Dream Interpretation for The Flood Dream

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Dream Interpretation About A Flood

Re: Brenda's Dreams - Jan 7, 2008, 4:44am

Brenda said:

I had a dream last night in which there was massive flooding throughout the United States and Canada. It was basically coastal, the waters seemed to rise and began to cover more and more of the continent, so people had to move inland very quickly.

I seem to remember many horses having to swim through the rising waters, but I don't remember seeing rain, just the oceans rising.
I spoke to some politician and he said something like "We need to establish peace and trust with Iraq, as our people may need to relocate there."


Adam posted - Sun Feb 10, 2008 2:18pm

Transcription by Adam Kadmon on 9 Feb, 2008

  1. The horses were in this dream of Brenda's. These horses were swimming in the ocean and the oceans were rising. We will see a miracle in the waters of confusion whenever it seems like destruction and evil are covering the world. When confusion is covering everything, they will always be swimming through this confusion to safety. We cannot forget that these horses were here before humanity came to this world and scouted this land for God.
  2. Every horse had a reason to run from evil and confusion and that is the reason that they were free. They had a lot of reasons to love the creations that God had made in the world. You all have reasons to love the creations of your God and you all have freedom to run away from evil and confusion.
  3. 3. So this is a symbol of seeking freedom from the confusion and evil that is now happening all over the world. Even these horses were slowed down by confusion but they new they would find dry land where they could run free.
  4. God will help you swim through it just like these horses here. These horses counted on God's divine intervention and they were spiritually driven by the preservation of life. We all are driven by the preservation of our own life. These horses they found a reason to work together with each other.
  5. Why were these horses fleeing? We all know that it is right to swim towards safety. When you flee for your life, you need spiritual help and this is when we draw on our spiritual bank. And your spiritual bank will never be empty if you make regular deposits by the reversal of evil that exists in your soul. We know confusion will always give you a reason to fear for your life when evil is chasing you, unless you reverse this confusion. We will protect you from this evil through this religion we have here.
  6. And Brenda was talking about Iraq and establishing peace and trust with them. What is the reason she spoke about Iraq? We want them to experience this religion so they won't be so destructive. Do you think Iraq could benefit from the experience of spirituality in this religion?
  7. Iraq is rampant with confusion with no regards for the loss of life. We also know this is where this religion was originally given to humanity for their survival. And this is the region where prophets were also chosen when people arrived and in the beginning.
  8. There are many reasons why almost everyone there is full of confusion. And we cannot imagine all the confusion that they have been through in their life times. When you live your life in a region that is evil, you live your whole life running from this evil.
  9. God wants you to understand their grief as a visionary, and spiritually relocate yourself as a person in this region. Confusion is so rampant, and everyone follows a religion full of religious evil. Even religions such as Christianity are wrapped up in this evil. This region is a perfect example of the evil that can happen when the people do not follow a religion that comes from God and there are many other examples all over the world.
  10. But all this confusion they have is because they have listened to a visionary and not a prophet that has been chosen by God. Often a visionary will misunderstand a communication that comes from heaven whenever they encounter a problem and take the direction of confusion. And then they end up being a prophet of confusion. And we have experienced some of this already in this religion. Confusion springs up from fear, and this fear causes a reaction that is evil.
  11. When you know that the angels in heaven are protecting you, you have no reason to have fear and you can move forward in life towards spiritual freedom.
  12. Jesus was spiritually protected by the angels in heaven, and he had no fear of evil. When he began to have confusion about the situation it caused a break in his spiritual connection, and He made his own choice to die on the cross. Although he had no fear of his own survival, he had fear for his precious family. And confusion gave him a reason to sacrifice his life. It was not the direction that God wanted him to go.
  13. And even Jesus had a problem following the direction of God in the end. And this causes a lot of religious confusion for Christians. God does not want you to sacrifice any life to please Him. We shall never find a reason to sacrifice a life in this religion. And when Jesus will return, He will make this clear to everyone.
  14. Even He could make some mistakes because he was human. There will always be some evil that will be trying to confuse us until the very end and we shall find a way to resist. 

Brenda Posted - Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:35 am

Thank you God and Adam for this transcription, which I think will be helpful in my life, as well as the lives of others. Animals seem to be aware of danger long before they see it or hear it. They seem to intuitively sense danger, or evil. They either stand firm and fight or flee from evil. God, please help us to have the intuition of our animal friends when there is evil. And teach us God when it is appropriate to stand firm or when to flee from evil.

Confirmation Posted by Adam 28 June 2014

The confirmation of this dream came with several events of increased flooding in Canada since 2008. The outcome is the worst year in Canadian History for floods. Here is a link.




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