Betty Talks

Published on Feb 24, 2015

This is a remarkable example of Victor communicating his thoughts in full blown English. You should be able to hear most of this one as it is quite clear.
When Victor got a make name Betty he worked very hard at trying to teach her to talk like him. In the beginning she was quite cooperative and began to say her first words quite early. As a result Victor was very excited about it.
The best budgies will talk.
So when I started people it was a tough job.
Betty is starting to talk!
Are you going to choose a good boy?
I'm okay with what she can do.
I'll do school for you.
Maybe I'm just like you.
When you're working Victor is teaching her to talk right.
That's why you learn.
Betty has talked today. Victor.
You're like Victor.
I'm happy we used the computer.
Say it all.
Isn't she cute?
Trust me she's talking.
She liked it.
Say cheese, say cheese.
Sit here Betty. Be pretty!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.








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