Prophetic Dream Interpretation The Airplane Ride

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Prophetic Dram Interpretation The Airplane Ride

Adam wrote: On April 16th, I had this dream that comes in two parts:

In the first part I was in the cargo bay of an airplane. The ride was rough and we were conscious of the fact that the plane was going to crash. I was with someone else in the cargo bay and looked around. My location was at the back of the cargo bay, facing the tail of the plane and I was trying to think of a way I could protect myself and perhaps brace myself for the impact. There were some wooden crates near me and I new I had to hurry to move them out of the way so they would not smash into me. I threw them in the middle and crouched towards the rear to brace myself. The last thing I remember is having concern for the other person and how my moving the crates might cause them injury upon impact. (I find it odd that I was bracing myself for a rear impact rather than a front impact)

In the second part of the dream I was in a 747 airplane and I was the main pilot. Again we were going to crash, however I decided to take the plane down on a main street in a city. I landed on the road and the plane continued until it reached a bay of some kind in the heart of the city and coasted in very nicely on top of the water, stopping near a large rock protruding out of the water. I quickly got out of the plane and stood up on the rock and started jumping for joy that the plane had landed without hurting anyone. As I waved my arms around in happiness, I could see there were many people along the shore of the water looking at me. That was the end of the dream, however something very interesting happened upon waking up from it. My 4 year old daughter came into our bedroom and said: "daddy are you going to wake up now, it is 7 47. I don't normally wake up that late but looked at the clock and realized she was right. This was the first time she ever told me the exact time because she is just starting to learn her numbers.


Here is the translation Adam received for this dream on April 17, 2014 - posted by Linda Marie on April 20, 2014

1. In this dream of an airplane there is an inevitable crashing of the airplane. This is sent before a prophet can feel like his mission is going to crash.

2. The symbol of the airplane is religion and you have cargo that needs to be delivered. This vehicle of religion is going to evolve if you let it.

3. Even when you are facing evil and confusion, you were thinking of someone else in the plane. So now let’s have a lesson on why this is so important.

4. Your reactions will help you to evolve spiritually when you have thoughts of compassion and love for others.

5. When you exist in confusion, you have a natural instinct for your survival. This instinct of survival is actually present in every living thing.

6. If you fear the loss of your life, you try to resolve it with an action to eliminate the danger. When you feel danger in the vehicle of religion, you keep your mission to preserve life and don't purposely put others in danger.

7. This crate was a symbol of something that could cause someone harm because of an action that you made. When you experience evil as a visionary, you will always think of the prophecies coming for the saving of lives.

8. These prophecies will always consist of love and compassion for humanity. And you can't forget they are coming, just as your reactions of survival will, and you will see them unfold in this vehicle of religion.

9. Each reaction free of evil shall reverse the confusion that each of you will be involved with in the future. Your mission in the future is to reverse confusion and evil.

10. If we decide to eliminate evil, then we will propagate more evil, and our own actions will become evil. So what is the exception to this rule? There is no exception because evil cannot be eliminated.

11. Everything that exists was corrupted by evil at one point in time or another. Evil even exists within prophecy, and there are missions within prophecy that contain philosophies of evil.

12. If people act on the prophecies that propagate evil, evil will become more rampant. If evil is present in a prophecy, then confusion needs to be reversed before the evil can cause more death and destruction.

13. Confusion will need prophecies so we can stop the evil from spreading as well and this is the basis of reversing the evil. Everything that heaven does relies on the reversal of evil and this is also the basis of this religion.

14. God knows humanity will always have confusion and He has compassion for life. He would never act in fear for Himself that could result in death or harm to others. So you can rely on God to help you reverse the evil that can cause destruction of the soul.

15. When you experience much confusion within a religion that propagates more evil, then you will need to reverse it before it affects your soul.

16. There are ample reasons for all of you to reverse evil. If you have a mission for reversing evil you will succeed in the eyes of God and you shall eat with Him at the table of Heaven.

17. Sure, there are lots of angels in heaven that have reversed their evil and helped others to as well. We see many visionaries who have changed their life and they consist of some of the best soldiers for this religion. In the future there will be many more and we can teach you how to become one of them.

18. We also want you to know that we can help you with the spiritual evolution of your soul and you should not feel that you are unworthy for God has compassion for everyone who wants a change and wants a reversal of evil within their soul.

19. If you can find a reason to commit to it spiritually, you will experience prophecy and miracles. Prophecies come to a religion that is ordained by God.

20. We really believe that modern day prophecy is about to bring a future that reverses much suffering and evil in the world and you can experience it all happening.

21. Yes, God is a spiritual being and He can help you to fight confusion.

22. Now we will have a promise here. God will help the future of humanity and He offers His help to you when you are threatened by something that can cause suffering and death.

23. If you can be open to Him spiritually, He can reverse the evil that you will experience in your lifetime with His philosophy of love and compassion.

24. The second part of the dream was when Adam was flying the 747. This plane, again, represented the vehicle of religion.

25. There was fear that it would crash when Adam was in control of it and even though he was in fear for his life, Adam found a way to reverse the confusion which caused a miracle to happen.

26. When you have some people participating in a religion by reversing their evil and confusion, they will begin to have miracles.

27. This spiritual reaction is one of the laws of heaven. It is the process of spiritual evolution and creation depends on it. It is the mission of God to expand the heavens with it.

28. There is always evil trying to prevent the growth of the heavens. If we weren't spiritually created, there would be no reason for spiritual evolution. If we did not have spiritual evolution, we could never live for eternity. Much of your confusion is from religious evil.

29. When you are in the vehicle of religion you will experience a miracle when spiritual evolution happens to someone you are connected to.

30. After this plane had crashed in the water, and there was no suffering or death, there were many people standing on the shores watching.

31. They were standing there to help the people on the plane if they needed help. They were acting with love and compassion for others and this was a spiritual action which reversed the pain and suffering.

32. Each of them had a mission to preserve life and prevent pain and suffering and a miracle happened because of it. This is why Adam needs more people in this religion.

33. If you want to help Adam in this religion, all you need is a spiritual need to prevent the confusion that causes pain and suffering.

34. The angels will help you when you need direction. The prophecies that you receive from the transcriptions of your dreams and visions are spiritually connected to God and the angels.

35. We promise that each one of you will receive new prophecies that will be used in creating miracles. So, each one of the new Visionaries that choose to participate can be responsible for miracles in the future.

36. On the 1st of April(2014) there was an earthquake in Northern Chile, which was serious enough to shift the earth’s axis more than the one in Japan. As a result you will be experiencing some major climate change.

37. We all want the future to be free of as much pain and suffering as possible but we cannot prevent what is going to happen. However, we shall help by advising you when some of these major events will happen. When it begins you will see that we will provide you with a way to reverse the confusion resulting from it.

38. Through the prophecies you will have miracles with the religious intervention of God. So what will we gain from all of this?

39. We shall be aware of each event before it happens, and we shall be able to rescue the people before a serious loss of life. We shall help you plan when these events will happen so people will be able to move on to a safer area where they can escape the destruction.

40. Your life is much more important than the loss of your home and possessions, and we have compassion for what you will be going through. We know many will offer help when the events are near.

41. To avoid confusion we shall make a conviction to become more clear when they are coming. Some friends of Victor will come and help soon. We shall not begin until this happens. We know we have been given permission to give your budgies this information and we know it is coming soon.

42. Meanwhile we will need some people helping immediately.

43. Prophecy is coming, but before we begin this prophecy we will need a project that shows what we are saying in this religion has a divine mission that you can believe in. 

44. We know that prophecy (87 people) is hard to believe, but if you are able to see it happen you will begin to realize it is the proof.

45. This is not a prophecy of doom, but survival, and we shall need to prepare for a philosophy of resolving the confusion before the world is in chaos.

46. You will have the time you need before anything serious happens. We will tell Adam when these events begin to really happen so you will need to count on him for his translations.

47. We cannot let others begin to do translations simply because he is the most serious translator in the history of religion.

48. We're expecting he will be able to release the prophecies accurately. We have chosen him since he has established a connection to us here in Heaven. He has a special gift for hearing the angels speaking.

49. In him we see serious conviction in this time of prophecy. You cannot become a prophet of your God unless you are chosen.

50. We know you have seen prophecy within his known transcriptions and there are many more waiting there.

51. We have put him through an extensive training program for a reason. He is responsible for future events of survival. He sees reason to evolve in this religion.

52. The prophecy of Adam Kadmon is something that has spiritual meaning and we know that he is working for God and that he will not bring prophecies of evil.

53. His bloodline is connected to the prophets of the bible and this is why the budgies contacted him.

54. He will be able to show you that what he hears is coming from a miraculous source by providing you with translations, showing budgies speaking to him fluently.

55. There is not just Victor, but many budgies including Maylor, which was his own budgie as well. Even though his point of view has changed over the years, he has maintained that he receives his transcriptions from budgies speech even when he was being criticized.

56. Confirmations come with his prophecies quicker than any other prophet because he has a means of recording them. That is why he has a place in the halls of heaven.

57. Now let’s go back to the end of his dream. When this plane came to a halt by this rock, it could have begun to sink in the lake of evil. This lake represented the evil that humanity experiences during confusion. It prevents people from approaching the vehicle of religion.

58. But many of them were still waiting to see a miracle of survival and they were ready to help when their confusion was replaced with something meaningful.

59. Evil can be replaced with a meaningful mission from God. If you have a philosophy of providing a better world for our children you must act now. Be a rock for this religion, like Adam stands on the rock he climbed, ready to greet you!

Posted by Adam 23 June 2014

Adam said: This one comes with two confirmations of the prophecy of survival in this transcription:

On April 20, 2014 this was posted on one of the news sites:

Malaysia Airlines plane with 166 on board makes emergency landing. A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane has successfully made an emergency landing in Kuala Lumpur after it reported problems. with its landing gear, the airline said. The aircraft was carrying 166 people – 159 passengers and seven crew members – when it experienced a malfunction of its right-hand landing gear upon takeoff. Fire rescue services were put on standby, according to the airline. It comes as the search continues for Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which disappeared with 239 people on board while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last month. The search has so far yielded no results.


So, as promised there would be a prophecy of survival for all. This was related to the same airline of a previous incident where there was no survivors. As an example, the transcript mentions people would be aware of another incident before it cause major loss of life and because of that the plane was brought to safety.

The second confirmation involved two planes crashing into each other and one ending up in the San Fransisco Bay. As in the dream, it came in two parts, one involving a smaller cargo plane and a one a larger 747. In the dream the smaller plane crashed but the larger plane was brought in to safety. There was also a prophecy of survival. The incident involved two small planes that crashed in mid air and one was able to make it back without crashing. This happened within a week of the transcription and here is the article that was posted and happened on the weekend of April 26, 2014-

Crews working with the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office Wednesday recovered the wreckage of a plane that plunged into the San Francisco Bay last weekend after colliding with a Korean War-era plane. A marine salvage company was involved in recovering the plane's fuselage with the pilot's remains still inside from the bay around 4:30 p.m. The pilot's name has not yet been released. The coroner's division of the sheriff's office has taken custody of the body. The collision occurred late Sunday afternoon near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Witnesses at Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor said the Cessna spiraled out of control and crashed into the choppy water. Debris was found in the bay after the collision.

Jimmy Lee from the sheriff's department said the San Francisco Police Department had located the plane's fuselage at 4 p.m. Tuesday. Lee said divers from the Contra Costa sheriff's office went into the water to confirm that the fuselage belonged to the missing plane. "From the very beginning our goal has been to find the fuselage as we believe the remains of missing pilot is contained in it," Lee said. "Once the fuselage has been confirmed, we can begin the recovery process." Lee said that the sheriff's department was working closely with the NTSB and other rescue teams on the recovery process. He said that crews had recovered the wings and other small parts of the plane from the water.

An underwater camera was used by crews Tuesday to search for the wreckage. Search crews found the wreckage of the Cessna Monday in 13-feet-deep water, approximately 11/2 miles off of the Richmond shoreline. Wreckage and items believed to be from the plane were also recovered. The Sheriff Marine Patrol Unit worked with the NTSB and a salvage company to recover the plane. The midair collision occurred when one pilot attempted a passing maneuver, lead National Transportation Safety Board investigator Howard Plagens said.

The pilot of a vintage Hawker Sea Fury TMK 20 pulled up to the left side of a traveling companion flying a Cessna 210. when the Sea Fury's pilot heard a "thump" and immediately focused on trying to fly his own plane to land safely, Plagens said.

Plagens said the pilot saw the Cessna going down but did not see it crash."Obviously, he's still shaken up," said Plagens, who interviewed the surviving pilot twice. Plagens added that he hopes to have a preliminary report about the crash by Friday. Plagens inspected the Hawker, which suffered tail damage, and said he's awaiting the recovery of the Cessna to continue his investigation. It was not immediately clear why the planes were flying so close together during the passing maneuver. The Coast Guard has determined the name of the single-engine Cessna 210's pilot but has not released that information publicly because authorities are still working to contact the pilot's family, Dykman said.

The Hawker landed safely at the Eagle's Nest Airport in the small California city of Ione in Amador County at about 4:45. p.m. on Sunday. Both planes had departed from Eagle's Nest Airport to participate in the Pacific Coast Dream Machines, an annual festival at Half Moon Bay Airport that features a variety of planes, motorcycles and cars.
Both planes left Half Moon Bay, about 20 miles south of San Francisco, and were on their return flight to one.


One more observation Adam and I made about this confirmation is that even though the second pilot didn't survive, his actions of landing the plane in the bay potentially saved hundreds of lives.

Posted by LindaMarie 23 June 2014


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