More Love

More Love by Maylor the Budgie

This video was done in 2010 shortly after Maylor came to us. At the time my daughter Kayla was only a few months old, and she was in the room with us. You can hear her cooing in the background. Maylor talks about listening to their dream, and if you do have time after you hear this recording, try and listen to what Kayla is saying. If you are spiritual enough, you may even be able to hear her speaking her dream straight to your heart.

Maylor said:

A dream is about to start if I look at you when you were born.

When I look at your Kayla this life has really nothing lacking.

It has a conscious spirit that's always dreaming.

If you listen, you'll hear this dream.

Just try it, you may like it, or is Maylor too strange here with you.

What causes people to have this dream?

It's watching what you love.

Most dreaming is evolved with essence by God, so it will be perfect.

I like it when it is said right.

There could be a hair missing but there should be a moment where I can find love.

It's strange when being in love isn't the norm.

For Kayla, there will be a lot of love.

Wouldn't you like more for here?


Why does Maylor mention dreams in this video? 

First, we know that any physical thing that is created by God or even humans must first be created in the metaphysical. God had a vision in the metaphysical during creation. Part of this process provides us with proof that dreams come from the metaphysical. Many other things such as miracles, prophecy, and the existence of the eternal soul also come from and are part of the metaphysical.

We have found through experience that listening to the recordings and videos of Victor, Maylor and some of the other budgies will open your mind to receive the prophetic messages in the dreams that will come to you. Even if you cannot hear everything the budgies are saying in the recordings they can open the doorway from heaven that allows the angels to communicate to you.

Some of you may not need to listen to the recordings to have prophetic dreams.  However, if you have never had one, it is one of the best ways to begin receiving them. Sometimes you will even hear messages in real time from the angels while you listen to them. I have personally found the more I listened to the recordings during my transcriptions, the easier it was for me to connect to the angels as well.



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