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Pushing The Button Dream Interpretation / Transcription

Adam posted April 24, 2009 at 5:45 am

Hi everyone, It has been a while since I have posted a dream. I am still working on completing Victor's videos. I did have a dream last night that was very unsettling, so I thought I better post it as it may be important.

In my dream I was at this townhouse complex. For some reason I had a missile launcher in my backyard. I believe it was a nuclear missile. There were some problems misslegoing on between Israel and Palestine. I took it upon myself to launch the missile at Palestine and basically forgot about doing it. A few minutes later someone in the house noticed that there were police all over the place around the townhouse complex. At that point I realized that they must be there because they knew someone launched the missile and it was only a matter of time before they found my launcher in the backyard. I looked outside and there were thousands of people. I remember thinking how stupid it was to launch the missile with all these people around and no wonder someone saw it.

At that point panic set in and I knew that I had to leave before the police showed up at my door. There were several people in the house and I collected a few dollars from them and told them I had to go on the run. When asked why I said I had just done something very stupid and the police would be looking for me. The people seemed to understand and comfort me, telling me not to worry that I would be back. I kissed Linda good-bye and hugged the rest of the family who was there and then I woke up happy to know it was only a dream.

Transcribed and posted by Adam Kadmon on April 26, 2009 at  4:31 pm

1. The missile was a symbol of something that causes death and destruction. You have a mission to prevent this from happening in the future. An event was happening outside and there were many police coming to watch it. There was confusion when you thought they were coming to see where the missile was launched from. When you began to launch this missile, you were thinking that it was the ordinary thing to do. However, you felt that is was a big mistake. It was apprehension that caused you to press the button.

2. The angels will explain apprehension. When we know something is evil it can cause an evil action, and we will expect to be punished for it. Adam had pushed this button which caused death and destruction that was pitiful. He still had confusion because he knew it wasn't right. When its purpose is not something that God wanted it will cause suffering to humanity.

3. What isn't right for this religion, is something that does not have compassion for life. This is why the videos of Victor and the other budgies are a good thing for this religion. As you are following Victor's videos, you see he is connected with his God and he has compassion for all life forms. Adam has been working non stop with his translations. Some of them have changed considerably since the original translations. As he grows more spiritually, he is improving on them. They are not perfect yet, but they are getting much better.

4. These videos shall profess him as a prophet who has the ability to show how God communicates with us. He is showing how God can lead us from confusion. You have seen how he translates. This isn't the same as one of his transcriptions. Yes there is a difference with the translations and the transcriptions Adam does. With this dream we can understand the difference.

5. We connect directly with Adam when he does a transcription and we are providing him with the dreams in this religion to work with. We are confirming this religion is coming from heaven with the articles that are provided in relationship to the dreams and transcriptions. Lets go back to the beginning of the dream that Adam had. In the dream He pushed the button without any regard for the future and he knew that it wasn't right.

6. His future was totally changed because of it. All of his family was there with him. The apprehension that he had, caused him to panic because he knew he had done wrong. Even when we think that we are going to save life in the long run, we should not choose to sacrifice life in the short term. Again, Adam's apprehension caused him to make the wrong decision.

7. So what is the answer for saving life in the long run? When we have reason to have apprehension of something evil happening in the future, we will run with our basic instincts for survival and this will often cause the thing we wanted not to, to happen. And this is one of the reasons we live in confusion. But this doesn't give us the right to ignore the things in life that threaten our survival.

8. Things that are a threat to us in life, are not from God. When you are on a mission to find a reason for something evil happening to you and if you find there is always someone else to blame except yourself, you will never try to change. If something evil has an affect on your life, you should never blame someone else, for it is us who chose the wrong direction.

9. There are some things that you do not have any control over, but for the most part you are responsible for all the evil that chases you in life. Your life should have a way to repel evil by responding to evil with love. And this is the way that we should lead our lives.

10. This morning, Adam did the right thing. He wanted originally to let his sister get coffee. When you cancel evil with love, it shows you have better reasoning. And this morning when she would not listen to you, she was very convinced she knew what you were going to talk about. And this was another example of apprehension.

11. In part of your dream you were leaving everyone you loved confused in your departure and this didn't live in reality. Whenever you run away from problems in your life, you should admit you made a mistake. When you realize that apprehension causes confusion, you can reverse a bad reaction. By pushing the button of apprehension, you caused more death and destruction at a point in time than if you would have delayed it.

12. We should always delay an action of evil against someone so we can think of a better way to solve the problem reasonably. Each time you react with love, you are reversing evil in the future so a miracle can happen. You will often resolve some evil before it would happen.

13. You must get ready for the summer. Linda is pregnant and she wants to know what you will be doing for the summer. We know that you are looking forward to a summer vacation and we know the summer is very close and you have some apprehension about how things will work out financially. We know you are worried about the things you need for this baby and your apprehension is based on the baby.

14. When does California fear that there will be a disaster? Are we forgiving if there was a bad earthquake and we were not prepared for it? Would we be right to change our life in fear of an earthquake? There is a reason to have apprehension about something that we do not have any control over, but there is no reason to caress confusion in something that we can control.

15. We know Adam's videos will get to be something that will help him out financially in the future. Apprehension has caused much confusion for him in the beginning of his translations because he was not ready spiritually to listen to everything that Victor said. He often feared that his work would not be accepted by anyone and this is not a unique problem that he experiences.

16. Most of the people in the world cannot really hear. When you have apprehension that something isn't really what it is shown to be, then confusion sets in and you can't see the truth. When you can believe in something beforehand, you are able to see truth more clearly. And this is how evil hides the truth.

17. When you are free from confusion, you are able to open your mind to the miracles of God. Then you can begin to believe and experience the miracles of life. You see there is no power in life greater then the love of God.

18. This is why we have tried to get you ready for a summer vacation. God realizes you have been working very hard and he feels that you deserve one and he wants you to get ready for something good. Adam has many videos that he is working on. From past experience he has found out that the captions were not as accurate as he thought they were. Now that he has found a way to improve them, he still has some apprehension that there are too many mistakes. He has fear that it may be too late to correct his mistakes and that his translations will not be trusted because of them.

19. And many times Adam has not been able to get the interest of the general public because these videos were not as accurate as they are now. His apprehension still causes him to doubt that someone will help him market the corrected versions. This apprehension causes an affect on his reasoning and causes him to doubt the prophecies that have been given to him in relationship to the videos as well.

20. So his confusion is affecting his actions for the future. How do we prevent Adam from getting in the grip of this kind of apprehension? We must try and encourage him and make sure that he doesn't give up on his mission. We know he has a reason to feel this way because he has tried so many different things. But as long as he reacts with love in everything that he is doing in relationship to these videos, he will eventually meet his goal. He must remember if there is an obstruction in his path, he must try to continue moving forward with love.

This confirmation came as the date of the dream was the April 24, 2009. This missile was launched over Japan on April 24, 2011.


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