Dream Interpretation- Lake House Monster


I dreamed that I was living in a house near a big lake. There was a monster that lived in the lake that I was friends with as a child, but had not seen for many years until I returned to living in the house again. I went down to the lake to visit the monster and it chased me back to the house, initially I ran to get away from it, but then when I got back to the house I climbed up the back of the monster to get onto the roof and in to the house through a window. (Might have lost my keys?) The monster then knocked on the front door, so I went to unlock the door to look outside and speak to it, but there were two kittens that were living in the house with me who started to hiss at the monster and ran outside in front of it. I wasn't afraid of the monster because it had been my childhood friend, but was afraid that the monster would eat the two kittens, so I quickly grabbed both of the kittens from under the monster's head and put them both in the bedroom and closed the door to secure them safely. Then I went back outside to talk to the monster, who was my friend. Then I woke up.



Hi DrNat,

Congrats to posting your first dream and it was a good one. It summarizes much of what we have learned in the past transcriptions and adds a few more things as well. But no matter what I can always find new things to learn through the transcriptions. I hope others will be able to as well.

Transcription: May 18th, posted 9:18 PM EST by Adam Kadmon

  1. God will begin a new lesson for this compilation of DrNat. Evil was in the lake and this monster tried to pretend it was friendly.
  2. Anything that comes from God would not be living in this lake when it is always living in evil. Evil is something that cannot live in love. When something emerges from the lake of evil it is not from God.
  3. And when a lake has a lot of confusion in it, it will often try to draw someone into it. So it has a purpose to draw every person who is confused in their life into the lake of confusion.
  4. This lake is confusing because there is a monster that you know that lives in it, yet it portrays an image of beauty and tranquility on the surface.
  5. This house is a symbol of love that you have experienced as a child and this house is free of confusion. And this monster is a symbol of the reaction evil will have when we leave evil far behind.
  6. When you arrived at the lake of evil this monster tried to take you into the confusion, but you realized it was the house of love that you needed. So why did the monster try to fool you with a lie by pretending that he was your friend?
  7. Remember confusion will always try to tell you a lie and it will be something that does not come from heaven. When evil tries to procreate it will rise from all the confusion in life and it will disguise itself as something that is friendly. It will let you use it until you trust it.
  8. Once you begin to trust it, you will have reason to act in a way that isn't very spiritual. Evil is void of spiritual reasoning. When something is void of spiritual reasoning, it will not be able to have actions that are consistent with loving relationships.
  9. If our God was like this monster who tried to convince us He was our friend, and wasn't capable of spiritual reasoning, then we would not be able to put all of our trust in Him.
  10. This monster does not live in reality because it isn't something that is possible. So God would never try to take a life unless He emerged from evil. So we automatically know that if something tries to take a life, then it is never the will of God for it to have evolved that way.
  11. In this dream you used this evil to get access to this house of love. Even evil can have compassion for life for a short period of time, but it will not be able to sustain it for eternity.
  12. What were these kittens a symbol of?
  13. These kittens represented something that can survive with love. Without any love from their guardian they would surely die.
  14. These kittens also need protection. These kittens could see this monster but they went out anyway and began to hiss at it.
  15. They tried to project that they had no one to protect them, except them. And they would not even come to you because you had to go and get them.
  16. When we have fear and think that there is no one to protect us except ourselves, then we have no spiritual reasoning. Evil will affect your life when you do not believe God will be there to help you.
  17. If God wasn't affecting our life, then humanity would not survive. And God needs to affect each of our lives in one way or another for any of us to survive.
  18. But He cannot protect you when you live in confusion and evil. We know there have been many innocent lives lost because of evil in the world.
  19. In this dream you were able to grab these two kittens and protect them from this evil. This is the way that God protects life through love and compassion.
  20. You had no fear of this monster so you were able to save the life of these two kittens. You used spiritual reasoning to protect a life with love and this was something that you received from the love of God and your fear was replaced by love.
  21. If you were void of spiritual reasoning, you would have closed the door and not worried about these two kittens.
  22. Forgiveness is something that God gives you to reverse evil and therefore will reverse confusion. For everything that exists in love has made mistakes at one time or the other. And the only way to reverse evil comes with forgiveness.
  23. When you forgive, your own evil is not evolving and your actions do not cause more evil. So we should always find a reason to forgive those who have done us harm even when they are still emerged in their own evil.
  24. In this dream you returned to talk to this monster even though you knew it was still evil. You hoped that you would be able to convince it to not try and kill these kittens.
  25. So this is the way that God wants us to try and deal with evil. Don't be afraid of this evil. Don't let it lure you into the lake of confusion. Run from it if it threatens your life and always have faith that God will help.
  26. Afterwards these kittens were locked in a safe room in your house. These kittens will be very safe in this room if you look after them.
  27. And this room is a spiritual effort to provide them a loving and safe environment. You have done your best to provide them with love and tried to prevent them from any suffering.
  28. Your soul would not have to feel guilty for the placement of these kittens somewhere where they might really not want to be. For you are doing all you can to make sure these precious lives have love. Every time you react to them with love, you are helping your soul and their soul to grow spiritually.
  29. We cannot feel responsible for their spiritual experiences when we are protecting them from evil. Your God will always find a way to give them spiritual experiences that will give them spiritual growth in their lifetime as long as they are protected from evil.
  30. In your dream you had a key to lock the door for these kittens. This does not mean they were locked there forever in life.
  31. Every key is always used to prevent evil from entering because the things behind the door are very precious. These beings which you love have a serious connection in helping you evolve in your spiritual experiences. And every time you can show them your love, they can learn from it.
  32. Yes, even animals can have a reaction each time we interact with them in love. And even though most may not be able to maintain their love consistently, they can learn from it, and this can help them get closer to God.
  33. Each time you save a life of one of God's creations, you are saving a life of a creature that has a chance for more spiritual growth unless there is no chance of a reversal of its suffering.
  34. So if they have suffering that you have no chance of reversing, then it would be better to let them move on to their next life.
  35. And this is the same way that God feels about humans that are suffering physically and are at the end of their spiritual evolution for their particular lifetime.
  36. He has given our soul a life to grow spiritually in and He knows every experience you will have in your life time.
  37. He knows if you will have unbearable suffering and how much you will spiritually evolve during your life time. And He also knows what will make you spiritually devolve as well.
  38. So when a very innocent life is taken by evil, God cannot reverse it before it happens when it is going to cause more suffering and evil. God cannot prevent suffering when it is going to cause more evil and suffering in the future.
  39. The only way He can save a life is when that life will cause more good then evil. And also the life's spiritual evolution will not be devolving through a process of causing more evil. This is the law of the universe and everything created depends on it.
  40. Remember God will never take a life, and He will always try and save it when it will do more good then evil in the future. And also remember that God cannot save a life which will propagate more evil then good, for God could not do anything that would result in more evil.
  41. If God would have never had this information, He could propagate more evil with every life that He saved and this would not be right.
  42. This is spiritual protection that God has given to those that have done more good then evil in their life. And He is responsible to provide you with a life free of suffering and a means of spiritual growth as soon as you are ready to rely on Him.
  43. And those that swim in the lake of confusion will have no way for God to protect them unless they decide to change their life and follow the path to the house of love where He will take you in and prevent any evil from harming you.
  44. And something we forgot to tell you. This room is in heaven and we know that heaven is free from evil.
  45. And you will be able to find the key in this house of love. For if your actions are creating loving relationships, then your life is causing more good then evil, and this is the key to getting to heaven.
  46. If your life is causing confusion and suffering, then change.


There seems to be a lot of euthanasia issues both human and animal coming up in the news lately. It must be a really important issue to get right.


Hi DrNat & Everyone,

You can see now how God is aware of everything that is going to happen in our lives before we do. This dream of yours and the transcript that was done yesterday by Adam confirms that God speaks through the transcripts. You found this article which originated from Australia as did the dream given to you by the angels in heaven. (as we can see you live in Australia) Some people may write this off as coincidence but this has been happening consistently where the transcript is backed-up by an article in the newspaper the next day just like this one.

This is the part of the transcript for your "Friendly Monster" Dream that I believe you are referring to in your last post and that relates to what these women in the article are on trial for.

Each time you save a life of one of God's creations, you are saving a life of a creature that has a chance for more spiritual growth unless there is no chance of a reversal of its suffering.
So if they have suffering that you have no chance of reversing, then it would be better to let them move on to their next life.
And this is the same way that God feels about humans that are suffering physically and are at the end of their spiritual evolution for their particular lifetime.


Below is the prophecy and part of the Sword Fighting Dream transcript that described how these events would take place in the future. So your posting of this newspaper article is part of the fulfillment of this prophecy as well.

Each special dream for a visionary, will teach a lesson from the newspaper.
They will be transcribed by Adam, when they are related to a newspaper article.
The dream must be posted before the article in the newspaper.
And then when you find the article, you will post it.


Here is the link to the original transcript called Sword Fighting Dream dated March 10/08


Linda Marie


Hi again everyone,

Just one other small point from a transcript that requested that we make sure we are on the correct time zone. This is so there is no confusion about what time the dreams and the transcripts happen because they are often very close to each other. (within 24 hrs)


Linda Marie


Hi everyone,
I think that I figured it out with the time zone differences and I posted this transcript about 32 minutes before the article on the news website. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but that would be quite a coincidence if it was not a confirmation from God and the angels.

According to the website there is a 14 hour difference between Australia and the Canadian Time zone that I am in. The article was posted at 11:50 am on Monday in Australia time. In Canada if you subtracted 14 hours it would have been 9:50 pm on Sunday, in my time. So, I posted the article at 9:18 p.m. Sunday, my time, which is 32 minutes before the article was posted on the website.


I read the transcript moments before I saw the news article. Interesting.
The events in my life that have led me to this point are far from coincidence. There are many examples.

Remember where it all started.

Can you please transcribe what Victor says on the 15 minute video on the donation page of "A journey into the mind of a context speaking parrot"?
I feel that it is somehow relevant to me and this topic.


Hi DrNat,
If you want to email me personally adam@theangelscrolls.com I might be able to steer you in the right direction as those have already been translated a couple of years ago. However, I do not think this is forum for that and I believe the angels agree. Here is the transcription of another dream that Linda had relating to your question



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