Dream Interpretation Wake Up The Neighbour

Dream Interpretation Wake Up The Neighbor

Posted by Adam Kadmon 24 Jan 2008 05:45 am

Hi Everyone,
Last night I had a dream where I was managing a property and I was sitting out in my car when this young boy came up to me in a bit of a panic. He said that he believed that his neighbours were missing work because their alarm clock did not go off because of a power failure. He said that they were usually up by 8:30 am and it was already 9 am and he had not seen any sign of them. He wanted to know if he should wake them up or not. I thought for a minute and said, well son, that would be a good idea if you went and woke them up. After I told him, I felt a little apprehensive, because I hoped that I did not make a mistake.

A few minutes later, I could hear a disturbance and a bunch of people walking down the walkway. My first thought was that it was the people that the child woke up, and they were upset because they did not need to be woken and the boy told them that I was the one who told him to do it. I crouched down in my car as they were going by, so they could not see me, however one of them spotted me and started verbally abusing me. I got out of the car to try and explain however they were very upset. I was also now getting upset as well and I tried to control my anger. It was almost as if they had started a neighborhood riot because of it. I took one of the men by the arm and walked him off to the side to try and explain it.
This however did not help, and he took my arm and walked me back into the crowd. I tried to shake him off my arm and told him to not touch me. The biggest part of my worries at this time was that I had fear that they were going to tell my employer, and that would effect my job.

Posted: 18 Feb 2008 06:52 am

This transcription really hit home for me because of some things that happened with my family over the weekend. Linda and I may try to explain more about it as soon as we get a chance.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon, Feb 18,2008

  1. And now we will transcribe this dream of Adam waking up the neighbor. Adam was sitting in a car and this dream has a prophecy. Adam is confused with all this emotional evil that is happening with his mother and sister. The angels will now make a promise that this will get better for them.
  2. Adam saw a little boy who approached him with a problem. The boy had fear that the neighbors slept past eight thirty and he wanted permission to wake them up.
  3. While Adam was sitting in the car, he heard a bunch of angry neighbors coming towards the car. They were angry because they thought Adam told this boy to wake them up.
  4. Adam had fear and tried to hide from them and evil resulted from a misunderstanding. For this dream, there is a reason. We do not want you to be angry with all your neighbours.
  5. Misunderstandings are often the problem that causes a lot of emotional evil. Try to love your neighbor and there will be less misunderstandings throughout your life. Life will be much easier if you always act in a loving fashion.
  6. However, all these people in this dream acted in all of their confusion. People can be short of reasoning when they are full of resentment when something effects them. Every occasion where we react negatively can cause a negative action in someone else. Each time that you act positively with love,you will cause a similar positive reaction unless there is still some misunderstanding. So there is a reason that your God wants no misunderstanding in Him and that is why you have religion to understand God.
  7. However, some misunderstanding is not your own fault and that is why God accepts all religions in heaven. When we are spiritual we will have reactions from people who don't understand which will cause emotional evil.
  8. As a true visionary you will try to help them understand. When you see evil before you, you shall try to understand what caused the reaction. Once you are open to it, you may be able to control it. We can try to control other peoples evil when we can't reverse it.
  9. As a visionary we shall be learning many ways to control the anger of others if we cannot reverse their evil. You will learn as a visionary that emotional evil is something we have to control within ourselves as well. Also we all will have emotional evil when we are dealing with someone else's confusion. So this is a natural reaction that we will have to learn how to control.
  10. In this dream Adam was sitting in his car which was the vehicle of religion. He had some fear that all this evil was chasing him. Even though he tried to hide from it, it still found him, and he was not really responsible for it. When Adam stepped out of his religion he had no choice but to react to this evil for he was emerged in this confusion himself.
  11. His reaction had to be based on his own survival. He knew that God would help as long as he tried to control his own anger. We will often be in a situation where we have to control our own evil when we are dealing with evil in relationships as well. Each time we have problems then our actions must demonstrate reasoning and understanding.
  12. God can help us get through any problem as long as we can control control our negative emotions. Our words have life to people when we count on heaven to help us. If we can control evil and confusion it can often reverse the evil of misunderstanding.
  13. So we must not breed more evil and misunderstanding by having a reaction of emotional evil. Each time you feel that anger is getting the better of you, think of your employer which is God, and your job as a visionary could be in jeopardy if you don't learn to control yourself.
  14. God cannot have his visionaries breeding emotional evil for it shows they have learned nothing. When Chris was flying with the people in religion he was experiencing the miracles in heaven. And there was this light which illuminated from the palm of his hand which gave people direction in confusion. And this light will always be available to all of the visionaries here whenever they need it.
  15. This light is an action that originates from heaven. And each time we try to deal with a situation with understanding and love this light will illuminate, helping people out of confusion. God's light will help you.

Posted by Linda Marie: 18 Feb 2008 09:05 am

This is truly an amazing transcript and a wonderful insight. Adam and I definitely had lots of opportunity to control our emotional evil this weekend while we were helping his mom move. As most people are when they move, his mom was quite stressed, which is completely understandable. I must say though that I have never experienced someone who holds onto so much resentment towards others. There is, and has been, a lot of tension between her and her daughter (Adam's sister) as she is the only one who lives near by and helps her with some of the activities that she can't do herself. Adam's sister on the other hand, is going through a break-up and divorce and has not had the time or patience she would normally have with her mother. So when we arrive to help we are plunged into the middle of the problems they are having.

We arrived Friday afternoon to find there was still a lot of packing to do before we could get the truck to start loading which was planned for Saturday. So we got to work, all the while listening to Adam's mom vent her anger and disappointments to us and often reacting when she thought someone was blaming her for not being ready. We left for the evening and stayed over at Adam's sisters for the night leaving his mom to do some personal packing. We arrived on Saturday morning to start loading the truck with a hired hand and I was to take his mom to the bank and pick up Adam's niece and her friend who was going to help with the lifting. So I walked in first and said "so are you ready to go" and she got angry with me and gave me an earful about how she had been up most of the night and only had a couple of hours sleep and that she had told herself the first person to walk in the door and say anything she was going to let em have it. I was quiet shocked at the way she spoke to me, and explained that I didn't appreciate her talking to me that way and that I was only there to help. She was very upset and went to her room and slammed the door. I just continued to pack and waited until she was ready to go. While we were on our trip around town to do the things we had to do she apologized for what she said and explained herself. As the day carried on there were many tense moments and inappropriate things said, especially between herself and her daughter

Every occasion where we react negatively, causes a negative action in someone else

and when her daughter wasn't around she would speak negatively about her. We both avoided speaking to her or confirming anything negative when she was talking like this.
I spent most of the day and until 1 am cleaning the cupboards and the bathroom, Adam's mother came to me to thank me and give me money for my work which I refused to take. She became emotional at this time and hugged me, I told her that her hug was the only payment I needed. She apologized again for what she said that morning and cried.

And each time that you act positively with love, you will cause a similar positive reaction unless there is misunderstanding

The next morning she told me in private that she could see a big change in the way Adam and I get along together as compared to him and his former wife. She asked if I thought Adam and I were going to stay together now. I told her 'most definitely', and she told me that if that is the case I could call her mom. It was another emotional moment that will not be forgotten. We know that God was with us this weekend and helped us control our reactions. And to top it all off we were short on money this month and we found out when we got home that there was a nice bonus on our pay cheques that we weren't expecting.

Posted by Adam: 18 Feb 2008 09:39 am

Thanks Linda for this great testimony and your actions this weekend were nothing less then saintly.

This is quite a miraculous prophecy as well. First, the drive to my moms on Friday afternoon took three hours. During that time and while Linda was driving, I had time to work on the transcript with headphones and my laptop. This was the next dream that was in the cue to be transcribed and the one I was working on during the trip. It is amazing how God and the angels know exactly when these dreams and transcripts are going to take place in our lives.

Moving my mother over the past 20 years or so, has always been a very trying experience even at the best of times. I have probably been responsible for her moving at least 20 times. She sure has a lot of things and never seems to be ready when the moving day finally comes.

I try to understand that she is getting old and her health is not the best. I could probably deal with her not being ready, if she could be easier to deal with I guess. So I find myself feeling negative emotions when she wants to follow us around and make sure we packed everything according to her standards when the packing should have been done weeks ago. There were other things that caused frustration as well. She had arranged to get a 10 foot moving van instead of a 20 foot cube van. The trouble was she has at least enough things to fill up a 20ft cube van, almost twice. So we would have had to make about 10 trips. Then when we went to pick up the truck, the place was closed because the person who she rented if from left early that day. Eventually we did end up getting a larger van, so it worked out in the end I guess. However, when we went to move her the next morning, we told her we would be there around 9:30 and she was not even dressed when we arrived.

After she got upset with Linda, she gave me a blast as well when I walked in. Normally I would have gave her a blast back about her not being ready yet, but I controlled myself to a point and told her we were there to help and she needed to be nicer to us.

Once we loaded the vehicle twice and unpacked the truck, there were other occasions when she made some inappropriate comments that I had to keep from reacting negatively to. This was not typical of me. In the past and during most of her moves, I was always upset and vented about her not being ready and how I would not be doing this type of thing for her again. However, after we unpacked the truck, Linda and I just did what we could, while my sister went out and had a good time that evening. The place she was moving into was filthy as well, and Linda spent many hours cleaning, so it would be livable as well. Eventually, about 3:30 a.m. we finished what we could, and went to bed. The next morning my sister arrived and my mother and her had a few more disagreements, which we had been avoiding since the beginning.

Something very interesting that morning. It is part of the prophecy and falls in with this dream as well. Before we left on Sunday, mom noticed that someone had parked in her parking spot. When she saw the people leaving she said that she was going to go out and give them "heck" for parking there. I asked her not to do it because she did not need to get off on the wrong foot with any of the tenants. There were only 9 apartment units in this building and they would be her neighbours. She argued with me for a while and said that she had a right to tell them to move, and I finally convinced her that right now it did not make that much of a difference because she does not have a car anyway. I told her if she did this she would probably be labeled as a trouble maker her first day there.

So there were three visible things in my dream that related to what happened. The car, the neighbour and a misunderstanding, could have caused resentment with her neighbours.

Yes, it is wonderful how God and the angels will send these dreams and how they will often have lessons and be multi-faceted with prophecy. On the way home Linda and I felt good about the experience we had and were happy about the way things turned out in the end. And on top of that God gave us a confirmation about this dream being sent to us for this particular occasion, and then he rewarded us not only spiritually, but financially as well.


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