26P Vision

God's Time Clock- 26P Vision Analysis/Dream Transcription

Posted by Adam Kadmon: 11 Mar 2008 01:59 pm

Hi everyone,
I had a short vision when I woke up this morning. I don't know if it relates to the 26 page or what but I wanted to record it anyway.

The vision was "26p"

Posted by Adam Kadmon: 16 Mar 2008 10:26 am

Hi everyone,
In a recent transcription the angels talked about clearing up some misunderstandings or confusion in this religion, and I believe this to be a very important phase in this forum. Here is the transcription that I completed on March 16, 2008, and posted at 12:23 EST.

  1. There are many things that we can learn from this vision. When there is a prophet that has confusion, God will need to change their direction. By changing their direction in life, they start to think spiritually. And when they are reversing their own evil, they will see prophecy.
  2. A part of every intervention that comes from God will have true prophecies of survival with the intervention of God. Most of them come with true miracles of survival and we will witness many of them. These miracles will be released for sure.
  3. God protects you under the umbrella of religion when you are spiritual. And we shall see the process unfolding in here soon. You will not request any more help from anyone in this forum Adam, for God sees the participation for the most part here is lacking. Soon we shall be seeing interaction in this forum, so don't you worry about the timing and how long these prophecies will take.
  4. And Adam had a vision. Yes 26p had a reason. It is visionaries, that will be indoctrinated in this forum. This process will help to spread this religion here. We have got a lot of material for the visionaries to learn spirituality from and this will take some time. But it will happen.
  5. And it will take some time for these lessons to make the process become reality. It will take time, so just keep moving in a positive direction. Linda we know you have many dreams that we will be doing transcriptions for soon. Chris also has a couple of dreams to do. And Brenda we know that you will return after your vacation and we will miss you.
  6. We are waiting for Vicky to post some dreams that we have sent to her as well. And we want Brad to know that we are waiting for him too. We still have high hopes for the visionaries that we have been working with so far. And there is no reason you cannot be part of this miraculous process. As you are the first visionaries of God's religion.
  7. As you practice this religion of your God,  you will see the miracles around you. When we bring all the new people, you will have a true understanding of how this religion can work and you will be able to testify about the changes in your life. We will never need to request your help, because you will be giving it because you know it is something you want to do. That is why we have given Adam direction to never ask for your help.
  8. In other lessons we talked about asking for help from someone when we needed it. When we begin to have intervention from heaven, you do not use the same clock as the angels there. The clock in heaven moves forward with actions of love. The clock is within a region where time will always be adjusted to loving physical things that come from God.
  9. So what do we mean by this? There is a reason for saying this. God always controls time in the metaphysical. And God controls heaven in the metaphysical.
  10. What does God control in the physical? He controls his new religion through this learning process and every angel that lives in heaven is protecting time through the survival of God's civilization. Life on this earth lives simultaneously in heaven and would not exist without heaven. God does not exist in evil so He adjusts time to your actions of love.
  11. He does not measure time by seconds or minutes. All your physical actions cause change in the metaphysical. You cannot measure time, when something exists forever. And you cannot measure eternity.
  12. So the only thing you can measure is the good things we do in our physical life. So the angels in heaven move forward this spiritual clock with divine emotion. And these hands on the clock point in the direction that God wants civilization to go. The "P" in 26p is a symbol of the preservation of life. The preservation of life is where eternity is dependent upon the survival of love. God depends upon love for His existence. And love has always been able to survive throughout eternity.
  13. So love spins the wheels for eternity and time in the physical is dependent upon love. God can spin the wheel of time backwards or forwards as long as there is love driving it. And we shall see this. You were quite right about the countries in this world. There are different time zones in all these different countries. So it is important that each one of us are on the right time zone in the forum. Or there will be some confusion about the prophecies if you are not on the right one.
  14. For example, this miracle of Brenda's vision could not be experienced if you are not on the right time zone. If you need assistance you can ask Linda for help. She has already been through the confusion of the changing of her time zone.
  15. We all have a very good reason to make sure we know exactly when the prophecies are posted. Since we will be experiencing some time related miracles, you will ensure that your region in your profile has the correct time zone and this will help reverse some confusion. And this is intervention from heaven.
  16. We have all heard of the name Jehovah and that is the name of God in the Kaballah. The Kaballah used these tetragrammatons and it was 26 to represent the name of Jehovah. And 26 has religious history for people who lived in the region. When something has a special meaning for people in one region, it will not have the same for another, unless it comes from heaven. There are often similarities in different religions of the world. There is no reason to argue who is right or wrong as long as the driving force is love. They will breed confusion where they do not consist of love and this is where time has been affected by evil. And this is often the reason, spiritually, civilization is affected by it.
  17. This is where civilization doesn't evolve spiritually as a whole either. So God controls time for a very good reason and he can affect it always if we follow his direction. When we have a feeling that there is a reason a religion has fear breeding evil and confusion, then we will know God is not behind it and we should try and change that feeling spiritually in our soul. For when evil is part of a driving force of religion, it will breed more confusion.
  18. When love is turning the wheels of time up in heaven, then we will always evolve in a positive direction on earth. Earth is always evolving with civilization and human kind evolves differently in different regions of the world depending where they are spiritually. Some countries will have spiritually evolved in the direction that God has hoped they would and others may have spiritually devolved because of evil.
  19. It does not depend on how much they are technically evolving as well. Their religion is a means of guiding them in spiritual evolution and they will be different. When evil has affected them too much, there will be destruction and confusion and that region will not be providing enough love for God's time clock. 



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