Dream Interpretation Lady, House & Child

Dream Interpretation Lady, House and Child Dream

Posted by Adam: 17 Apr 2008 02:58 am
On April 15th I had a dream where I was going to stay at this house where there was this women who was the owner of the home and she had this child. She said there was certain things I could do and she was asking me questions about what time I would come at night and where I would park my car. She was worried about her son because her son was kind of shy and did not take to people very well. She asked me where I would park my car and I said I would park in in the back in the parking lot behind the house. She said that is okay as he won't see the car there and when he gets up in the morning he won't want to see you. So when you come here the first night just come in and he will wake up and meet you. This part was kind of confusing.
In the second part of the dream I was talking to her child and another child who I thought was my son but much younger. Her son met my son and they seemed to be getting along well. Then her son asked my son where his gifts were and my son said they were in the closet. So he took him to the closet and opened the door to see the gifts. The young boy asked my son if he had a fire truck and my son said that he did and it was in this package. The boy asked my son if it was a motorized fire truck that you could sit in and my son said it was not, but it would be nice to have one. The lady and I were watching them interact and it seemed like they were getting along quite well. The young boy asked about a couple of other gifts that were there and it seemed like the boy was concerned about the gifts that my son had. The lady was happy that they were interacting well too.
In the third sequence, the women came out of the washroom and told us that someone had used the washroom and it was dirty. When I went in I notice that there were little worms or larva on the counter. We were a little confused about who made the must but I said it must be from me. Then the women asked me if I still had my dog. A memory flash back came of me having a sick dog and bringing it because I had to look after it. So I told her I had the dog and she said you should take care of it here if it has these worms and was not upset I brought it.
Posted by Adam: 07 May 2008 09:17 pm Hi everyone,
A couple of days ago someone posted this:
Posted: 06 May 2008 10:06 am Post subject: Euthanasia of Animals
The poster said: God surely must know all the questions that need answering from this event. We are but a step away from mandatory euthanasia of afflicted humans.
Adam's response: The article that links to this post is about a sacred cow who was put to sleep by outside sources because it was suspected of suffering. I think you could classify this as another little miracle as the dream was posted quite a while before the question was asked and it was the next one to be transcribed on my thread.
Here is the link to the article:
Here is the dream transcription transcribed by Adam Kadmon May 7, 2008

  1. There was a question about euthanasia of animals and this dream that Adam had was sent to answer it, for we need to finalize God's views on this. In this dream, Adam went to stay with this women and she had a very young child.
  2. And this is representing a young innocent life who wasn't very knowledgeable about relationships. He led a life of spiritual experiences that existed in his home. His mother loved him very much and she was very protective of him. She also wanted him to learn how to react to other people.
  3. Adam and his son went there for a reason. They wanted to help this child learn. There was some confusion for this child because he was very concerned for the gifts that Adam's son stored away.
  4. Every unique life form has different gifts that come from God. It wasn't evil for this child to want to see the gifts of others for every living thing will have spiritual gifts that will be hidden. Life is unique in the way it uses spiritual gifts.
  5. This fire truck was a symbol of different properties some gifts have, even though they are similar. One gift was bigger and could be traveled in like a car and the other was smaller and pushed around. When they started interacting they found the similarities.
  6. If we are very spiritual, our gifts from God will make relationships grow. So each gift that is spiritual can reverse some evil. The symbol of a fire truck is a gift that can be used to fight fire with some water. The bigger truck can be driven in a place where we cannot walk with our own two feet.
  7. We can't travel spiritually to a place to reverse evil unless we really know how to use the gift. This fire truck was a gift for this boy and Adam's son knew it was something that he wanted too. But he was still happy with what he had. So what does all of this mean?
  8. Every gift we have has a special meaning to each of us. And the gifts that we have that are sent from heaven are to help you react with others in your life. So why would these two little boys want something that would put out a fire? Because each of us, from the beginning, have a need for the preservation of life.
  9. Both of these boys had the same natural need to put out a fire and save a life. This emotion interacted with them and created a loving relationship. The little fire truck that needed to be pushed by hand still had the same purpose through spiritual creation. It was to feed his spiritual imagination to be active in something that was good in his life because it existed in love. So they both found a reason for their interaction.
  10. As Adam and his mother watched the result of these two boys interacting, they felt he was learning and they were very happy. So the gifts that come from God are given to each one of us in a unique way. And these gifts are given to us for a reason; to treasure life. And each of these gifts will always cause interaction in relationships.
  11. The next part of this dream will begin. There were some worms in the bathroom and they were something that was not good for the relationship that Adam had with the women of this house. These worms were brought there because Adam had a very sick dog. It resulted in an infection Adam carried with him and Adam didn't even know it was there. These worms are a symbol of evil that can be caused from something that is rotting.
  12. When we have something rotting, it will affect others. When something is rotting, it will have the smell of evil. There was another symbol of the bathroom counter top. This is a place where we are supposed to clean ourselves.
  13. It symbolized a place where we sterilize ourselves after our body gets rid of an evil waste product. This waste can cause disease if we are not careful, but it is something we all have to do to survive. So why were these worms in the washroom?
  14. It was something Adam didn't have any control over. She knew he had a reason for the mess on the counter. Adam had a good reason for leaving some evil on the counter for he didn't see it. When we cause some evil by accident, we can't be faulted.
  15. When there is evil causing a problem, we will often be blind to it when we are trying to do something that is good. Now how does this relate to animal euthanasia? Adam's dog must have been sick for it to produce these worms and infection. Adam tried to prevent it from losing its life and he was aware that it had a lot of suffering.
  16. But he wasn't afraid to try and prolong it's life as long as he could. Adam loved this dog very much and he knew its suffering was not good. When you are saving a life, can you encourage the suffering when you already know the life will end very soon without options? Anything that encourages suffering in life, has got confusion about spiritual evolution.
  17. This little boy had confusion because he had experiences that were limited to his home. He could not interact very well to others because his mother was over-protective. He had some gifts, but he couldn't find anyone to share them with. When we have no one to share our gifts with, we can't have interaction to help us grow spiritually.
  18. God gives a gift to every life form, but these gifts were not so unique because they both existed in the love of life. Each one of these gifts that cause loving interaction is something that helps our spiritual imagination.
  19. Why is spiritual imagination so important in our lives? Spiritual imagination is something we can use to communicate our gifts in religion. And everyone should have similar respect for each other when their goals are similar. This cow in the news was known as a sacred animal for the monks. And others had reason to feel that this cow was suffering needlessly. This suffering prevented this animal from growing any more spiritually and there was a possibility evil could result if it wasn't looked after properly.
  20. There was no other way to take care of it and let it be free of suffering as well. This is not something that God would want to see happen to a human, so why should it be different for anything that He has given life to?
  21. God does not want evil to be invisible to those who are blind to suffering.



April 10, 2016

Hi Everyone,
I just found this dream transcription that was posted on the site where no one could see it.

If I recall this was close to the time when I had to put down my beloved dog Kashmir. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do but I found peace in knowing she would no longer be in pain and that she would go to heaven to be with God.


Linda Marie

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