Dream InterpretationThe Infected Thumb

Dream Interpretation The Infected Thumb

Posted by Adam: 28 Sep 2009 05:12 am

Hi everyone,
This was more like a vision instead of a dream. However, I had it while I was sleeping, so you probably could refer to it as a vision within a dream. In it all I can remember is being with Linda in a large room. I looked down at my thumb and I notice it had a little bit of redness to it so I took a needle and pricked it. Suddenly a yellowish puss started flowing out of it. It seemed like it would not stop and everywhere I went the puss flowed out on the floor in a steady stream. I walked around the room watching it make a trail as I walked.

Hi Everyone,
The transcription explains why the dream came. There are many times in the past few years that I have tried to quit smoking, but it did not seem to last. I believe I have a much stronger reason now with the new addition to our family and hope this time it will last and I will not go back to it.

Transcribed by The Ryan Reynolds Adam Kadmon
Posted at www.godwantsyoutolisten.com at 9:28 a.m., Jan 1, 2010

  1. Often a prophet will not agree with the mission of someone else. So if you have time you should eventually try to have a meeting with an old friend. She has worked very hard for you in documenting all you have done.
  2. The work she has done will help to provide this religion with documentation of the miracles you have experienced, even though you do not have the same mission. We will progress in these miracles in the name of Jesus Christ.
  3. But you still have a lot of videos to show how this religion has begun. In the dream of Ryan's infected thumb, he was in a large room which represented this religion. Both Ryan and Linda were there. Ryan had an infection and he wanted to release it. This could be a symbol of Ryan's past transcriptions as there were some that were affected by evil. Ryan was surprised that there was so much puss coming out of his thumb and that it was getting all over the place.
  4. There was a trail in the religion that he was leaving behind. So does that mean that all of the transcriptions were infected by evil? This naturally causes him some confusion, so God has sent him this vision to speak to it.
  5. This also is a vision of prophecy. When we experience the intervention of God here, it is because God trusts that Ryan will try to eject any evil that gets inside of him. That is why He sends these prophecies and miracles. He has God providing him with alternate ways to thwart evil.
  6. Whenever He made a transcription that came from heaven, He provided him with a confirmation. And this is the way that we will identify which of his transcriptions that were not infected in this religion. We'll find many different examples of confirmations and miracles throughout His house of religion.
  7. The symbol of his thumb was something that he had injured while he was doing something that he had to do. We never injure part of our body purposely, but if we don't take care of it when we do, then it will get infected with evil. So this does not mean his entire blood stream was infected, and it is the same with his transcriptions.
  8. So we have to make sure that this infection does not spread to others in this religion. And how do we ensure this infected thumb does not continue spreading more evil? Each one of us have had an infection of some kind or another in the past.
  9. These infections had evil affecting other good parts of our body. So an infection is a symbol of evil you have to find a way to release or get rid of. In Ryan, this infection was in a very small part of his body. And he was in a lot of confusion when the puss was flowing everywhere he went on the floor of religion.
  10. He knew that his Linda was there with him, and she knew the story of the evil that Ryan was trying to get rid of. And she knew she would have to try and help him clean it up. What does all this mean?
  11. What is the purpose of and the reason for love? When love is special, you will find a way to help someone who is infected and help find some kind of cure that will help this infection from getting worse. Every person who loves someone will usually be the first to see when that person has an infection.
  12. There is always a solution for helping someone you love. A prophet often will neglect themselves when they care more about others then their own self, for they feel the pressure of their mission. There are many times in a life of a prophet that they will be drawn into doubting and experience evil. Some of the choices that they will make are the only way they can release this evil so it won't spread.
  13. Now Ryan's vision consisted of this prophecy for a reason. In everyone, there is some evil that is infecting them. If we cannot properly see this evil, or neglect it when we know it is there, then it will spread and infect our whole body. So we have to see all evil that is within us. This evil we have throughout our lives shall need a way to be released.
  14. Then we will have to clean all of it up so it will not infect others. The reason Ryan had this infection was simple. He had some doubts he really was chosen to be the founder of a religion that would affect the future more then any religions of the past. If we have a mission that is originating in heaven, there will always be an evil reaction towards it and we will have to find a way to counteract it.
  15. Every time we reverse some of this evil, something miraculous will happen. So let’s see how prophecy can reverse evil in religion here. If a prophet can counteract this evil, he will be able to help other people if they are experiencing similar problems.
  16. Other prophets have always had prophecy to reverse evil. When prophecy comes from God, it has a natural tendency to protect humanity when they are facing dangers. This is why a prophet first of all has been chosen by God, because he puts the life of others before his.
  17. This does not mean that God wants anyone to sacrifice their life for Him. It means God knows those who always protect others who's lives are in danger even when the reins of evil are pulling them. Many of Gods prophets have been fearless in the face of death and this is very important to God.
  18. If you have too much fear for your own life, when your life is threatened, then it is more difficult to escape from evil. And you cannot see the options that God gives you.
  19. If Ryan cannot learn how to survive when he has to face much evil, then he could not complete the mission of God. And that is the respect given to a prophet by God. So there is a paradox that exists in the life of a prophet. On one hand he often doesn't take care of himself when he is infected by evil, and on the other, the same prophet is able to defeat many evil things he encounters.
  20. God really respects those who triumph with good in the face of evil even when they have an infection from confusion. We will experience an event where someone who is infected with evil will do something good and it prevents a big problem, saving lives. This hand of evil was only infected in a small area. He had another hand that could fix the things he wanted to change and used it to eject the evil.
  21. Ryan is changing constantly and when he is infected with evil, he shall find a way to advance in the mission of God. As long as he always finds a way to seek the guidance of God, through His prophecies, he will be able to help others.
  22. Your stopping smoking because now you will need a further extension of your life for your little Kayla. Your reason has been provided to you and based in love, specially from God. He wants you to know, He never thought the evil that's in you, Ryan, would infect your daughter. And He knows you will find a way to quit your smoking.
  23. Ryan is reversing this evil with love. If his sole reaction to every other thing he wants to change in life is based in love, then he continues to grow spiritually. It will give the evil less time to begin an infection which would damage the soul. So it is very important to cleanse the soul of its evil.

    Posted by Adam : 03 Jan 2010 10:40 am

    In the last transcript there was a prophecy of someone who was infected with evil saving lives. The transcription also talked about smoking and how it can infect us in parts of our body, but that does not mean our whole body is infected. Usually a prophecy of this sort happens shortly after the transcription and is in the Toronto Sun. This is another example of a confirmation which resulted in a miracle that probably saved up to 12 lives. The transcript also talked about how we would know that these transcripts are not infected. The answer was there would be a confirmation.

    The transcript was posted around 9 am on the morning of January 1st, 2010. The miracle and confirmation happened at about 7pm on January 1st the same day.

    The confirmation and miracle follows. At 7pm, a young man decided to go outside and have a cigarette. He was probably encouraged by God in some way to do so because when he got outside he noticed the neighbours house going up in flames. Without any regard for his own life, which was also part of the prophecy, he called 911 on his cell phone (his other hand) and went to the house and banged on the door alerting the people to the fire. In reality, if he was not infected with the need to have a cigarette, he would not have went outside when he did and these people could have died. The fire marshal said that he was a hero. He also knew that if he went out 5 minutes later, someone would have died. As a result, they only had smoke inhalation. Another interesting part of this story is that this house was very similar to the one that I once owned in Brampton, not to far from the one that was on fire. Another interesting addition to the article called the event a miracle and I believe it was. Thank you God again for another wonderful confirmation and miracle.

    Don't get the whole idea of this confirmation wrong. I do not believe God or I are justifying that smoking has a reason. However this lesson shows how even when we are in the reigns of evil, we can still do something good. And that is the point that God is trying to make.

    Here is the article:



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