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I dreamed that the President of the United States was in a downtown setting, in a city that I do not know the name of, or the reason that he was going to speak to the crowd that was on the streets. My view was immediately taken to the high-rise buildings were CIA agents and others had surveillance cameras and were in the upper stories on ledges, hanging out windows, etc. I watched one man as he leaned way over the ledge and feared he would fall. I wondered in the dream if he would. Soon, however, a man in a t-shirt with writing on it and jeans exchanged his camera for a powerful rifle and began opening fire. There was great commotion and screams of terror. I remember saying or thinking, how clever that a hit man or terrorist would pose as a cameraman and be right there in the action with no one suspecting at all. End of dream.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon on March 23rd, 2008 at 5:06pm EST

  1. This is the transcription for the dream about the president. This is a prophecy for sure and we will learn a lesson from it.
  2. The president is in a city speaking to the crowds about the future. And this is why the president was elected. He promised that the future would be better and he knew everyone was concerned about it.
  3. The people in the streets were there to listen to the promises of a better future. And this is the special lesson we are giving to you now.
  4. When the future depends on the president, then we will have to depend on the promises this person will make. This president made a lot of promises in front of this group of people.
  5. This is a symbol of the many promises that Adam has made in this forum. We will go over a few of them in the beginning of this dream.
  6. Adam told you that you would experience prophecy and he also told you that you would have these lessons from God. He said that you would have some communication from God through your dreams and visions and some of you have already experienced it.
  7. He said if you were open and wanted to learn, you could also become a visionary of God. And lastly he told you that he was working for a better future for Christianity. And so far there is not reason to think that he was not telling you the truth.
  8. In this dream there was a high-rise and the president had some staff working for him. This is a symbol of some of the people that are in this forum and this building is a symbol of this religion.
  9. You saw these people on the upper floors hanging out of the windows. This was a symbol of how closely they were listening to what the president had to say.
  10. However they were very quiet because they knew they were there to listen to him. They were not ignoring these things that he was saying.
  11. But there was one other person that wore a t-shirt and blue jeans with a camera. This person was there to cause some evil towards the president. This person tried to disguise himself as someone who was there to help the president in the building.
  12. And this person had a mission to cause evil and he began to fire this rifle. When someone is planning evil, they will try to release it from a vantage point so it will have the most affect.
  13. So now we all know that this person has planned some evil. And this here transcription will help to reverse it before it happens.
  14. We also have already given you a transcription where we spoke about how it doesn't matter if the dreams that are posted here are actual dreams, or something else that has originated from the thoughts of someone. And this transcription was sent to defeat any deception that someone will try to release in this religion.
  15. If someone wants to try and deceive us by pretending that they have had a dream or a vision, and wait for Adam to transcribe it, they are trying to cause confusion.
  16. When they have a mission to cause confusion from it, then it is based in evil and it can be something bad in religion. And anything that is evil can automatically be reversed with the use of love as long as it does not affect your soul. And even the confusion we have, can be reversed with a transcription as long as it is based in love. So if the things we do are base in love, then they are not evil.
  17. So if someone is seeking a reaction that causes shock and confusion, then we can be sure that this person isn't a good person and that this person has an ulterior motive to corrupt this religion.
  18. When we try to cause confusion with dishonesty, we have evil intentions. And if someone is making a big effort to try and deceive us, then we need some way to give us protection.
  19. There really are evil people who will try and deceive us in this religion. And yes we need to forgive them and yes we will go through this process again.
  20. So lets talk about the reaction of the people in this dream. No one was expecting that this person was trying to deceive them and cause this confusion.
  21. Why did this person have all this writing on his T-shirt? There was a message he was trying to send to the crowd who was listening to the president.
  22. Why was this person carrying a camera? This camera was used to take a picture of the crowd that was listening to the president so he would be able to contact them later.
  23. Why were the clothes of this person not like the rest of the people that were working in this building? He wanted to attract attention to himself, and he wanted to distinguish that he was different from them. So when we are going to cause some evil, we will wear clothes that we are comfortable in because we don't mind getting these clothes dirty.
  24. When he changed his camera to a rifle for shooting he knew that he was revealing himself to the other people in the building. Now this wasn't necessarily a prophecy of something that is going to happen in this religion here. Instead, it is a warning to prevent it from happening.
  25. The prophecy that we spoke of is another prophecy of survival that will come to light in the near future. We spoke before of how some of you would have special dreams of events that would happen in the near future and how they would indoctrinate you as a visionary. Each of these prophecies, will show you the miracle of survival through God's intervention.
  26. So you should have no fear that your president would be hurt through an action like this.
  27. We would also like to teach you how we can get multiple lessons through the transcriptions we have in this forum. When there is a warning we can reverse evil before it happens, and it cannot be deemed as a prophecy because it may not happen.
  28. When there is a prophecy of survival, there will be intervention from God for the preservation of life. Prophecies of death and destruction do not come from your God.
  29. They will need a proper interpretation from a chosen prophet so others will be able to learn from them. They will often cause a lot of confusion for someone who has not been chosen by God to transcribe them.
  30. And these prophecies will be confirmed by miracles so you will know they come from God.

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