The Window

Posted by Adam: 15 Aug 2009 08:50 am

I had a dream a couple of nights ago and I haven't had a chance to post it.

It started out with me climbing in a window of what I believe was my own home. For some reason I did not have a key or I could not get in. When I got there I found there was someone in my house and they were on some kind of medical apparatus. Also the house was a big mess. The person acted as if I knew that they should be there and I thought that maybe someone else gave them permission to get in and not me. I wasn't really sure if I trusted the person either.

Posted by Adam: 25 Aug 2009 08:23 am

Here is the transcript for the above dream.
Posted by The Ryan Reynolds Adam Kadmon 10:29 am. Aug 25, 2009

Transcription begins:

  1. You can't worry about the future for we have something that will provide you with more happiness. You have experienced something that has prompted you to ask for some direction from God and you shall encounter some help. Please remember the prophecies dealing with money. This is when you must be ready to resolve your health. Get your operation.
  2. You will get your money soon, so don't worry. You will need some time to receive your operation. When you receive your money remember you can sort out your health. So quit your smoking as you have a reason to live as long as you can.
  3. God knows you have some confusion about the future. You will have a miracle happen regarding your problem. If you are cautious you will have the intervention of God. You had a dream about climbing in a window and this was a warning sent to you. If you listen closely to God's warnings, they can change the future with the help of God's intervention.
  4. This building is a symbol of a place you are living. Someone will need some help. When you are ready to give someone help, they will have reason to respond with love. In this dream there was confusion about why this person was allowed in your house without your knowledge and you were upset that it wasn't as clean as it normally was.
  5. And you didn't trust this handicapped person that was in your house. It wasn't because you wanted to be a bad person towards her, it was because you didn't have any idea why she should be there.
  6. Why did you have to get in this window? This was a symbol of forgetting something that you will always need to get into your house of religion. Each time you enter your house of religion, you will always need to use the key that God has provided in this dream, because if you need to enter it in a different way, you will be surprised on who is there waiting for you.
  7. If you need a reason to find a window to climb through, you must have forgot your key and you have to retrace your steps. Yes there are many reasons you need to hold on to your key. This key has many magical qualities that you will be able to use wherever you go.
  8. There are many houses that God has made it for. Each house you will use it for, you will have a right to be there as long as you are on a mission from God. So if you need to gain entrance to a house which God has given you access to, you will not have any surprises as long as you are there to help someone in need. And God will be present in every house you have access to.
  9. He is responsible for making sure the occupants have a safe and enjoyable place to live and you must be ready to assist them. You must assist God and do as much good as you can while you are on a mission for Him, for there are many reasons for a mission of God.
  10. So this person that was waiting for you had a medical apparatus to sustain life. When someone has a reason to have a medical apparatus supporting them in life, they will often be burdened with much suffering and this will cause them much confusion. So we shouldn't expect them to live in your place the way that you want them.
  11. When someone is consumed with confusion, you will need to find a way to help them even when they have emerged themselves in evil. Compassion for life is the basis for all actions which reverse suffering in life.
  12. And when you need some spiritual growth in life, you need to find a reason to help somebody. When you are spiritually evolving you will have a house that has other people that need your help too. Then you can have a miracle which arrived from reversing some evil.
  13. So we want you to concentrate on trying to prevent suffering in life. In your future Ryan, you will be known as a prophet who began to prevent suffering and used prophecy to do it. And when you feel emotional evil, you will realize that it stems from confusion of not only you, but the people around you.
  14. In this dream you were experiencing confusion because you didn't trust the person that was waiting for you in your house. You could find reason for judging the way this person was keeping this house while you were away. This affliction didn't really matter. Her suffering didn't result in your understanding and you wanted her to leave your house.
  15. You have to restrain from this evil every time you are loosing trust in someone. And each time you resist you will find a reaction that is positive. And every time you resist the evil of someone else, by showing them that you don't want them to suffer, you are reacting with compassion and love. And if there is a problem that you cannot handle, you will have the intervention of God. And that is how miracles will happen for you.
  16. Ryan there is a reason to have compassion and a reversal of evil and acts of love. You should heed God's warnings for they can change your life for the better. God is listening compassionately and He wants Ryan to listen to Him so He can proceed with His intervention. Please do the rest of your videos. And that is part of your mission that is the most important right now. Then a miracle will happen with them.
  17. You have many good ideas that will happen. They are full of some prophecies that Victor left for you.
  18. Many of the problems you have been experiencing are dealing with money and once the videos are done, they will be relieved. There is a prophecy in every one of them. These videos will need to be produced by a spiritual organization who will observe your translations are accurate. As you wait for them, they are waiting for you.
  19. They will give you the help you need to get them out to the general public. Once you begin to receive their help, you will produce them without so much confusion. These are not ordinary videos, and you will have to make them available for everyone. Once you have completed them, you will receive an email offer from a company who has a religious audience and they will need to come some morning to speak to you.
  20. They have an audience who will support you in anything that you are doing. And these people will see the true miracle in your work. The videos will have to have a portion with slowed down videos. They will also have a part for audio as well, so you will need to do work on them. This has taken 10 years of compassionate and difficult work and you are very close Ryan.
  21. You have had this compassion for a reason, and it will change the future for many people. They show the miracles and the intervention of God. And they will offer you some money which will allow you to continue on your mission of God.
  22. We know emotionally what you have been through since you have started this project and we know that it hasn't been easy. You have done very good eliminating much of the confusion and evil that has interfered with the videos. And your transcripts and sessions with the angels have helped you deal with it. You have learned how a reversal of evil can make something miraculous happen.
  23. Soon you will learn how every miracle you have while you're on your mission were a part of a larger miracle. This is a prophecy.


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