Dream Interpretation About Two Earthquakes

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Two Earthquakes Dream Interpretation-Translation-Transcription-Prophecy

Adam's Comment: This prophecy of two earthquakes came only a couple of days before the events happened in China. The transcription explains how to find prophecy in this religion and how the events relate to the dreams, the transcriptions and even the events in our own lives.

Chris posted: August 1, 2008 at 8:47 am

Last night I had a very long and involved dream. I awoke several times through it, but when I went back to sleep the dream picked up where it left off.

I am in someone else's house, in their bedroom. There are perhaps 5 or 6 people hanging around the sides of the bed talking to each other. The owners of the house have a small girl, perhaps 7 or 8, present. While we are talking an earthquake starts. Though a bit surprised, none of us are really frightened. I look for the girl and see that she is standing underneath a neon bar sign. As I want to make sure it wont fall on her, I look for other spots along the wall to place her. I can see no spot without some sort of object on the wall as the earthquake ends.

I say to the others that I want to find a safe place for the girl, but the others seem to think I'm overreacting, as all the objects on the wall are secure. As I ponder what the right thing to do, an earthquake starts again. This time I call out to the girl to get on the bed so she is away from the walls and the adults are between her and the objects on the wall. I get looks from the other adults, as if they feel I am overreacting, but the girl gets on the bed.

The earthquake ends, as the adults discuss how unusual it was to have another earthquake so soon. Within a minute another earthquake begins. I believe we came to a conclusion that we had to do something about it. The earthquakes continue with short pauses between. Somehow we find a portal, and through it was another world. It seemed like a barren world, with no plant life, just mountains and such made up of an orangish red soil. I believe at this point I woke up, still very early in the morning and went back to sleep.

Adam posted August 5, 2008 at 4:46 am

Hi Chris and Everyone,

5augearthquakeIt looks like this dream is another prophecy of survival and I hope to be doing the transcription very soon.

Early this morning, Tuesday, August 5th, a new earthquake of 6.0 hit China. So far no casualties are reported.

Hi Chris and everyone,

Thank you for this wonderful prophecy of survival.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon,  August 7, 2008 at 5:32 pm

1. Now we begin to help you find the articles with prophecies of survival. God is very happy with your participation and we will give you more instructions for finding the newspaper articles. When looking for a prophecy of survival there are some criteria.

2. The newspaper article must have some of the symbols that are present in the dream. They are usually related to the things in the newspaper that shows us how God has intervened to save the life of one or more of his creations. And it is always connected with a miracle that shows how His intervention saved some life. God wants you to be looking for His miracles when He gives you a prophecy. When there is a prophecy it will usually arrive in a dream or vision before it happens and you will see how it is related by the symbols in the dream or vision or the transcription.

3. When we see the relationship first, we can do the transcription later. In the second type of prophecy, the transcription will happen prior to but very close to the time it is happening and it will still be a prophecy supported by the event or newspaper article.

The event will still be related to the symbols in the dream as well as the transcription and the relationship to the article will jump out at you when you see it. Especially the symbols that were in the dream.

4. When the article has a relationship to the lesson, it will have something that is unique to the lesson and will show you there is something that is wrong with the article. When there is an article that can cause confusion, it will affect the people who read it and there is a reason that God wants you to know the truth. In this type of prophecy the miracle is the reversal of evil and it will give you a different outlook on the article.

5. If there isn't a demonstration of survival in the article, then you should be looking for the reversal of evil, however, it still should have a relationship to the dream. The third type of prophecy within your vision will be connected to something that happens to you. It will show intervention from God and will often be backed up by something that has been published. Usually something that you will run across without looking and when you see it, there will be a publication that is important to you and it may affect you in the future.

6. It will be something that will help you to have a better life, especially if you are in confusion. With this type of prophecy, it will still relate to the dream as well as the transcription. It can also have a relationship to a newspaper article and will often combine more then one event in your life and both of the other types of prophecies. It will let you know that God is intervening in your life.

7. When God intervenes He shows you He is with you when you are on the vessel of religion. Now lets look at this dream that Chris had. Chris had a dream about an earthquake. A second one hit China a few hours ago.


8. This dream was a prophecy of survival because there were no immediate report of casualties in both of these events. In this dream Chris was in this room with several people. There is a symbol of people standing around this bed. We have learned that a bed is tranquility in the past and they are hoping for a tranquil life. The bed is a symbol of living in tranquility and they are interrupted by an earthquake.

9. Chris has fear of falling debris in this earthquake. So this means that this earthquake was not a major event. The earthquake in May caused a lot of destruction killing over 70,000 people. So it is a miracle only a few people died as a result of the next earthquake. In this dream there was a second earthquake and this happened as well. We are still waiting for the casualty report. God tried his best so that no one would die.

10. In this dream the things that were hanging on the wall were a symbol of something that could fall when we have no protection from God, leaving us vulnerable to injury. If we 7augearthquakedo not know where to stand for protection then we might not be able to find a place that is safe. So we would have to draw on our spiritual strengths to free us from this evil.

11. The symbol of this neon sign is some place that we know that we should not stand under. For if we stand under something that we know can cause us evil, then we will not be able to receive protection from God. There are lots of good reasons to realize this dream is a prophecy. Chris was worried about this little girl and he could not find a place along the wall where she would be safe. Then the earthquake ends.

12. The people thought that Chris was over reacting for they knew that this earthquake was only a tremor. If every tremor was a release of evil, then there would always be mass destruction and death. Therefore when a miracle is happening, God will try and limit the natural reaction, just like He tries to do with our emotions of evil. Earthquakes are a process that are natural for the survival of earth and we cannot expect God to stop something that would cause more evil in the future. Earth has to have some way to relieve the pressure under the ground or it would need to explode like a massive volcano. Therefore God has to find a way to relieve this pressure with as little loss of life as possible.

13. God often will send us warnings when natural disasters are going to happen. And He wants there to be a way to evacuate these areas before the disaster happens. If we could convince these people that the destruction was happening before it started, then it is saving life and the preservation of life is the major law of God.

14. You all have seen how difficult it has been to convince even those who are willing to listen. We first demonstrated this with the disaster in Indonesia. This little girl in Chris' dream was also with her mother in Indonesia and her mother wanted to find a safe place for her. This was an earlier transcription of Adams and you can find it here.

15. This transcription will be modified and brought to this forum. We will work with Adam and Linda while they are modifying it for there are only some minor corrections to be made. Every life on earth has the right to seek out tranquility without fear for the end of the world. We know there will be times when God cannot intervene and save all life on earth, but God will make sure there is compensation in heaven for those who have not had a chance to evolve spiritually when their life was taken.

16. Please remember that God does not take any life, and that He only tries to save it and that God is always ready to perform a miracle. In this dream the earthquakes continue with short pauses in between them. God gives many miracles that will repeat time and time again. However, He will not be able to perform a miracle every time. And if He can't perform one, there is always a reason.

17. If He was to perform a miracle every time a natural disaster happened, He would not be preserving life. In the last part of this dream, these people were transported to a barren world without life. Where even the soil was reddish orange. This is a symbol of a lifeless planet within our own solar system. When everything is void of life, there is no possibility for it to live again, and without God this is what would happen.

18. This planet is some place where there has never been life, so God has no reason to be there. So what have we really learned from this dream of Chris besides the different type of prophecies. We know there are prophecies that depend on the actions of people. We also know that there are miracles that depend on  the actions of a true God. This whole world depends on God's miracles for it to support life.

19. Certain reactions that come from the creations of God are needed to support life, but they can also cause death and destruction and this is where God needs some help, for humans always depend on humans for survival. Even those who have a strong belief system need help from other humans when their life is threatened.

20. God has not been forgetting to give us miracles in this world to save life. He has been creating them all over this world to preserve it. The last part of this dream has a promise. This transportation to another world had a second meaning. It meant God would never transport us to a world that was barren when we move on to the next life. And that does not just mean heaven, for some will have to be born again for further spiritual evolution. If there was no place for them to go then God would not have lived up to His responsibilities and every soul would be in spiritual confusion.

21. If all the life on earth was to disappear, we could not evolve through our spiritual evolution. If we could not have spiritual evolution here on earth, God would have to close the doors to heaven for many of the souls that were taken on earth would not be ready. God cannot let evil into heaven until it has been cleansed and removed. This is the real reason for prophecy.

22. We will need it in the future for the survival of humanity even with the miracles of God. There will be many things happening to the earth so it will be able to support all the life that thrives on it now. You will know God has been thinking and planning for its future survival and He does this for your children as well.

23. Every parent has the right to believe that the future of their children will be filled with happiness and that God still will be looking after them. See how the reaction of Chris was to look after this child. This was a symbol of how God would look after ours and how he does not want them to have any fear. For anything that falls down from the walls of civilization that hurts or kills God's children will not be coming from heaven. Those people who loose their life in a disaster will be transported to a place filled with all the beauties of God's wonderful creations.


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