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Linda's dream from January 14, 2008 posted April 20, 2008 at 2:25 pm

I was at a lumber yard or some kind of workplace. I was talking to a guy that worked there about a book that was from the past that had to do with history, possibly about Romans or Egyptians. We were talking and we each had a copy of this manuscript that we were reading and talking about. I know this guy and I were interested in each other and only just recently met. I know he had a hard time deciding what to tell me his name was for some reason. We left his work and we went in his vehicle. He drove quickly, and we went to an animal shelter or a pet store on the way. We were talking about getting a rabbit, and we were talking about getting a big bag of cranberries or some kind of fruit for this animal. Then we decided against it because the guy at the store said that the animal wouldn't eat this kind of food. Then it ended up that we weren't getting a rabbit we were getting a dog. It was a puppy that had been owned by someone else for a while, it was a bit of a terrorizer type dog, could have been a Jack Russell. The guy told me what size of pen this dog needed. It was sort of more like a playpen for a baby then it was a dog crate. So we get the dog and this crate and food for this dog and for some reason we needed to borrow this big trailer. It was an old wooden enclosed trailer to take this dog home. We borrowed it and we had to bring it back. So we keep going and we went to his place, which was quite far from where we were originally. And then I remember that when we were there, there were all these people, younger people that were worried about going to this place and for some reason these people were afraid to pass a certain point. So we ended up back in the vehicle, and this time the guy was having a few drinks as he was driving along and he was driving quickly. At the beginning, I didn't see a problem with it, but then I started worrying because I thought we might run into some police. So I asked him to stop drinking until we got to where we were going. At one point I remember driving along myself and I thought I was in a vehicle with a young girl. She said that she knew that I was in their family, because of certain things that I did, maybe it was the way I drove, I don't know, but this young girl could tell I was part of her family. So we were on our way to this place and these other people were worried about passing this certain point. It was a long stretch through this large mountain, but it was only a small area where you could drive through it. Not really sure what it was. There was some kind of bird all up and down all the edges of this big wall that these people were worried about. So I know we were talking about this book. And that's all I remember.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon posted October 18th, at 7:44 a.m.

1. The manuscript was a book from a past civilization and they both had a copy of it. This is a symbol of something we have duplicated from a past civilization. The book was from a time when there were animals that God gave the ability for speaking and this was the dawn of civilization.

2. Egypt was a much later civilization then this and they worshiped a lot of animals in their religion, and that was their downfall for many of their animals were evil. They required sacrifice as something to invoke the evil so it could work for them and this was not the will of God. They often worshiped evil incarnations as well. Therefore there was no compassion for life in their religion.

3. Most civilizations of this time constantly lived in fear of their religion and the people who worshiped with them. When Jesus came he began to change this. When he lived in Egypt God would speak to him and certain animals were waiting for Jesus to come. There were some that wanted to follow the will of God and they had a mission to help Jesus form a religion. They had a compassion for life.

4. When many prophets weren't listening to these animals they needed someone who could understand. These animals relied upon heaven to connect a prophet with a miracle religion to help save our civilization. So Jesus journeyed to Israel to show them how religions were breeding evil. His main purpose was to put compassion for life back into religion for there was much religious evil causing wars and the destruction of human life.

5. And even the Israelite's were filled with religious evil, so he had to rely on miracles from heaven to help convince them of his connection. Now with Adam there is a lot of confusion of how Jesus received his miracles from heaven. We know Jesus received his direction from the angels in heaven when he was staying in Egypt. These messages were relayed from the animals from God through a natural connection that these animals had. Jesus was spiritually connected by his bloodline just like many of the earlier prophets. Most animals had a relationship with religion at this time.

6. Those that were evil were worshipped like a God and many others were connected to God. The animals that were evil had no compassion for humanity or life and they always had a reason to cause wars and destruction. Without compassion they were void of any love, and when you are void of love you cannot have a connection to God and heaven.

7. When Jesus made the connection with those that were really connected to heaven in a special way, they passed on this knowledge and he began his ministry. God wanted Jesus to change the future by teaching people that their dreams were their connection to God. Now lets get back to this dream that Linda had.

8. They both had trouble deciding what his name was. This was a symbol of how evil can disguise itself by using a different name when it wants us to do something evil. We all know that taking someone's life is the worst evil and when we take a life in the name of God we breed religious evil of the worst kind. We cannot associate religion with God when it involves taking life and this is what God wants us to change the most.

9. If we use religion to take a life then it is evil. We cannot feel God will condone any form of religion that involves taking a life. In this dream, Linda and this man went in their vehicle of religion to get some food for a rabbit. They wanted cranberries but they decided not to buy them because a rabbit would not eat this kind of food.

10. When we try to feed something to an animal it won't eat it if it doesn't want to. This is a symbol of something that will give life, but if we do not want to eat it, then we will need something different. God gives every living creature the right to eat whatever they want when it comes to religion. For the fruit of life is the symbol of a religion that we need for our survival.

11. The budgies have taken on a mission that comes from God. They can open a portal from heaven because they are void of any evil and they can provide us with the fruit of life. Linda and this man decided to get something different then a rabbit. They decided to get a dog that was a little bit of a terrorizer and they needed a place for it to stay.

12. Whenever we are responsible for taking care of a creature from God, we need to ensure that it has food and shelter. We also need to ensure that it has a means of growing spiritually. For if we do not give it love and companionship, it will be void of any love and we will not be able to put any trust in it.

13. You will even have those that you do love who will try to deceive you. So you will have to rely on what information they are trying to pass on and whether it exists in love and compassion for others. If you are in the vehicle of religion and you find out that someone is threatening a life you will know it is not from God. You have a project that will teach you all of these things as you have a prophet that can connect to the source in heaven.

14. When God puts something in place to give them protection from evil, He will back it up with prophecies. In this dream Linda needed something to transport this dog home, so they went and got a trailer to transport it. This is a symbol and a promise that God will always find a way to carry all the things in this trailer that you will need for your animals that you take care of. For God has compassion for His animals as well and when you take care of them you are doing something good for God.

15. So why would God put trust in one species of His animals to help in a religion for humanities survival? The animals that He trusts are highest on the spiritual evolutionary ladder and they will definitely achieve their place in heaven when they have completed their mission.

16. In her dream there were some people who did not want to go past a certain point. That is a symbol of the fear that many people have when they have been programmed to believe in something that really isn't the truth. When we are shunned for our beliefs, then we are a victim of evil that is trying to affect our happiness in life. When we have fear that God would not approve of us believing in something that we are spiritually drawn to, even when it does not promote something that is evil, then we are spiritually repressed. So that isn't good for our soul.

17. In the dream this person was driving the vehicle of religion while under the influence of something that prevented him from driving responsibly. This represents how we can elude our responsibilities when we believe in something that could cause pain and suffering to all of humanity. In Linda's dream she had to return this animal pen to where it came from. This is a symbol of how every creature on earth is housed by God and how even the evil ones return to a spiritual destination. There they can have another chance to evolve again so they can climb the ladder of spiritual evolution.

18. When Linda's dream changed to being with a little girl who was in her family, it represented a genetic similarity to those that are in your family. We all know there is a bigger connection to those that are in your family which is related to the bloodline you share. Often we will see many of the same characteristics when we are related to someone by blood. They approached this mountain and it was a long stretch through it and there were birds perched on the side.

19. This was a symbol of how these birds had lots of reasons to watch them as they made their way through. The people with her had some fear of the birds that were perched there. If we fear those that are watching us, then we will never want to try anything new.

20. When we try something, we are spiritually making an effort to do something that we have never done before. We are taking a journey to a spiritual destination which is unfamiliar to us. We also are going somewhere where we are not sure of where we are going to end up. If we do not find that it is a place that we want to go again then we have the right to not try and go there again. This is a law of God and He will never try and force you to journey to a place that you don't want to go.

21. The only time God will try and change your direction in life is when you are on a path that will cause harm or suffering to yourself or others. Linda wasn't sure where she was going in this dream and she had to journey back many times along the way. There were times when she had confusion about her relationships along the way. She travelled often in the vehicle of religion to journey to her final destination.

22. In the end she took the spiritual path through the mountain of religion. She had knowledge of an ancient religion but she wasn't really sure how she was going to use it. She was with someone who she had a relationship with and this person had his own spiritual confusion, for he was not really committed to taking on the responsibilities of the preservation of humanity. God knows that it is a big responsibility to take a journey to a place where few have ever been before.

23. When you are on your journey you should have no fear when you find that some of the creatures of God are watching you. These creatures of God are there to mark your way along the path, so you will have a reason to treat them with love and respect when you get there. Once you have made your decision that they are there to assist you, then it will help you to have a journey that is filled with peace and contentment for they are marking your journey with love and compassion for humanity.

24. They will be waiting at the end of your journey to be able to explain the transcript Linda had. They will have ancient knowledge of it. A knowledge of a respect for life that comes from God.

25. Adam found that there were some problems with one of his translations of Victor when he realized it was riddled with inaccuracies. Everything has a reason when you are working with prophecies. Trying to fix a problem with your translations is something that will come when God wants it for H e knows what you will hear when you translate. There is always a prophecy with the work that you will be doing and you are now showing the progress with your transcriptions.

26. When you were on a spiritual journey you needed to find some markers. These markers were provided by your budgies.


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