The Plumbing Leak

Dream - The Plumbing Leak Oct 30, 2014

I remember having this similar dream before but don't know why I did not post it. The dream starts in a house that I never lived in while I was a child. In the dream I was an adult and my mother was there with me. The dream started with me going into the washroom and noticing that the toilet was overflowing. It seemed like the drain was clogged and the water was not going down. At that point I thought that I knew what I had to do to fix it and the only way to do that was by turning a 10 ft long valve that was located on the first floor and projected down from the ceiling. So I went to it and began turning it hoping it would fix the leak, but nothing seemed to be happening. My mother came along and tried to turn it as well but I told her that I would do it, rather abruptly I think. Then I mentioned that dad would have to fix it when he got home.  I then decided to look around in the bedrooms and noticed that one of the bedrooms where my brothers usually slept had a lot of water on the floor. I felt sorry for them having to sleep in that bedroom. After that I went to the second bedroom where my sister slept and saw the same thing. The floors were only partially covered in water but they were bad enough that it would be an uncomfortable place to sleep. The order of how everything happened in this dream was kind on mixed up though.

Transcribed Nov 23, 2014 by Adam Kadmon

Here is the transcription for the first dream:

  1. When you have a dream of plumbing problems it symbolizes the plumbing of confusion and you will need some kind of action to fix it.
  2. When you are in a life that is lacking decision it causes you much fear and confusion. And when we have these plumbing problems your house will need to be repaired.
  3. If you have dedication to fix something, it shall give you a mission that helps your spiritual future. When you have feelings of spiritual evolution it will always result in some additional faith in God.
  4. When you realize your future is spiritually constructed in a way for you to evolve your future shall eventually be true to your mission. Each time that your future is lined up with the evolutionary process that you are actually going through, you shall be spiritually closer to your goal.
  5. So when you abstain from evil you begin to fix these leaks that are flooding your house. Can you not see a better future when you are happy and all of your problems are repaired in this house?
  6. When you make a decision that is different then the past it has a special impact on your soul. And when it results in a reverse of evil, it results in a spiritual change in your soul. This result is a rift in the river of evil and can theoretically stop this evil from spreading.
  7. In this dream there was a symbol of an experience you had when you were a child. It resembled a place you though you had forgot.
  8. When you have nothing to remember when you are younger, you will find a reason to forget it. So if what you experienced wasn't something that propagated spiritual evolution you will not remember it as well. If you can't properly recall what you have done in the past then it is probably a time when you didn't have a chance for spiritual evolution.
  9. When you recall something that happened that was evil, it will affect you constantly in the future until you purge yourself of it. And when you have a mission to purge yourself of the evil of your past, you really are spiritually resolving the belief that there is reason to be stuck in the house that you have built.
  10. So when you can believe in a reason to make choices in your life to reverse your evil, you will achieve the future that you are meant to obtain.
  11. There are lots of reasons you should have a rich life filled with emotions of joy and everything that you are meant to experience. If you want your future to embrace the vision that certainly lives within the evolutionary realignment you have with God, you must think of this house that you don't remember.
  12. One mission of a visionary is to look back to a point in history where your soul underwent some spiritual change. If you really are seeking all these reasons that you had to give you a new mission in life, then you will see you have met your vision spiritually until a time you decided to change it.
  13. If you make changes in your mission because of something evil the leaks in your house will be bigger, and it will eventually flood your house making it something you won't like to live in.
  14. This is why we seek a religion that is free from evil and confusion. When you have a group of people that strive to be purged of their evil, there is a rift in this river of evil.
  15. If you really seek a religious experience you can commit to this religion. And if you meet your commitment as a visionary, you also commit to a vision of a better future.
  16. We are speaking of a mission that is beginning to make change in religious history. So if you feel a need to change the history that will protect this world from a mission of evil, then you have to believe that you can do it.
  17. In this here dream there was a vision of this leak and it was a symbol of a threat of evil that began to leak in a place that you live. Then you had a vision of this toilet overflowing in the place that your family was living that you did not remember.
  18. If you can't seem to remember, it doesn't seem like it really happened. This is a symbol of an illusion of something that was not real in history. When there is something that gives you an illusion of a past that is not real, it will resolve some confusion of history that you will experience.
  19. If you have reason to believe in a mission that can change the future you will experience a reversal of confusion that history needs to resolve. Confusion of history is one of the events that has no use in providing answers for a future that exists in the truth and it is a tool that religious evil will use to change the future and prevent civilization from spiritual evolution.
  20. So if you can realize this confusion is evil, even history can be changed. Now what can you do to change history?
  21. If you find a leak, it will cause a problem if you can't find a way to fix it. The toilet was a symbol of a vision of something that can erupt with a kind of evil that can be flushed. If it is blocked up you won't be able to get rid of it.
  22. Often in a religion there are blockages that remain there until someone professionally removes them. When you have blockages in religion, we won't be able to use it until we purge the evil. Because just like this blocked toilet, it isn't something that we could usually have reason to use.
  23. Normally, a toilet is a vision of something that we can find use for when we naturally have to purge our body from evil. And if we cannot use it we will have to find somewhere else to dispose of the evil. And if that place is not somewhere that is made to dispose of it properly, then it will begin to fester and can cause harm to those who come in contact with it.
  24. Now if we process the scum of this toilet you will need to begin a special treatment to purify it so it won't cause harm to those people who really need to use it. The first thing we need to do is remove the blockage to let the evil subside.
  25. This blockage is not something we can usually remove easily and it mostly sits right there until a force on it starts it moving. Once you have begun to have movement in something that has been blocked by an obstruction it is much easier to totally remove. So an obstruction is something you feel you have to set in motion.
  26. So this physical action moves this evil and sin that you have in you. If it remains stuck in you the blockage builds up and shall collect evil that needs to be purged. And if you can't begin to purge part of this blocked evil you need to find love to get it moving. It will depend on each action that you do that is based in love to free it up so it will begin to move.
  27. In this dream Adam saw a big valve protruding from the ceiling. This valve is a symbol of something you will have to begin to turn so you can reverse some evil.
  28. When your mother came, you were upset with her because she tried to help you with the problem. Regardless which problems that we have, we should accept help from people that we love. And when we refuse God's help, He is not able to help us as well.
  29. When you saw the bedrooms of your siblings you felt a problem like that could prevent them from having peace and happiness. When God sees the problems that His children have, He experiences the emotions that you have gone through and also wants to relieve your suffering.
  30. And when we suffer, we have a blockage in our soul which can prevent us from beginning a purge of evil. We have to learn to purge evil when we are suffering or it shall build up and infect others.
  31. If we can be strong when we have water on the floors that you saw in this dream, they will begin to dry up when we have faith in spiritual evolution. If we live in a house that is causing us reason to live in suffering, then we should really seek change.
  32. These bedrooms are a symbol of a place where we need peace and tranquility. Our lives will never have happiness until we have a way to feel safe from evil, even if we rely and exist in the middle of it. Living with a vision of evil will give you a reason to rely on it for survival.
  33. When we have a philosophy of spiritual evolution we can find this valve that will stop the suffering in our soul and move the blockages that will prevent us from purging the evil that we have. There is no force of evil that cannot be purged from our soul, unless we don't want it to happen. We can feel such a victory when we have purged such evil, and when we do, we cannot help but to feel spiritual evolution.
  34. If you have some sort of cancer you should never refuse to remove it and seek some ways to permanently release it from you. So if you have found some reasons to free yourself of a blockage that will affect your soul you will be able to purge your evil. When this purges you will be able to allow your soul spiritual growth and this spiritual growth will affect the people in your family.
  35. God is able to help you with clearing the blockage so you can change.
  36. Now what is it that a prophet has to learn how to clear when he has blockages?
  37. He has to expect that there will be some problems in his life.
  38. He has to realize that there will be confusion from the product of his problems.
  39. He has to have a philosophy that will release him from the illusion that he will never reverse some evil that is in the world.
  40. He has to rely on God to give him direction when he needs it.
  41. He has to reverse evil whenever he encounters it so it will not cause more evil.
  42. He must believe that the prophecies given by God will happen when he can follow the direction of God.
  43. He has to believe that each event that is connected to the transcriptions in this religion are the grace of God's intervention.
  44. He has to have a vision of prophecy that is a mission with God.
  45. He must also want to reverse some of the confusion of the prophets that have caused problems in the past.
  46. When there is a prophecy, he will need to believe in it even when no one else will.
  47. He can't rely on people to help him when he needs some support, but he can accept it when they do.
  48. A prophet should never have a release of evil that could cause an evil event, as he must learn how to reverse his own evil. Several prophets obviously have fallen short in this area in the past.
  49. He should have no fear of rejection, and welcome criticism. This will cause many problems if one doesn't learn how.
  50. Prophets need to have a vision of this religion that is the same as the vision of God.
  51. He must always give his best effort to connect with a prophecy or mission of his God.
  52. In this house there was a leak that represented a leak of evil. A blockage was causing it. This evil was causing some misery in the family of this home.
  53. As soon as this evil was noticed he needed a spiritual action to fix it once and for all. He looked for this valve to reverse this evil, and he couldn't find the valve because he needed to clear the blockage first.
  54. If he was instructed by his mother on what to do, he may have solved the problem. So if you could find a reason to listen to those who love you, you can begin to have progress. When we are consumed by fear and confusion, always be open to what family says if you want to have progress.
  55. When we have a vision and mission of God, we will have to trust in Him. We talked about some of the things a prophet needs to release blockages so he can reverse some evil. The above were only a few of them. Here are some more:
  56. If a prophet is on a mission to release the blockages, he will also need to be truthful and compassionate to those who are suffering.
  57. It will still be part of a mission that he chooses when he continues to provide prophecy.
  58. His transcriptions will not only consist of prophecy but lessons from God as well.
  59. If some will have objections to what he is doing, he will accept that they do not want to be part of it.
  60. He shall not cause problems with an exaggerated ego and he should find a reason to ask for forgiveness to anyone he has harmed in the past.
  61. He should also accept that other prophets may have a vision that is different and can cause problems for him and let God deal with the issues.
  62. Even when he has confusion he will not act out in an evil way.
  63. He must also embrace responsibility to prevent evil in God's religion.
  64. If he encounters some evil he must know what direction to take with God.
  65. He must accept evil will always be beckoning him and it has a reason to lead him away from spiritual evolution.
  66. And a prophet must have reason to seek the progress when he is expecting a prophecy to unfold.
  67. It is really important that a prophet does not interject their own thoughts and feelings in a transcription unless it is infused in the explanation of the dream.
  68. It is their mission to help people experience this religion and they have to follow its process.
  69. When he has a reaction to evil he will react as a visionary on a mission of love and understanding and not be exempt of anything.
  70. He shall not project a false vision of his God using the transcriptions he can provide to others.
  71. When God gives him lessons he should accept the reasons for them and release them as soon as he gets them.
  72. We hope this transcript will be fair to prophets, for each of God's angels have been through this process. We have to believe these conditions will convince the people that we have chosen Adam and polished him in all of these areas.
  73. If you seek a mission with this prophet, speak to him, and we will lay out your mission with him.
  74. We will make a list of promises that we have given to the visionaries of this religion very soon.
  75. You can expect a visionaries mission is much easier and shorter then this prophets. And if you can begin to help him you will receive great spiritual rewards.
  76. Now we have a prophecy. We will experience an event that will reverse some evil in Sweden with the invention of a machine of science. This event will reverse the evil of suffering of those people who have experiences involving the virus that is happening in Africa.
  77. It will relate to a blockage that is within the blood which enables the virus to separate before it begins to multiply. The white blood cells. It will also deal with cancer.
  78. With this prophecy we shall expect a great relief of suffering and death. It will be perfectly adopted and present the future with a process that shall be integrated into hospitals around the world.
  79. This event will begin to take place on a Saturday in December. We shall wait for news of it.
  80. We will see in El Salvador an equally world changing event there that will help suffering subside. They shall speak of it soon. They will need this help for an infection there.
  81. If you will resign all the reasons that you have not been active in this God given religion, you can become one of God's specially chosen visionaries. And when this new prophecy comes into fruition, you shall be there to witness it.
  82. We have made some progress with this transcription and would like some comments on it.
  83. God would like to help everyone with their problems and confusion and He would also like to make progress with some new visionaries.
  84. With this lesson there are many things that God will need from a prophet, for we all need some interaction with our God.
  85. Many lessons that we present will have a connection to the future and we would like you to be a witness to them.
  86. Those who really strive to evolve will see it is possible in this religion once you have obtained a reason to be trained as a visionary.





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