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Stage Performance and Flying Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Chris Posted February 13, 2008

Here is what I can remember from two dreams that seemed to catch my attention last night.
In the first there is a square stage, and the edges of the stage are walled by thick theater drapes. In places the drapes leave gaps so you can see past into the backstage. The backstage seems to be little more than a yard-wide walkway that goes around the circumference of the stage.

I have a role to play in the performance. I am running around from person to person behind the stage asking for help. I don't know what I'm supposed to do and I am very panicked. Everyone seems surprised that I am asking for help. They all repeat that my job is nothing more to run out on the stage screaming "Help! Help!" I only get more panicked and seem convinced there is more that I need to do/understand.

In this dream I am very short, like a child or perhaps a hobbit. I have a black sign tied around my neck, only the word "HELP" is on the sign with white letters. After noticing the sign around my neck I wake up.
The second:
In this dream there has been some stuff happening. I cannot remember exactly what was being done, but I do remember that there was an air of importance around the activities. At the end of this activity one character in the dream moves to New York. All I know about the character is that it is a female character. We learn of her move because a note was left written in the snow.

At this news I begin a journey with people. We start flying there (no plane, we just start flying). I am at the front of the "train" and I am holding the hand of someone, but my perception is that I am holding the entire group behind me. (As if I am the only one able to fly.) We all seem to be dressed in 40's style clothing, I remember I am wearing a brown suit, and a brown 40's style hat.

It is dark and we cannot see. I come to the realization that I can do things that I couldn't do normally. I decide that we need light, and know that I can make it appear out of my free hand. I lift my free hand up, palm in the direction we are traveling. I speak some words I do not understand and my palm lights up. This seems to surprise me a bit, as I expected to have to work at getting my hand to light up, and when the moment came I just seemed to "do" the task. The light reveals just enough to see snow rushing below us as we travel. I then wake up.

Adam wrote:

Hi Chris,
I believe part of this transcription is a response to the post you made today. Later Linda and I will be putting the dreams links in sequence, so they will be easier to follow.

This is the transcription for Chris's two dreams about the stage performance and flying.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon Feb 16, 2008

1. Chris was there performing. In this dream he was a little man who needed help. When Chris calls for help, he can expect to get some from God, when he is experiencing some confusion.


2. So why is Chris symbolized as a hobbit? It wasn't reality that he was performing.


3. This is a warning, visionaries will not be performing in this forum, because it does not live in honesty, and it will cause confusion. We sent this warning to prevent some evil.


4. When we are spiritual our reaction captures the truth about things we want to change. And everyone has something they want to change in their life. We cannot expect to be a visionary, unless we get help for the things we want to change in our life first.


5. Adam has withdrawn from the spiritual bank that he has made and he is reversing some of his evil. And when we admit we need change, we are working spiritually for a way to solve the problem. Help is always the first thing we ask for when we have a problem spiritually. God knows about all your problems, but he can never help you unless you want him to.

Chris' Flying Dream

6. In this next dream something important happened in the forum. There is a spiritual reason this was brought to this religion. A problem Adam and Linda are having.


7. There is a symbol of New York. This is where Vicki lives now. This is a similar problem that Adam had when he went out with Vicki. And Linda was aware of it when it happened.


8. In your dream you experienced people flying. They were flying without a plane. Another warning that we will not have reason to think Adam and Linda are heading in the direction that Vicki and Ryan went.


9. There was another symbol in this dream of 40's style clothing. This represents things that have really changed in the relationships of Adam during this past year. He has definitely had some changes to give him a reason for spiritual growth, which is one of the reasons for religion.


10. Everyone here has experienced confusion in their relationships and often it takes us from the direction of love.


11. So what is the reason for flying in this dream? God is teaching forgiveness through his mercy.


12. When you are experiencing a spiritual cleansing in this religion, it is a sample of the experiences you have in heaven and it will often magnify all the good emotions that you will have in your life. You will often have emotions that God wants you to feel and we will remember it as something we want to experience again. And in a warning there is something that God does not want to happen.


13. God is proud of you Chris with your participation in this forum. This dream is an experience he wanted you to remember.


14. In this dream you were leading these people that were looking for the light. And this light was something that comes from you. And this light is a symbol of you leading them out of confusion to spiritual freedom.


15. When the light came from your hand you were really surprised. God gave you the experience of spiritual evolution, and this is just a small example of what you can experience in heaven. In heaven, you will feel the warmth.



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