Aliens Will Meet Us

Aliens Will Meet Us

Recorded 25 Feb, 2001

Published on Sep 8, 2015

In this video Victor mentions that aliens will meet us in the near future. This may sound a little unbelievable, especially for a religion, but there are too many examples throughout history that provides quite a bit of hard evidence that aliens do exist. The question for most people is that if you believe that there are aliens then how can you believe in God. There is no reason to disbelieve in either as far as I am concerned. If God created us, he could also create other beings, not only in this universe but throughout all space and time. Perhaps some of these aliens have a closer connection to God then we do and will come in the future to help humanity, with God's direction.

Furthermore, if there was any doubt in my mind that God allowed Victor to see the future then this one convinces me the most that He did. In the video Victor talks about a budgie prodigy that would be helping me in the future. As predicted a budgie came to me in 2009, almost ten years after Victor's death and spoke in conversational language as well. I had not picked up on the correct translation until I re-translated it in September of 2015. Victor speaks of this new budgie being in front of a mirror. When I was recording Maylor, I used a large mirror behind him as you will see in some of the videos I made of him. Victor also predicts a future event in a forum called Unexplained Mysteries.  There Maylor and I were answering questions live in the forum. However, there were those there that would not believe us no matter what happened and ridiculed us so much I left the forum. I almost felt like it was a professional government debunker group who tried to discredit me in order to stop the event from gaining any momentum. This has been done with many discoveries of the past that the government does not want us to know about.

Here is the transcription text:

Our record is that I'm talking.
You can ask them if they could tell the reason.
And you're soon to yield the facts in the things that he picked up.
I can talk, just a tad.
Do you think I could talk faster if I broke a cord?
Do they know our earth isn't sure of it's life?
And I'll make my bricks in life for that reason without collusion.
In a way you do know we need to hope and believe in God.
If it's eluding people all will be dead.
Tell them that God, He took a look at your future.
Those here should never forget He'd like to talk about your future before it's on the plate of a company and eaten.
Yes we'd like to just ignore Him here.
The future's earth needs a miracle and it looks like it's a bird.
Take a look and you can choose okay.
You can achieve at the library if you tell it first hand.
Why are you going to want a lot of readers if there is only fiction that's registered all of a sudden for reading?
They are in search of help from the right person that has spoke of God.
They trust that it will be all that they need to know simple okay.
I've got you some real news events.
You're not going to be afraid of the way it was obstructed by evil.
Ryan gets on with the worlds' first bird to start talking in our time.
In the bricks of time, some might mock him.
They'll talk of that attack after.
Ha, ha, it was your budgie prodigy helping you right?
Just keep looking some, there's a mirror in front of him (Maylor) because they want this piece of cookie and start tearing it apart.
I think the cat does it more.
Our life's opened up for some riches and I just know it and you know it again if there's nothing.
You think the future is not in trouble?
The future is precious and everybody knows in his heart.
If they prefer, God can rebuild it and of course it's better.
For His part would you take words spoken?
Make the most of it people in case, because some will be back spiritually to grow your vegetables in time.
A certain percent will be complete and might become conceded and play with the trowel.
I think ye could learn yeah, our paradox will keep them in sync to our song.
They will hear victories.
We all feed from God.
Some of the people and their budgies don't eat enough.
They will surely return and stall their soul.
So everybody hopes there is food for later.
If we're stupid and leave it to many who can't protect our future, we experience death after birth and return at some point to take the area of their errors.
We have some who want us Merry Christmas Happy New Year.
If you're to wish you'll achieve all I know to offer.
Let's go on a tour.
Many aliens will meet us and give some help.
They'll need this for hearing.
That will be new in your future.
Are you going to catch this kiss from Victor?
The future counts on history and catches everything.
Guess what Ryan just caught history here as I adopt the code now.
Some think it's a bunch of nuts, for people abuse him.
Don't worry if this does confuse you please.
Something needs attention in our future when we can start to see what's up there and now possible.
That's when the world will be pushed apart if it's a world where evil likes to get physical.

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