cried out, "But I am a prophet."

Transcription by Adam Kadmon- Completed on 14 May 2014

Note: The first half of this transcription was completed while I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car while going on a long trip. Therefore, it was a little difficult to maintain my connection, so it may be a little repetitive in the beginning. However, everything came together during the second part when I was able to concentrate more in a controlled setting.

The transcription begins:

  1. And there was this woman with a gun trying to shoot everyone and the people there were in fear for their lives. They got in the vehicle of religion and tried to get away.
  2. When there are people in our religion who may encounter suffering, they will need to get in the vehicle of religion and begin to run away from evil.
  3. When you encounter evil you better distance yourself from it. Everyone wants to see a philosophy that makes them feel they are good if they encounter evil. If they have a mission from God, they will know how to get away from evil, even when they don't even know it will cause them future suffering.
  4. You shouldn’t have a reason to let the evil that affects your soul cause confusion in your religion. If this confusion affects everyone except you, then you might be mistakenly seen as using an action that others may view as being the evil you are trying to avoid. If this happens, it is something that should not affect the direction you are going unless it causes some pain and suffering on others.
  5. So how can we not cause pain and suffering on something evil when we have no choice with a direct action to get out of some evil? There will be times that emotionally we can't avoid causing evil to get upset when we do something it doesn't like, but we should never react with evil ourselves. Never make a decision that will cause someone evil that is weak in their confusion.
  6. As a new visionary, we know that confusion can be reversed with the help of God when someone asks for it. So you better believe that God can give you direction when you are in confusion.
  7. For God to reverse your confusion He also requires a visionary to remember to ask Him for help when you are approaching some evil and confusion. We also ask Him to give us a direction that is safe for ourselves and others so we can avoid any future evil. If you do, He will speak to you in a spiritual dream. God will provide the answer to all your spiritual needs if you are willing to listen.
  8. So let us go back to this dream. When we are driving in our vehicle of religion and being chased by evil we know we need to react with love, for it will always be the direction that God wants you to go. And when you are cornered by evil, really seek a reason it is important to have an action that can reverse the evil.
  9. When a reversal of evil can provide you with a miracle, it carries the highest importance. So when this woman was chasing everyone with no regard for their life, with her own vehicle of religion, it required something good to reverse the reaction she was having.
  10. If you can not avoid crashing into her vehicle of religion you should ask for some help from God. If we have a problem when we can't avoid the evil of someone else, you should look at it as an opportunity to reverse some evil that can open the door to something miraculous.
  11. That is the secret of a prophet working with God. Prophets secretly reverse the evil that can cause evil and destruction even when they are not fully aware of doing it, for much of what they have done in the past is affecting the future. Do you think Christmas was something that Christ knew was going to happen?
  12. Now let us caress these people with another miracle. We need to talk about the forums that produce all this objectivity. There are many who are objecting that budgies are really communicating with Adam.
  13. Does the object of this confusion come from believing someone else who has taken on the role of being a prophet for this religion? We also cannot forget all the reasons some of them came to Adam for help.
  14. There are many who are not ready to become a part of and accept in faith a process that comes from a visionary that works with budgies. How Adam gets his transcriptions is a perfect process for this religion.
  15. However, there are also some who have practiced this that we know have connected to something that they do not understand, causing not only confusion for themselves, but others. No one has the right to force their own religious evil on a religion that doesn't want to accept it.
  16. This was symbolized by the vehicle of this person who was chasing Adam's vehicle of religion, as it threatened everyone who was part of this religion. Anything that threatens us spiritually can cause harm to our soul.
  17. When you share your confusion, giving the illusion that you are able to accept the communication in the same way that Adam does, then you become a mockery for what he does. If you have a mission to learn what Adam has learned, you need to follow and learn with love.
  18. And some who use an illusion, never connect to the prophecy in this religion. In heaven, the souls who cannot learn from others without having a reason to respect them, will need some time to purge their evil before they are accepted in heaven.
  19. If they cannot avoid chasing everyone in their confusion, they will not be allowed to enter heaven. When people act in ways that show they are not ready to listen to God's intervention, then they are surely not given the key to heaven.
  20. So when this crash happened and these two vehicles chose to crash into one another, Adam felt threatened by this evil, as he was responsible for getting the souls in his vehicle of religion to heaven.
  21. And when he felt that there was real evil, he let the person go over the ledge of evil. His own confusion made him think that he was the one that threw her to her death.
  22. Adam's responsibility shook when this happened and he felt very guilty for it. And Adam wasn't trying to cause evil on someone that was following him, yet he had cause to let her go when the clutch of evil was too great on her.
  23. If she had found reason to listen, the result would have been different and he could have kept her with him and forgave her for everything that happened.
  24. And this prophecy empowers a time when evil may be telling lies about a bible. Many shall copy Adam's work, and pretend it is their own, but no-one will have the prophecies that come from this religion that will be confirmable, unless they are here to become part of this religion and listen to what God has to say through the transcriptions.
  25. We all have different ways of approaching a vehicle that is on the road to God's heaven, even when we feel that we are going in same direction. We also have no reason to involve another religion in a spiritual crash of religious evil. So if you want to follow what other prophets have made, they can lead you to prophecies of evil.
  26. What is a prophet? It is someone who takes a journey within prophecy. It's a process that God uses to connect prophecy to help civilization. It is also a process where you can learn spiritual evolution through the lessons that you are given.
  27. Even evil has evolution so there has to be a way for God to reverse it. How can spiritual evolution be perfected without a connection to the angels in heaven, for they are experts.
  28. What is the purpose of spiritual evolution? What it can do is protect your eternal soul for its very purpose is experiencing all the wonders in heaven. In eternity, we will never be without it.
  29. Now the rest of the dream that Adam had. Their vehicle was driving on this highway towards a spiritual and heavenly place. They were on this journey to meet a group of other people who were waiting for them in this valley.
  30. This valley was not a very easy place to get to for they needed to travel along the cliff of religious evil. The view was beautiful but the winding road was very dangerous.
  31. All of a sudden there was confusion that disoriented every living thing that they were seeing. Without control spiritually, everyone began to jump off. You won't forget this for it really is important.
  32. Evil has a way of making us forget that our spiritual evolution is important and that is the main process that evil uses to cause us to devolve spiritually. Anything that causes us to devolve spiritually is evil.
  33. The animals there were represented by it, for many of them were rodents and snakes.
  34. When religion is not born in God, there is often evil. When the people believe in lies, there is an interruption of their spiritual growth until they see the truth.
  35. This winding road represented a path of deception where others were being sucked in as soon as their confusion led them to it. It winded with corruption and evil as it reached out beautifully. It would call from a distance, but then grab them as they got too close.
  36. So why didn't the vehicle that Adam was using go over the side? Direction was given by God and He protected them as they followed it.
  37. When they got down to the valley, they had a vision of beauty. And spiritually, they began to feel that this place was not safe, for the valley was free from the people whom they went to meet. They did not know a spirit was waiting to deceive them again. They knew that something was trying to draw them spiritually with false illusions, so they decided to go back.
  38. The point is, when we are beckoned by something that claims one thing, but does not provide verifiable proof, if you follow it, it will lead you to nothing but spiritual devolution.
  39. You shouldn't have a reason to have belief in a visionary who can't provide you with something you know is real. You must prosper in a mission you have from your God, and not an illusion you have of yourself. Your life is not a vision of your imagination, unless it stems from God and we know there is corruption in visionaries who lie.
  40. This corruption will result in confusion unless you seek help from someone who delivers the truth. This corrupted spirit beckoned Adam to take her with them, but she had no willingness to listen to any lessons that were given by Adam, for she wanted to corrupt others within the religious vehicle that Adam used.
  41. And it was very sad that Adam had to leave this spirit in the valley of illusions, but he saw where she was trying take them. He tried to save her life, but she chose to use her lies to become an illusion of what she wanted others to see her as. And it was time to leave her behind.
  42. If you are interested in this religion, you should not trust her, for she will begin to beckon you. She will give you the illusion she is working with Adam. If you are uncertain who this person is, you will see the lies when she does. For she claims she has the same mission as him. You must know that Adam's Linda is not this person for she will always work with him.
  43. The person we are talking about used to be involved in the same mission as Adam and would not even acknowledge any of the direction God tried to give her. And that is what caused her to fall over the edge of religious evil.
  44. Adam is still waiting with his arm extended and he wants to forgive her if her religious evil can be reversed.
  45. There is a prophecy that other visionaries will come soon, and when they do, Adam knows that she may try to beckon them towards the ledge of religious evil. So you must be aware if it happens to you. She will only confuse you with her illusions.
  46. Let us reverse this confusion before it begins to happen and we shall have a miracle. As we reverse this confusion, we will experience a prophecy here.
  47. We will have another person who originally listened to this persons lies. They will soon choose to alter the mission they have with her, and begin to work with Adam. This person finds reason to realize this spirit is not working with Adam. And when this person changes their mission to help Adam, they will become a great visionary.
  48. They will choose to follow Adam and help us reverse much evil in the world. The time is approaching that this will happen and the angels will rejoice in heaven when it does.
  49. Every new visionary that has experienced this confusion will be welcome to ride with him, as long as they are willing to follow and learn. With each visionary that reverses this confusion, they shall begin to have miracles in their lives. And they shall be on the path of spiritual evolution.
  50. If you refuse to listen to these lessons, then you should not try to use the vehicle here, for it may be recorded in the history of this religion.
  51. Evil always has reason to come to see a parade of heaven to mock the flag of prophecy. But many others will still come to see these accomplishments displayed by God.
  52. If you come to be a witness to a new age of prophecy, or want to march in the parade yourself, you will be welcomed by everyone who has a reason to believe and everyone will see you standing there.
  53. If you are uncertain if you would like to take part in prophecy, then we will not hold you or force you to believe. This is one of the main problems we have had in the past and we will need to reverse this evil before it starts again.
  54. A forum that is spiritually sound cannot exist with any deception. And when it relies on religious prophecy, it can only have one source. Some of the forums that Adam worked with in the past were corrupted by a process of visionaries who relied on their confusion and illusions.
  55. Everyone has their own point of view, but there is only one religion that Adam is currently connected to and it involves the angels who pass on these lessons and prophecies. And they will result in many events that will come in the future. Each of these events will be confirmable by people in this religion and you will see some of them yourself.
  56. If you want a spiritual journey in a religion that reverses some evil in the human race you are in the right place. We shall begin to teach the evolution of prophecy for all of the new visionaries that will come. You will see how it will evolve in a religion that is connected to God.
  57. Now we will receive a revelation for evolving what we have been doing here. When a visionary is corrupted by falling over the cliff of religious evil, their very soul shall have a need to climb back up. When this happens it is the beginning of a change and it will result in spiritual evolution. Their corruption is actually replaced with love.
  58. The life of Jesus was originally taken through the same process which allowed him to become one of God’s most relied on visionaries of all time. If you have a vision to lead a life more like Jesus, we can help you become more like Him. A visionary’s life is the life they lead with the reasoning of God.
  59. Some confusion will arise within your lifetime and we shall be there to help with a dream or vision. When your soul begins to evolve it will seek a reverse in your thinking and shall involve the use of the reasoning of God. You shall begin to receive what you seek for this is not a religion that causes your soul to spiritually devolve. Some of you shall begin to receive a reverse in your thinking which has caused you much confusion in the past.
  60. Now, let us recap what we have learned here. So we must review the lies of humanity. When humans receive information, they always have a source and often the source will have different views of what the whole truth is. When the source is corrupted, and you listen to it, it will give you an illusion and it spiritually affects you.
  61. The reason a visionary can reverse confusion is because they are willing to reason with the information they have been given, forming their own interpretation on what they have been told.  
  62. There are many sources that can give us the truth about the events that happen, but there are few that can provide you with the reason it happened. So we need to spiritually seek how God would feel about each source and if it provides you with a false illusion. If it provides you with an illusion, it will cause you confusion if you believe it. And if you believe it, then your thinking and your direction will change when you act on it.
  63. Many come here with a vision of something you have learned from your past. If your vision is something that prevents you from believing in a beautiful evolving religion, it will be more difficult to change your thinking.
  64. When each new visionary gets involved in this religion, they all have a different vision of the truth and this is the reason there has been some confusion in the past. So we need each visionary to be open to the reasoning provided by God.
  65. When we, the angels, began to contact the budgies, God knew that they could believe in the vision they were given, for many were seeking a reason why the world was so corrupted. Most of them could see the beauty in the people that they loved and they were able to receive communication from the angels in heaven.
  66. So God gave them the responsibility to relay this information to Adam. Many budgies connected with Adam, and they began to spiritually educate him. Many people were part of the indoctrination he had.
  67. They gave Adam promises of prophecy in dreams and visions in a religion from God. They made him aware of his connection to the bloodline of the prophets and his spiritual connection to religion.
  68. They proved to him his connection was more than an illusion even when he had a hard time believing himself. They showed him how prophecy was a process of God's intervention and how people can spiritually evolve. They gave him many reasons to have faith in the things they were teaching him and that they came from God and the angels in heaven.
  69. There were many times that Adam was chased by evil and confusion, but he was still able to ask for help and seek the answers through the information the angels were passing onto him.
  70. We hope we have given you a good understanding and brief history of how this religion began and how it truly qualifies as a religion from God. We have given you a vision of a religion that can change the life of anyone who wants to get involved.
  71. When God is part of a spiritual religion, it will provide you with spiritual evolution. Get on the bus and come with us, for we will take you away from the valley of illusions and get you on the highway to heaven. 




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