Prophetic Dream Interpretation Cleaning the Hull

Spiritual Dream Interpretation Cleaning The Hull

Posted by Linda: 20 Mar 2008 08:09 pm

Feb 28, 2008- Brothers Pool/Boat Cleaning

There are 3 parts. One part I was at my brother and sister-in-laws, not at the house they live in now. They were talking about this pool they put in their yard and how they didn't think through where they were putting the pool when they first got it because they didn't have any privacy when they were swimming in the pool. They said something about not having help to pay for the decoration of the pool from people. The pool was near the road and on the other side of the road was a lake. I went to the other side of the road and I was at this boat. I was cleaning the hull of this boat while it was in the water. I had some bottles of cleaning stuff and some rags and when I was finished I put the cleaners on the swim platform of the boat. Another group of people came along in a work boat and almost hit the boat I was working on. I was trying to keep their boat from hitting the boat I was working on so I had to reach my hand out to stop their boat from hitting the boat and when I did I knocked the cleaning stuff into the water and it started sinking and by the time I went to gab it I had to reach my hand way down into the water and pretty much had to go swimming to get it. I ended up at the work shop of these guys and talking to this guy that was there. He was making coffee and I didn't realize he was making coffee for me because I was doing something else I told him I don't drink coffee, I drink tea. Another part, I was at my brothers place and greeting some older people in the driveway and helping them safely walk into the house. Don't remember the conversation and this part could have taken place before the other part of this dream.


Posted by Adam: 26 Jul 2008 02:39 pm

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon on July 26, 2008 at 4:38 pm

  1. Definitely this will save some lives of many budgies. Least of all these people will see your reasoning and they will know you are trying to make some friendships.
  2. Linda has had a dream waiting in the forum. Her brother and sister in law put in a pool and they chose a place that wasn't very good. The house that they lived in wasn't the same one that they live in now, so it wasn't in reality. And we will see how this will be changing our thinking for something that will be happening in the future.
  3. They were concerned they would have no privacy in this place where they had this pool. This pool was a symbol of a place where they could have a spiritual cleansing. But they had some fear that others would see them having a spiritual cleansing.
  4. Why isn't this in reality? Why should we fear that others can see us when we are on a mission that God has given us? They put this pool there so others could enjoy it when they visited.
  5. The symbol of donations was representing the relationship it had with other people who also wanted a spiritual cleansing. And they even had decorated it so others passing by could see how beautiful it was.
  6. So it doesn't really make sense that they would fear that their privacy was affected. The actions of a spiritual cleansing should be something that everyone should be able to be a witness to. For when God sends a miracle He would like others to witness it as well. These miracles of survival are sent to the visionaries so they will be a witness to them. And they have to display them when they can.
  7. God has sent Adam these prophecies so he can document many miracles happening and teach others from them. Who wants to be part of a religion that hides the miracles sent by God? Wouldn't we rather be aware of the prophecies that God has sent down from heaven?
  8. Can we find a religion that lives by the very current prophecies and miracles from God? Which religion is currently allowing you to witness the miracles from heaven?
  9. When we have confusion from religious persecution we will always be in doubt of all the miracles that are happening. Once you know that these miracles are really taking place you know that God has a hand in it. And you will be able to help others witness them along with you.
  10. We have spent a long time showing how these miracles are happening. And we taught Adam to have confidence that these miracles are really happening. We have many reasons to trust in his connection and the relationship it has with the visionaries. You all have and will be witnessing prophecy on a regular basis here.
  11. Now we shall try to reverse the confusion for the reason behind the invitation for camping. We know Adam and Linda are open to making friendships in this religion. And even if none of you are coming God will still perform His miracle, for He knows something good will happen from it. And He knows many budgies will benefit from this information passed on to the group. And those who take their budgies camping in the future will show an act of love for their budgies. And this will be the act of love that we will need to create the miracle there.
  12. That does not mean the invitation should be ignored for we still hope there will be people coming. On the other side of the road in Linda's dream there was a beautiful lake. And when Linda went to it there was this boat waiting there for her. And Linda felt that it needed the hull cleaned. So why did it's hull need be cleaned by her?
  13. This boat was some place that it picked up barnacles of evil and she didn't want them to spread in this beautiful lake. And Linda was cleaning the hull of the vehicle of religion. So often evil will attach itself to the vehicle of religion and Linda had a mission to clean it.
  14. Linda was having a spiritual cleansing while she was involved in cleaning this boat. Linda was swimming in the water of this lake that was beautiful and she knew there was no danger in the lake that this boat was docked in. When Linda was finished she placed the things she used to clean the evil off the hull of this boat on a platform. So what is the meaning of this?
  15. If we clean the vehicle of religion we should show everybody what solutions we have used so they can use them too if they want to help.
  16. Linda noticed that another boat was coming on a collision course with her vehicle of religion. She had a reaction and deflected this boat away. Meanwhile the things that Linda used to clean the evil off her boat fell in the beautiful lake that she was swimming in.
  17. And Linda knew these things she used to clean the hull of her boat of religion would not be good for the water in such a large amount, so she had to swim for it.
  18. So what can we learn from what Linda did? Linda cleaned the hull of this boat really well and she even protected it from any aggression that was happening from another boat that was trying to sink it.
  19. Linda has been editing all the transcripts that Adam has been doing because she was cleaning the hull of religion. And she wasn't changing the structure or the meaning of the transcripts.
  20. While she edited most of the mistakes that were in the transcripts she was doing preventative maintenance, not only for the boat, but for this beautiful lake that people would need to use for a spiritual cleansing.
  21. She did not want all the solutions she was using to fall in the water because it could have an affect on the other people that were in the water swimming. And while Linda was using these solutions she made sure she used a process that did not affect the hull of the boat.
  22. Linda was responsible for maintaining the structure while she was cleaning the hull of religion. Also, at the same time this cleansing caused a reversal of evil Linda prevented the water in the lake from getting contaminated.
  23. When we use something that is designed to repel evil we have to be careful it doesn't react the same to evil as it would to something that is good. And that is why there has to be a process to ensure that the process that Linda was using did not change this structure of this hull of religion.
  24. We know Linda has cleaned this hull very carefully to keep this vehicle in its original condition. And at the same time she has shown care and consideration for people who have not always reacted with love.
  25. Linda would not try to use this solution somewhere where it didn't belong. This religion of God needs someone like Linda to keep it clean. We are very happy she wants a baby and she will get rewarded for her love.
  26. Linda ended up in the maintenance shop where someone was making coffee. And this person did not know that Linda did not drink coffee. The symbol of coffee is something that prevents us from having a good sleep. Therefore, coffee can affect our tranquility and Linda felt that having tea was better for her.
  27. This is a symbol of how Linda has accepted her role as a visionary for Linda does not strive to be like Adam. She knows what her mission is and she does it with love. And God wants her to know He is proud of her.
  28. In the last part of this dream Linda was helping some people who met her in the driveway of this house of religion. She knows these people will experience evil on their way to the house of God because evil will always try and get in your way. It will try and change your direction and confuse you. But once you arrive in His house you will be safe.
  29. There is a prophecy coming from this dream of Linda. And through it you will see another miracle of survival and you will know this miracle is from God.

Posted by Adam: 02 Aug 2008 08:16 am

Hi Everyone,
I was not sure if this transcription related to the plane that had a big hole in it on the 25 July 2008 because the transcription came on the 26 of July, one day after the event. However, even though the transcription came after the event, the information and similarities of Linda's dream make this another prophecy as the angels explain in this following transcription.

Transcribed by Adam Kadmon, Aug 02, 2008- 10:14 a.m.

  1. You didn't post the link to the news article that was a prophecy because you were not sure it was the one that this transcript was referring to. So we will clear up the confusion about it now. This definitely was a prophecy of survival because of the similarities to the dream.
  2. We will show you where the similarities were. It was a vehicle that people would use to go on a spiritual journey. Linda was trying to clean the hull of this vessel. She used some chemicals that would not damage the integrity of the hull.
  3. And this is where the prophecy will come true for this dream in the future. When there is a prophecy of survival we will find some clues for saving life in the future.
  4. In this dream Linda dropped some bottles in the water. These bottles were a symbol of oxygen bottles that the airlines would be inspecting on all of their planes in the future.
  5. And Linda needed oxygen when she was swimming under the water. Oxygen bottles are something that are used in its purest form to save life when oxygen is needed. However, oxygen can affect the structure of something good when it is applied in certain substances. And this causes oxidization.
  6. The barnacles that were in this dream were a symbol of evil that can attach itself to the structure of a vessel. And this evil also uses oxygen to survive.
  7. Linda had to find a solution that would deplete the oxygen for these barnacles without affecting anything that was good. She also had to make sure that these barnacles would not spread in the beautiful lake.
  8. And if Linda applied this solution to something that was good, then it could cause more harm then good.
  9. Most airlines have these bottles of oxygen. People need to breath this oxygen and they need it to survive .
  10. Much oxygen is present in water as well and it is needed for the preservation of life. Similar barnacle like creatures such as zebra muscles can multiply and steal the oxygen from the water that is needed for the preservation of the other life in this lake. And they could also affect other vessels in this lake.
  11. So what can we learn from this dream of Linda? We cannot use the same solutions for evil as the ones we use for good. This does not mean God still gives us permission to destroy all the barnacles that are causing this evil. The way these barnacles survive is by attaching itself to a substance that is good and eating away at its supporting structure.
  12. And this solution that Linda was using cleaned these barnacles off and prevented them from reattaching themselves. And oxygen can also be used by something that is evil to cause more evil if there is a reaction from something that is good.
  13. For example if these oxygen bottles have a reaction to water, they could oxidize and affect the structure of the bottle causing it to explode. And the same thing that caused the hull of the vessel to explode saved the life of all these people.
  14. When Linda was without oxygen she did not panic and she was able to reach for the oxygen, the same as these people on the plane while it was plunging towards the water.
  15. When Linda deflected this other vessel from hitting her vessel, this was a symbol of how this plane was not damaged as a result of an impact from the outside of the vessel. And the symbol of Linda in the driveway was the plane's landing strip.



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