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 Fun Fair Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Posted: December 8, 2008 at 10:19 pm

Here is Templar's third dream that I am posting for him in his new dreams thread:

I was with a group of people at a school; the school was holding a funfair. There, a small fee was charged to access a room; I was uninterested in finding out what was inside, but someone told me to go so I gave in to him and entered. The inside of the room was enormous, containing massive shelves and piles of free items. First, I grabbed as many worthless trinkets as I could carry. (I did not look at the objects before I took them, but once I inspected them, they all happened to be related to cats.) Then, I realized that there were more valuable items and even money available, so I looked through those, making selections for myself and as Christmas gifts. Whatever the case, I was overwhelmed with greed, determined to get as much as possible. I eventually proceeded to a checkout desk. It was there that I saw signs that placed a five-item limit on what I took; I could not get all that I wanted. I was told that it was time to leave, so in a hurry, I shed what I had taken and walked away with only a cheap bottle of perfume (which was of no use to me, as I am male).

Dream Transcription by Adam Kadmon: posted December 26, 2008 at 10:44 am

Adam said: Hi everyone, I have been very busy during the last week or so, however, I am sure that God and the angels knew that and also knew that I would not get this translated until today.

1. He was at a fun fair and this was a symbol of something that God wants us to have fun at. At this place there were many nice people who wanted to have some fun. And many of their interests were very different than everyone else and this was symbolized by him being uninterested. There was this room where someone wanted him to go and even though he had no interest he paid and went in, and this room was filled with worthless trinkets.
2. Why would he grab them if it was something that he would never use, for when you take something, it is usually something that you need.
3. So this was taking something that he had no use for. If you want something that isn't something that you have spiritual use for, then why should you take it?
4. If you practice something in life, you should enjoy it as long as it doesn't cause any harm to someone. This doesn't just mean just causing physical harm but spiritual harm as well. Often spiritual harm is even worse then physical harm because it can affect your soul for eternity and cause you much confusion.
5. The first set of these trinkets were related to cats and you didn't have any use for them. There were some who were spiritually connected to their cats and would enjoy these trinkets. The cat is a symbol of something in life that can give you a lot of love and a beautiful companionship. Their main purpose in life is to keep you company and give you companionship when you are sad or lonely. It is unnatural for them to be domesticated but they have used love to deal with their situation.
6. In the next part of this dream he saw some valuable things and they were a symbol of something you would have use for. You can always find a reason to select the things you like. The original things that you chose were not as useful for you in your life. So we need to understand the things that have importance in each of our lives.
7. A spiritual life is very important for us for sure, but there are things that are also important for our physical existence as well and this is how the logic of God works. God knows that some of us are drawn to unnatural things and God is not responsible for it. He refrains from judging us for it as long as it exists in love. He has a spiritual reason for giving you a choice in everything you do in life and we shall try to explain it now.
8. When you have a reason to choose something that God does not want humanity to do, and it exists in evil, then you have a chance for spiritual growth when you reverse the evil that is in you, as long as it does not go against the laws of humanity. God has given humanity the right to make their own laws for civilization and you have to abide by them no matter how insensible these laws are. That is represented by this person who was told he could not take all these things with him.
9. When humanity puts a limit on something, we must follow what man has determined is normal for humanity and we cannot object to it. Once we make an objection to what is normal we step outside the boundaries that humans have made as law and God cannot protect you from the suffering it may cause physically.
10. So God does not want you to object to the laws of humanity. When we object to something that is against the nature of humanity, we are doing something that is unnatural. It is not natural for humans to go around destroying life and causing destruction and it is also not natural for us to be without love in life.
11. We also have to be vigilant when we are determining what is natural for humanity. What is natural for the existence of God is not the same as what is natural for humanity and we all need to understand that, for God has tried to create a spiritual being that exists in a physical world.
12. He has given all humans rein over their world to decide for themselves what is good and evil. Each of them have a right to achieve their own spiritual growth within the laws of humanity. Now heaven has its own laws for living in it for eternity and you have to have spiritual growth throughout your lifetimes to know what will sustain you for eternity. You cannot bring all the same laws to heaven for you will have no use for them, but some of them will definitely be similar, especially when they exist in love.
13. So there are many things that you will need to learn about a spiritual life in heaven before you arrive there. When you walk away from a life that is physical you should always try to bring something that you can use in heaven. This is the reason that God gives you so many chances in a physical form to learn what you need and can use in heaven.
14. When you can learn something that exists in love, you can be sure that it is something that you will be able to use in heaven even if it is not something that does not seem natural for you. Remember that everyone has a choice for what is natural for them as well, as long as it stays within the laws of humanity.
15. Now we have a prophecy within this dream. You will have another newspaper article which will give a lesson about some of the laws that we have that are wrong. We will see how we can make a choice to put a penalty on them or not. You will also see how an action of evil against something that is wrong, can affect many people even when God knows that it is wrong.
16. You will see how evil is something that God can be blamed for. It will be a law that humanity needs to change and it will result in another miracle that shows God's support. For there are many good things on earth that God will support, but He will not judge when you are following the evil laws of humanity.
17. You have a promise that God will give us much guidance in this religion when it comes to right and wrong and He will never keep you from heaven if you follow the laws of humanity as long as your actions are based in love and you are spiritually pure.

On the 28th of December, 2008 Adam wrote:

There was a newspaper article in the Toronto Sun on Sunday, December 28th which confirms the prophecy in this dream. It was on page 26. I could not find the first part that he is referring to in the beginning of the article, but if you go to http://www.torontosun.com and do a search for articles by Alan Shandoff you may have better luck then me. This is what he says in the article and talks about several laws of humanity that have caused problems in 2008 and what their outcome was.

Alan Shandoff said in the article:

Here's the second half of my year-end review of the top legal stories/developments for 2008.

1. We started the year with a stunning decision in January staying criminal corruption charges against six members of the Central Field Command drug squad of the Toronto Police Service. The decision was based on violation of the accuseds' right to have a trial within a reasonable period of time. Even though the charges were laid some six years after many of the events, the Crown was unable to get the case ready for trial in under four years from the laying of the charges.

So, by the end of the year things should have improved, you'd think. Sorry. Ontario Auditor-General Jim McCarter's report in December noted the number of Ontario charges pending is 275,000 which is 17% higher than the figure five years earlier. With these numbers we're going to be seeing even more charges withdrawn for delay. Perhaps there is some improvement coming with the adoption of recommendations submitted by former judge Patrick LeSage and Professor Michael Code.

2. Can you imagine people dumb enough to make a charitable donation and then filing a claim for many times more than the actual donation? Apparently tens of thousands of Canadians are that dumb. The Canada Revenue Agency has been busy denying tax donations connected to dubious charities that dish out charitable receipts for a multiple of the actual "donation." There are said to be dozens of "charities" operating in Canada that issue these tax receipts and now many Canadian taxpayers are facing tax penalties and larger-than-expected tax bills. I applaud the CRA for cracking down on these schemes. I also applaud the CRA for going after businesses that don't pay their fair share of taxes. The CRA has been trying to get their hands on records kept by eBay Canada on servers outside Canada. The CRA wants access so they can go after eBay's top online vendors. In November the Federal Court of Appeal sided with the CRA and ordered eBay to make the records available to the CRA. This decision has received criticism by many who believe that individuals who buy and resell items on eBay shouldn't have to pay tax on their earnings. Surely these small eBay businesses shouldn't be treated any differently from any other business. A business operated out of a garage is still a business and must pay income taxes.

Paediatric pathology

3. The Inquiry into Paediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario led by Justice Stephen Goudge concluded. This is the inquiry into the incompetence of pathologist Dr. Charles Smith and how he destroyed the lives of innocent people by making "false and misleading statements" in court. One hopes that the reforms arising from the Goudge Report will eliminate wrongful conviction arising out of erroneous coroner's reports. Losing a loved one is one of life's tragedies but it is compounded to an incomprehensible degree when you are wrongly accused of killing that loved one.

4. In case you've forgotten about our very own alleged home-grown terrorists charged in Toronto, the so-called Toronto 18, here's an update. A 20-year-old (17 at the time of the offence, so he can't be named) has now been convicted of belonging to a terrorist group. The others in this group await their trials. In the meantime in Ottawa Justice Douglas Rutherford found Canadian-born Mohammad Momin Khawaja, 29, guilty on charges of financing and facilitating terrorism as well as two offences involving building a remote-control device to trigger bombs.

Charter of Rights

5. We can't leave a legal list without mentioning the 26-year-old Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The big debate right now surrounds how to deal with obviously guilty people and reliable evidence obtained through Charter violations. In the recently argued Bradley Harrison case police found 35 kg of cocaine in a car. The officer's suspicions were apparently aroused because the car was being operated at the posted speed limit. Even I don't think that's probable cause. But do we acquit and ignore the evidence?

The Ontario Court of Appeal upheld the conviction but the Supreme Court of Canada has reserved its decision. If a cop makes a mistake do we let the criminals go free? Stay tuned.

If you go over the transcription and the prophecy you will find many parts of the transcript are related to the article. It would be nice if some of you posted some of the relationships that they can see in the articles as well.

Templar responded: January 9, 2011 at 3:54 pm

I can't help but wonder how always following the laws of humanity can be consistent with God's other principles. For example, is it against God's wishes for someone to resist being conscripted to fight in a war? Was Martin Luther King, Jr. hindering his spiritual growth when he encouraged peaceful violation of the Jim Crow Laws?

Adam responded: January 10, 2011 at 12:43 pm

I look at this as when we are forced to follow a law of humanity when we do not have a choice. If we have to follow it and do not have a choice then we have to make sure that we do not let it affect us morally or accept it as being right. As long as we know it is wrong then it should not give us guilt or cause us confusion as we know God will not judge us for it. In general there are many laws of humanity that we can choose to rebel against if they are wrong. If we choose to rebel against all the evil laws, we may never have peace. Therefore our life would be filled with suffering because of it. In most cases there will be evil resulting from not obeying the laws of humanity in one form or the other. In many cases the evil will be put upon the person or people who choose to disobey them. There are many good laws of humanity that we can dedicate our support to instead.

The last part of the transcript says:

For there are many good things on earth that God will support, but He will not judge you for them (the bad things) when you are following the laws of humanity
And you have a promise that God will give us much guidance in this religion when it comes to right and wrong and he will never keep you from heaven if you follow the laws of humanity as long as your actions are based in love and you are spiritually pure.

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