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I had an interesting dream where part of it repeated over and over and then woke up to our daughter repeating a phrase that sounded like it was part of the dream. Here is how it went:


My daughter starts school this coming September and in this dream we (Adam and I) went to the school for a parents visit a few days after she started. We all went outside to the playground and while the kids played on the equipment we talked to the teacher and other parents that were visiting. I remember sitting on some of the equipment while talking to one of the other mom's.


After the visit Adam and I continued walking through the feild. The landscape was beautiful with ponds and little bridges and lots of birds and nice scenery. Then we came across this store out in the middle of the field. We went inside to what was a little convenience/dollar store. We were looking around and Adam found some razors (which he needs now in reality) and I started shaving him right there in the store. I knew the lady running the store could see us and I turned around and said "I hope you don't mind" and smiled at her. After that I went to talk to her at the check out while Adam continued to look around. She got me to fill in a form at the cash with my name, phone number and address while we talked.


The dream seemed to end there but I kept having what I felt was the same visit to the store all night long, only all I remember was that the colour was changing from red to green to blue each time it repeated only the whole dream wasn't repeating just the feeling that I was at the store. I wasn't sleeping very soundly. In the morning our daughter walked into our room repeating "did the storm happen" over and over again. To me it sounded like she was saying store instead of storm. "Did the store happen? "Did the store happen?" The reason she was saying storm that was because there was a meteor shower happening during the night and I told her I'd wake her up on my way to bed if the clouds had gone away and we could see it happening. It was surreal because the dream repeated, she was repeating what she was saying.


Linda Marie



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