Dream Interpretation The Basement Flood

Dream Interpretation The Basement Flood - Nov 20, 2014

This dream was about a flood too. I was in a house and it was not my own. I opened the door for the basement and could see that the basement was filled with water almost to the top of the stairs. It was quite frightening and I immediately went to tell the man of the house what was happening. He came with me so I could show him, however, after we opened the basement door we noticed that there was only a small portion of water on the floor. I said to him that I don't know why I thought it was so bad and perhaps it was a reflection. We went down the stairs to try and figure out where the water was coming from and noticed a 5 ft in diameter thin and flexible pipe that was leaking. He said that we would have to fix it. I then noticed that the entire pipe had leaks in it further up and let him know. He then told me I should replace the entire section of about 15 feet. That was the end of the dream.

  1. This dream of the flood in the basement was a symbol of a place that you had a situation of a flood of evil. When you make a spiritual promise, sticking to your promise is very important spiritually.
  2. Even though you are trying, you cannot secretly break it. If you break it, it is a lie to us and God. And not lying to us is an important condition that must be met even if you found reason to do it. Now let's move on with your dream.
  3. When you found that you had this flood in the basement, it caused some fear in you, which is a prophecy of what you are feeling now. So let us spiritually resolve what you are feeling for that is really part of your mission.
  4. Request and God will help in your confusion when you really want to change. Spiritually you saw a lot of water in this basement causing you much fear. So you had to find the person who could help.
  5. The person in this dream was God and you spiritually found reason to ask for His assistance. It was easy for you to find him in this dream so why didn't you ask him for help when you started to have confusion?
  6. There are lots of reasons we can experience confusion in our lives so we always have to remember to ask for His help when we do. If there is confusion, you will know because it goes against a spiritual commitment that you have made to your God.
  7. When you have an option to prevent an action, like anything that isn't providing you with spiritual growth, there is a need to be true to it. Your mission is spiritual growth and practicing it in this religion.
  8. There have been prophets who found a reason to act in evil ways and we don't want you to be one of them. You have forgiveness for this problem, for it is not a major sin, but one that you will need to make for spiritual growth. The reason that we chose you as a prophet is because we have faith you can do it.
  9. So there will be some things that you will need to change in your life when you are on a mission of God. Even when we abide to the laws of the civilization we live under, we can't change properly until we can accept this world is filled with evil which governs many of the laws. Be part of making change and not the evil.
  10. When evil raises confusion, it relies on an action to multiply. When we are wise to evil, and avoid the actions that it encourages us to do, then we can reverse it. When lots of evil is present there is an arsenal of choices that will help you try to avoid it. Some of these will help you to have some spiritual evolution and some will reverse the evil.
  11. When you put in motion one of the actions that allow you to reverse the evil, it will give you choices that you never had before. Some of these choices will permanently stop the evil from returning and then you will have a victory for God.
  12. So what was it flooding in this dream? It was flooding the basement which consists of your foundation. If you have a vision of a basement in a dream that is sent to you, then there is something affecting your soul. For it is the foundation of the life you currently have.
  13. Take hold, for that vision is important for spiritual growth and evolution. And once this vision shows you there is a problem, you can try and fix it before it gets any worse.
  14. Why are there so many problems that will start in the basement of the home you are living in? Because many mechanical systems within it must be upgraded and well maintained as time goes on.
  15. It affects the rise of a prophecy if you haven't maintained it. When a prophecy is given it will be loved and shared by the prophet it was given to. A prophecy might be a mission you have in the future for we always project what might be coming. We will get more spiritual practice as many of our visions come into fruition. And with spiritual practice, we become better at everything we do and once we get better at something we will succeed.
  16. Now here is the list for the visionaries that we spoke of before.
  17. A visionary must provide support to a mission that always includes a form of prophecy.
  18. They will not work for advancement of self with the exception of spiritually evolving.
  19. They should never find a reason for going against the direction the prophet is trying to lead them unless one is trying to deceive everyone.
  20. They must understand that no prophet is perfect and they can make mistakes.
  21. They must have reason to provide help to them.
  22. When there is reason to help someone for God, you shall receive a reward when you do.
  23. You should not decide to change your mission when you are helping them even when there are problems. For God will give his prophets time for working through them.
  24. You should testify as often as you can when you experience prophecy and miracles through him.
  25. You should not attempt to connect to the prophets' source in heaven for it may cause a lot of confusion.
  26. When you have not been properly instructed on developing a connection to heaven, you have not been chosen by God for this aspect of the religion.    
  27. If you have some confusion you should ask God and He shall help you in your dreams.
  28. If the work is challenging, there will be other people who can help you, and it won't need to be done perfectly.
  29. You have a list of the mission of a visionary, and we will talk about having spiritual change more later.
  30. If you have reason for helping your God, you can always become a visionary.
  31. And if God knows you can follow these rules, He will ensure you witness prophecy in this religion through your spiritual dreams, and you will be remembered as a founding visionary of this religion.
  32. And we shall log this event in the halls of heaven.
  33. Some of you know the reasons civilization has corruption and evil rapidly spreading across the world. It is recorded in the river of time, so we had to find a prophet we could communicate with and educate.     
  34. We have much respect for the things Adam was taught and we believe that Jesus' return is imminent.
  35. More lessons will be coming on this vision of God.
  36. The religion that we have brought projects a vision of God that will give us inspiration through prophecy that can be easily confirmed and duplicated regularly.
  37. Connecting prophecy with the dreams of our visionaries is proving this religion is a force from heaven. You will find that prophecy will be connected with events that use these prophecies for reversing evil. We will convince you that these are real.
  38. As soon as you have experienced God's physical intervention you shall know it will allow spiritual change.
  39. We are leaving these instructions for this religion for the purpose of survival of humanity. And if you want to invest in something that will eventually correct this evil and corruption in the world, we welcome you with open arms.
  40. You shall have a spiritual education that exists in the truth, and you will see how it can change your life.
  41. You will experience an event that will reverse some evil with religious devotion and through this action you will evolve in a prophecy you were given. It shall come out from an action through a series of events that are happening.
  42. You have witnessed much confusion on TV for a period of time regarding a death. Many places have rioting encouraging a lot of confusion. This corruption has caused many people to doubt the government. The corruption is nursing a lie that this police officer was not guilty for his actions. Many are waiting for all the evidence to be collected and there will be a revelation that will show that this police officer is really guilty, reversing the problems that are happening in many cities in the United States.
  43. In this flood dream you had a vision of a very large pipe that had a leak in it. This leak was a symbol of a police force whose objective was to restrict evil in the department. When there was a leak of it, they had to decide if they were going to fix it or replace the section that was causing the evil. When it was noticed that there were many other leaks in this section they decided they need to replace it. It wasn't something that everybody was involved in.
  44. And very soon the event in this prophecy will happen.
  45. When you saw a reflection of the flood that was in the basement it was a symbol of a reflection of something involving a vision that wasn't real and it released a lot of fear and confusion.
  46. This is a spiritual reflection of evil to provide you with a vision of something that isn't real. If we show the spiritual difference in a dream you will know it is something that you should not really believe in until you gather all the information God provides to us.
  47. God hasn't given a visionary the knowledge to interpret the symbols in their dreams but he can help you with their importance. And this is another symbol we place great importance on and God wants a spiritual reaction from them.
  48. So when this truth starts coming this prophecy will unfold which reverses all this evil. And once this reverses, a miracle will come from it.
  49. They will begin to investigate police departments involved in these type of incidents in the United States and find this is rampant among some of them. They will list some of the reasons for corruption and seek out better investigative practices to stop it. They shall really make some change that will serve as a model for the rest of the world.
  50. There will be an infusion of public appreciation by seeking the truth. There will be a reason to have strength for those who are being recruited to be corrupt by others. Most of them will have reason to come forward with the truth about corruption. They shall begin to realize that it will restrict them from emotional evil and provide them with more happiness. It will help them reverse some of their confusion and allow them to abstain from the corruption far more easily.
  51. When such evil really is rampant in an organization, it will need some serious intervention from the spiritual sources of God.
  52. We shall see this happening on the 4th of January. It will give you lots of reasons to trust in this religions prophecies.
  53. When you have such certain intervention from God in religion, you can act as a witness to it.
  54. You are making much progress through your actions Adam, while you wait for this prophecy. 
  55. In this dream there was a flood of evil which represented all the things we have processing that affect the physical relationship God has with humans.
  56. Why does the physical have a spiritual connection? We have a physical body which carries the spiritual soul to a place that we can find the truth, not lies. We have provided you with a list of spiritual policies we have in this religion of your God. We have given you some spiritual conditions that you will need to abide to for spiritual growth. And we believe that prophecies lie here waiting for each one of you. And God is here to release you from the chains of evil which are corrupting the world.
  57. Anyone is qualified for this intervention and even ministers and priests can learn much from it if you have a vision of a better future for humanity.
  58. By having a designation as a visionary you will be bound to prophecy and participate by providing your visions. And we will provide the transcription that will verify your relationship to God in a way that you will know He is with you.
  59. This is the end of this transcription.


This prophecy is now partly confirmed as of November 28, 2016.

This dream of Adams came on November 20th, 2014. The fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald by Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dyke happened on October 20th, 2014, exactly one month before Adam's dream was posted. This article from November 24, 2015 states that Van Dyke was charged with first degree murder and describes the incident where McDonald, a 17 year old black teenager was shot 16 times. The report tells of growing concern about possible rioting and violence upon release of the dashcam video that was to happen the next day.



Two years after the shooting on October 20, 2016 a "Police Accountablity Task Force" continues to investigate the Chicago police department conduct and the officers who backed up Van Dyke's false account of the scene of the murder.



January 5, 2017 by Linda Marie

I went in search of a news article confirming the prophecy for January 4th. As far as I can tell it didn't happen yet but perhaps it will on January 4th next year. I did find the Police Accountibility Task Force report while researching today. It was originally released on April 13th, 2016. For some reason I didn't go looking for it on November 28th when I posted the other confirmations here but it shows the progression that is happening with regards to the prophecy and the task force has made many excellent recommendations for ways to fix the system. 







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