Dream Interpretation Spiders and Antidote Dream

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The Spiders and Antidote Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Dream Sent by Megan, June 29, 2012:

The Dream:
Last night, I was there again, pulling onions, and to my surprise, ginger. The soil was dark and sparkly and wet, little rocks were popping out. Then I was somewhere else, a basement maybe, of an old home, probably a mansion. I continued until lots of little round "spiders" started streaming out. I was not afraid. Instead I knew to save the spiders, I knew they were special, and that this was a new discovery.

I knew that they were poisonous and I found a small, flat black bug that contained the anecdote to the spider poison. It was a very fast little bug. I put the round spiders, whose legs I could not see, into a plastic bag. I put the fast bug and the vegetables into another plastic bag and suddenly I was at home - the home I grew up in - in the kitchen with my parents. I knew that I should show my discovery to my father. When I opened the bag of round spiders, each about as big as a lentil, they started spilling quickly out. One of the spiders crawled into my mouth and bit my tongue. I knew I would die from the poison. I was not afraid. My tongue was swelling so fast I could barely speak, or breathe. I tried to tell my father that the fast black bug, the flat bug, in the vegetable bag, held the anecdote, if only he somehow captured that bug, not let it get away, make it bite me.

The Transcription by Adam Kadmon, August 2, 2012

1. You were not suppose to get ginger, you were suppose to get onions. When one is picking something and getting something different, it shows how you can often get something different then you expect.

2. What was the symbol of the little rocks in your dream? You didn't need small rocks mixed in with what you were picking, so you should begin to discard the things that you do not need. If it isn't your mission in the beginning, then you cannot keep them unless you change it.

3. When you ended up in the basement of this old home, the furniture in this dream symbolized this religion. You saw these green roots growing out of it. If you are in a house of religion, and you witness something good growing from it, you will realize it is a miracle in religion. Our mission is to begin to change things that are evil and evolve them into something good.

4. This reaction will often be the catalyst for causing a miracle. God also has a mission to create something good from evil and he wants to teach us how to do it.

5. There was also a symbol of something making this very thin line. If you cut into religion with something that is made to cause damage there are often little things that are not meant to escape from it.

6. What do we mean by this statement? If you hurt something to look for evil, then you will find it. We can object to what we want to in life, but how we do it, without causing evil is a very important part of living.

7. If our vision of our mission can change, we can begin to propagate good even if we have fear of something we think may be evil.

8. In your dream you were not afraid of these little spiders even though you knew they could cause you some evil. You began to collect them because you knew they were something special.

9. Even some evil things can go through changes that can result in something good. We must know that each creature has a mission that is different from us.

10. You also knew that these spiders were an important discovery and if you could find out how they could be a benefit to humanity, they could change your life.

11. Even when something will seem to be evil, there will be lots of opportunities for it to result in good, even if it isn't part of its

12. The poison that these spiders contained were a symbol of the venom caused by evil and confusion. When confusion causes evil, it will need to have an antidote and everything that is evil can be resolved with an antidote from heaven. Even in science these poisons often result in a cure for some diseases.

13. When you began to collect them in a plastic bag, you were carrying something that was very dangerous.

14. When we are carrying something that is spiritually dangerous, we also become dangerous.

15. There was a symbol of you not being able to see the legs. This represented you as being their transportation.

16. You put the antidote in with the vegetables. This symbolized your need to collect it with something that wasn't evil and a symbol of separating what is evil and good for God. When we try to separate something that can have a reaction of good from something that can have a reaction of evil, then we may not be on a mission for the future and we may not be protecting life.

17. You ended up in the home that you were born. This is a symbol of the place where your new life began. A place where you began the
evolutionary process of life and a place where you remember much happiness and love.  

18. When you opened the bag there was a symbol of the spiders being as big as a lentil. This symbolized how evil grows when it is collected with more evil. When evil is collected with other evil, it will always multiply unless it has the antidote in it to reverse it.

19. When you captured this evil, you had an opportunity to mix it in with the antidote, however you chose to separate the good and evil and this evil escaped before you had a chance to use the antidote. As a result one of the spiders bit you on the tongue and it swelled up so fast your life was in danger.

20. Each time we have evil, we need to administer the antidote as soon as we know we need it and before it has a chance to multiply. If you have to wait, you will always be carrying something that is a threat to yourself and others.

21. In this dream there is a prophecy. You will find a newspaper article that will come in the near future, that will be an example of how something evil was changed to have benefit and how it became an antidote for reversing something evil. There will be some similarities to the dream and the transcription.

22. In the last part of your dream, you called for your father to participate in getting this antidote. You wanted to let the antidote bite you.

23. Calling your father was a symbol of calling for God. God will always intervene to help us when we ask for it, even if we have carried the evil that caused us the pain and suffering in the first place.

24. He will not ignore you if you need his help, and he will always be willing to apply the antidote you need.

25. When he knows you have a mission that is good, he always knows when your work is unfinished for the betterment of humanity. He shall always seek out those he knows have a mission of good and he has brought you here for a reason.  

26. He will show you how you can discover something in religion that will have benefit for humanity in the future.


A week or so after I sent Megan the dream transcript, I followed up with her in an email to see if she had a confirmation and she did. Here is the email I recieved back.



From : Meg
    To : adam@godwantsyoutolisten.com;
    Sent : 08-15-2012 2:31 PM
    Subject : Re: Your Dream Translation
    Hi Adam,
    Yes, I did receive the translation! I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I do not have the internet at home. Recently (in the last year or so), I have really been having an internal battle with the concept of good/evil. For the longest time, I didn't believe that evil was a real thing, but then my thoughts about that started to change...
    Interestingly, in the paper (Daily Local News), the day after I received your translation, I saw a headline about forgiveness. A young man was murdered in a nearby town. The grandmother of the murdered man, and the mother, both stated that they forgave the killer. This was front page news. I was upset to see another violent act featured in the newspaper, but I was happy to see that the article did not center on the murder, but instead emphasized forgiveness. With so much negative news, I thought that emphasizing, or recognizing forgiveness as important, was a positive leap forward.
    Do you want me to find and send you a link?


Adam Response:

Yes Megan,

That would be great and I will post it with the article. This definately seems like it could be another confirmation as the timing is right.



Hi Megan

That would be great. If you had a scanner you could scan it and email it to me or take a picture with your camera.

    From : Meg
    To : adamkadmon
    Sent : 08-25-2012 11:07 AM
    Subject : Re: Re: Your Dream Translation
    Hi Adam,
    Trying to find the online link to the article without much luck. I do not have internet at home and I'm trying to do this at work. I'm going to call the paper, The Daily Local News, in Southeastern Pennsylvania, to see if they can send me an online link. I'll make sure I send it to you!



Adams Response:

Hi Megan,
That's okay, I appreciate your response and the verbal confirmation is enough for me and others as well.
Thanks again



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