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Linda posted: March 23, 2008 at 5:52 pm

Dream from February 19, 2008 - Previous Employers House

I was at our previous employers residence, only it didn't seem the same. I'm not sure if I was working or just visiting but we went back for some reason. Ida (the lady I worked alongside) was there. Not sure why but I had to go over this big rock. I had to climb up it and go over it and I got stuck when trying to get down. Another part was a fire that destroyed a big part of the house. It had destroyed a lot of important papers. The next day after it was all out the fire guy said it started from underneath the hot tub and the wiring from the hot tub started the fire. I remember Ida and I were together in a different part of the house, an out building or barn. We climbed up this part and we were in a situation where we had to get down. It was like a big mattress teetering. Ida suggested I slide over and climb down the ladder. So we all ended up on one side of the mattress and it fell over and we all landed on the ground and the mattress fell on top of us. I don't think anyone was hurt. Sandra came and started talking to us, Ida was mentioning it was her 14th day straight she had worked, not complaining but just to make Sandra realize how much she works without time off. Another part, everyone was hanging outside together and one of their dogs, (not same as dogs they had when we were there) was showing affection towards me. They were looking at this dog showing this affection to me and realized I couldn't be this bad person they had assumed I was.

Transcription by Adam Kadmon: Posted August 28, 2008 at 6:06 pm

Hi Everyone,

Chris had a question a couple of days ago and posted it here: Posted: August 24, 2008 at 4:34 pm

Chris said: I do have a question on this one. I noted that the reptilian answered a few questions before he asked for a later meeting. The answers were very awe inspiring, revealing some metaphysical stuff about the nature of reality. There seemed to be a perfect answer to whatever I asked, making me feel he could be trusted. I do remember in my Argument with Father dream, and Friend Loser Again dream, that my Dad, representing God, and my friend, representing someone undergoing spiritual change, neither one gave any sort of response to my questions. The difference I can tell, is that I was in clear confusion when asking to God, but didn't seem to be when asking the reptilian.

This dream was sent to Linda back in February to answer it.

1. Chris had a question and it is answered in Linda's dream and it was sent to her for this reason. It is the dream about Linda's previous employer, she was working with Ida. Ida was the person that caused Linda and Adam to loose their last job, even though she was a friend of Linda.

2. They came upon this big rock they had to get over. This rock was a symbol of some evil that was in their way on their way to work and they decided to climb it for it wasn't very difficult for them. When they got to the top they found out that they would have trouble getting back down.

3. Often evil will make it easy for you to come to it but difficult to get away. The employers had a fire in the house that they were staying in. It destroyed a lot of important papers that they needed. The location where the fire started was a place that the owners always went for a spiritual cleansing and they would always have reason to have many spiritual cleansings for they never had any compassion for anyone that ever worked for them.

4. Linda and Ida tried sliding down a mattress that Ida had set up for them. Even though the mattress looked safe, they were lucky they didn't get hurt. When their employer came she was not even the least bit worried if they hurt themselves.

5. When Ida said she worked 14 days straight, she was worried that her employer would fire her for complaining. And it was not right, as you know, to be treated this way. When Linda and Adam applied for this job in real life, it was the job of their dreams. They were looking for a place and there was a beautiful home there. Also the money was very good and their employer seemed very nice at the interview. They would get to stay in a big estate filled with trees and other beautiful scenery. They would not have any bills to worry about. Their employers were one of the richest families in Canada and they felt that this really was their dream job.

6. Both Adam and Linda knew they were good workers and they felt that they would have no problems doing what was explained to them at the interview. When they excepted the job, they had two other job opportunities, but they chose this one because they felt it was the best one. So what does the symbol of the mattress mean in this dream?

7. There are many things that look good but they are evil if they are used the wrong way. Even good things can be used for evil when they are used under the wrong circumstances. Now lets go back to Linda and Ida and their employer.

8. Her employer had lots of money to do anything she wanted to. And her employer was under a lot of pressure all the time because of the unhappy relationship that she was in. Ida was there to help her get through some of this pressure and she did many good things for her employer which prevented much evil from happening in the household while she was working there.

9. Ida worked many long and hard hours to help her employer because her employer felt that she was obligated to do anything that she wanted her to do. So Ida was doing good when she worked so hard. When someone feels that we are obligated to do something for them, they will often hold the job over our head and show no compassion. They will treat us like a slave.

10. When we are treated like a slave we are expected to act like the rest of the slaves. There were many times that Adam and Linda did not accept the way their employer treated them. They realized their employers expected much more from them then they were led to believe.

11. This is how this reptilian is luring Chris in his dream and this is why this reptilian wanted a separate meeting because he knew that all the people that were there would be able to be a witness to what he was saying. This reptilian knew what Chris was looking for and he had the answers he needed. But the reptilian knew he was not able to keep the knowledge of his evil away from everyone there. And all of the reptilians that lived out there with him learned how to survive in an evil place, in the same way that Ida learned how to survive with an evil employer.

12. When she told a lie and caused Linda and Adam to loose their job, she was protecting herself with the job that she had. Now lets go back to the things that were burned in the fire in the dream. This fire was an evil thing that happened for the employer, however it didn't affect Linda and Ida because they were in a separate part of the building. So it wasn't really some evil that happened to them.

13. So this was some evil that happened directly to their employer because of the evil that surrounded them and it was something that affected their spiritual cleansings. So we should not be affected by the lack of someone else's spiritual cleansings unless we are there with them in the house where they sin.

14. That does not mean that there won't be evil from someone evil unless you are there with them, but you will have a better chance of reversing it if you are not there with them. And there will be many times when we will be affected by evil when we are not even close to it.

15. If you are in some evil your soul will be affected by it. Your soul is responsible for collecting all of your life's experiences and implanting them in your genetic structure. When evil is consistently implanted into the depth of your soul you will not be able to consistently maintain being a good person and eventually you will need to react in the way that you have chosen with your surroundings.

16. One of Sandra's dogs was showing Linda some affection. Linda knew that this employer did not trust her in the same way as Ida. When someone is evil they will often put their trust in someone who is evil and they will not be able to see the truth. And even though Ida did good things she was still surrounded and acted with evil whenever she was threatened by evil. The only person that knew the truth was Linda.

17. When we are affected by a lie we often do not have a choice but to protect ourselves from it happening again. And even though this action does not consist in love, it can help to reverse some evil that may affect you in your life, as long as you have compassion.

Adam posted: August 30, 2008 at 7:45 am

Hi everyone,

I would like to post three more articles that I found in the Toronto Sun, that are connected to this dream and transcription. I will tell you why I feel that they are connected. I believe it is a prophecy of survival because one of the employees who was directly involved came out of it with minor injuries.

First off, Linda's dream was about a fire that caused some damage and destruction. Also her dream was about two employees doing something that was risky or dangerous. It also talked about an inspector coming to inspect why the fire took place and documentation or paper work as well.

The newspaper article refers to how employees of Sunrise where performing unsafe practices, which were well known to their employer. It also talks about how other people in the area were affected. In a second article it talks about a women of 75 years who was originally affected by the blast, but escaped unharmed only to be stricken down a few weeks later by a vehicle going in reverse.

The transcript talks about how evil can affect us when we are in it, as well as when we are not so close to it. In a previous transcript it talks about how there is often evil waiting after a disaster.


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